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  1. Rage_Virus

    Shimakaze Build

    Hey everyone, I am looking for a good Shimakaze build. It needs to be flexible. So here is what I am thinking of going. Modules: Main Armaments Mod 1, Propulsion Mod 1, Aiming System Mod 1, Propulsion Mod 2, Concealment System Mod 1, Torpedo Tubes Mod 3 (until I get the legendary). Captain Skills: Preventative Maintenance, Last Stand, Torpedo Armament, Radio Location, Concealment Expert, Survivability Expert, Adrenaline Rush. Debating if I want to put the unique captain on this ship or not. Still grinding for it. Thoughts, suggestions?
  2. Rage_Virus


    if they want to push down times, then they need to just make objectives matter more.
  3. Rage_Virus


    This game really needs to limit matchmaking to be within 1 tier of each other, not 2. The difference in ships power goes up way to much in many cases. The matches are already almost instant, I would gladly wait 1 minute to have more balanced match. This makes even more sense the carriers are every 2 tiers.
  4. Rage_Virus

    F. Der Grobe

    well dang, I didn't realize torpedoes could hit magazines. Thanks for the answer!
  5. Rage_Virus

    F. Der Grobe

    So I just had a Tier 8 carrier hit me with a single torpedo while I was in the F. Der Grobe and take me from 50% to dead. I am trying to understand how that is possible. Thanks for the help understanding.
  6. Rage_Virus

    Bismarck secondaries

    thanks for all the information, everyone! What about the 128mm secondaries on the Kurfurst? 128/4 = 32 but it says the HE pen is 30 in game. Also, is it worth it to go full on secondary build with IFHE? Seems kind of wastful to me but secondaries are so fun, QQ.
  7. Rage_Virus

    Bismarck secondaries

    The 150s can, but the 105s are only 17mm pen. Guess I need to go for IFHE next. uhg.
  8. Rage_Virus

    Bismarck secondaries

    I always hear that German BB secondaries are suppose to be 1/4 size = pen. But the 105 mm secondaries seem to only get 1/6. Is this how it is suppose to be?
  9. Rage_Virus

    CV Rework

    Here is what I would like to see from the CV rework. Using planes as resource management. Give CVs a reason to move closer to the action. Make plane choice matter. Either make planes not regenerate just as AA modules do not regenerate or allow planes to regenerate over time as they are left in the CV but also allow AA modules to come back online over time. Giving a CV a reason to move closer to a fight will allow for more risk vs reward game play. Maybe tie this into only allowing a single drop from a set of planes before they have to return to the ship or letting planes regenerate slowly while they are in the ship so the shorter the travel time for the planes means the sooner they can start being repaired or sent back into action. Maybe make torp planes meant to be used dropped at longer ranges instead of trying to drop them off right in front of a ship. Make rocket planes more about medium range attacks so you dont have to risk as many planes to deal damage. And the bomb planes are meant to alpha strike people but you will likely lose some planes during your attack but deal heavy damage. I think generally the planes work out like this anyway but I do wish torp planes were meant more as a long range option instead of like all planes wanting to drop them close to the ship. I haven't tested the rework but just from my limited experience playing Warships, this is kind of how I would like to see things shake out. My largest complaint about CVs is that they have no reason to be close to a battle. I think giving them some intensive to be near the action would lead to more interesting decision making and an experience where they don't feel untouchable until the game is basically over.