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  1. Well, this still isn't fixed as of 0.9.9, assuming the WoWs Unpacker tool always gets the latest set of files present (Steam gets update files early, even if they're not active). That said, the version number isn't in the mod directory for the more recent releases, so you shouldn't have that in your file path when applying mod/fix I've got posted here. Seriously though, I've literally done all of the work necessary to fix this bug. There's no reason that this should still be a thing. Wargaming could literally copy-paste my mod over the mod.xml they've got in the game's files and it would fix this. Not that they should just incorporate a mod into their game's resources without looking at it, but seriously, what they hell? There is no excuse for this to not be fixed.
  2. Well, okay, so a friend asked me if I could fix this with modding. I did. AL_WoWS_fix.zip You can just drop the folder in there into the current res_mods\<version number> folder and it should fix the voice lines. Including Nelson's, since I opted to reverse her reversed lines in the XML. Nelson's lines will look wrong in the XML, but it should play the correct voice line. Technically I didn't test this exhaustively since I just kind of threw it together. If I notice anything wrong I'll upload a new version. I thought about putting this in the mods subforum, but since it's just a fix rather than full-blown mod, I figured it would be best to not clutter that area. Correct me if I'm wrong.
  3. Nevemind that I said Or that Nelson has had broken lines for two years. I found my old thread, by the way. https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/195474-azur-lane-nelson-lines-are-reversed/ You have to log out to see it. Also, I know it says I haven't tested it in that thread. I have, recently even, in a training room. Her lines are still wrong after 2 years of being broken and at least over a year after being reported. All I'm really getting from this is that whatever dev shop you have experience with isn't responsive to bugs, and lets them fester live in production without addressing or acknowledging them in a timely fashion. 2 lines on 6 commanders (all the Third Wave ones other than Shoukaku), plus 2 more on Nelson. If that's fine to you, that's up to you. It's the fact that they show no sign of response, plus the high price that makes it bad. I paid for a premium product, I expect it to be handled as such. There's no excuse for letting this kind of thing slip through and sit when the price they're selling them for is enough to buy an entire AAA game, and the resources it takes to fix the issue is nearly nil. Jean Bart is great. Also, she (the ship) doesn't have a spotter or fighter in WoWs, so if you're only using her on herself, the issue described in this thread never arises. Unfortunately, the only AL collab that ever let you pick and choose commanders was the first one, two years ago. Bottom right in port. Gear icon just above the ship carousel. Allows you to make some of the less historical camo and commanders appear as normal camo and commanders.
  4. Nevermind the fact that I'm a fully employed, professional, software dev. The fix is literally just flipping the terms "Fighter" and "Scout" in the XML in 6 places, all in the same section. Testing is easy. Just take ships with fighters and spotters on them and intentionally get the planes shot down. As it's a mod.xml specifically for defining the callouts of the AL commanders, you're in no danger of breaking any other part of the game. That said, I would have been fine had the issue at least been acknowledged with a forum post, or been listed in the known issues thread. Neither has happened. Also, Nelson has had her filenames reversed for 2 years. The fix for that is to literally just swap the filenames, and it's been broken for 2 years.
  5. What, because of the price? I'm actually totally fine with how much I spend on Azur Lane, and how much I spent on the Azur Lane content in WoWs. The commanders in WoWs actually have decent amount of voice work behind them, certainly more than the skins you can by in Azur Lane. It's just incredibly annoying that the content I paid for isn't working how it's supposed to work, and the people that sold me the content (Wargaming) haven't even acknowledged the issue. If they were working, I could whole-heartedly recommend the $200 commander pack to an Azur Lane fan by pointing out that you're getting something like 2500-3000 voice lines, covering everything from launching fighters, to shooting, to torpedo warnings, to quick commands, to battle start/end, to doing high damage with shells, to hitting with torpedoes. They're pretty extensive voice sets, and they let the personality of the characters really shine through. You're really getting a decent bang for you buck compared to buying most skins in Azur Lane, if that's something you do. That said, they don't work as intended. It seems like a small thing, as it only really is 14 lines that are wrong (that I've found, though getting your fighters or spotter shot down isn't too uncommon if you use them for close-range scouting), but if you're going to be paying $60-200 for these commanders, they should work. I could buy multiple AAA games with that money. At least take the 5 minutes it would take to fix them. Jeez! Also, on a side note: Azur Lane wasn't even an anime when this collab was originally launched 2 years ago. For the most part, it was just a phone game at that time, though they were kicking off into an anime and console game announcement soon after the WoWs collab.
  6. Don't get me wrong, I actually bought all of the commanders, most of them multiple times over. I have all the AL ships, and all of the AL camo. There's thousands of voice lines associated with the commanders, and that's great. I actually love these commanders. I'm the creator of this guide on Steam. The problem? Some of them are broken. Nelson has had her files for sinking an ally destroyer or cruiser reversed for years. This was fine, because frankly you'll pretty much (or literally) never hear these lines. However, every single one of the Third Wave commanders have their catapult fighter and spotter plane shot down lines reversed (other than Shoukaku, who doesn't have these lines at all). These lines are not uncommon to hear. I reported this issue on July 28th, but evidently that report has been ignored. I also reported the Nelson issue quite some time ago, and that was never fixed either. As such, I'm creating this thread pretty much to vent in a more centralized area where it might get more attention. Having spent literally hundreds of dollars on these commanders (no, that's not an exaggeration in the slightest), and having spent many dozens of hours working on translations, it's frankly kind of insulting that the devs can't take the literally 5 minutes it would take to fix the issue (and no, that's not an exaggeration either, it's an incredibly easy fix). I actually can't find the old Nelson thread, I'm assuming it's tucked away in the bug-reporting sub-forum that I can't access when logged in for some reason (but it's possible to access when logged off), but this is the thread I made about the more recent issue: https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/223217-azur-lane-catapult-fighterspotter-plane-shot-down-lines-are-reversed-on-new-commanders/ As you can see, I've identified why the problem is happening. All it would take to fix it is some filename changes (for Nelson) and simple text editing of the XML for the Azur Lane commanders. The fact that this issue hasn't even been acknowledged in the known issues thread updated today, (or just fixed in the latest update, because it's SUPER EASY to fix), kills any confidence that I had that this is ever going to be fixed. Particularly with Nelson still being broken after all this time. As such, I cannot recommend these commanders, as Wargaming evidently just doesn't care enough to fix them, despite them being sold for cash.
  7. This isn't fixed in the latest patch and it's not acknowledged in the list of known issues as of 08/04. This should literally take 5 minutes to fix. Seriously. The entire problem is laid out in this thread, with the cause and how to fix it. These are premium commanders people pay money for. This really should be fixed.
  8. Pretty much as the topic says. If your spotter of fighter gets shot down as one of the new commanders, the wrong line plays. To test, just take Littorio, Roon, Sovetskaya Rossiya, Yat Sen, Jean Bart, or Baltimore out on a ship with a fighter or spotter, and get the plane(s) shot down. Shoukaku doesn't have this issue because she just doesn't have lines for her fighters/spotter being shot down. You can see why this is happening in the mod.xml <Path> <StateList> <State> <Name>CrewName</Name> <Value>Azur_JeanBart</Value> </State> <State> <Name>HelpType</Name> <Value>Scout</Value> </State> </StateList> <FilesList> <File> <Name>JeanBart_Speech_CatFight_Destroyed.wem</Name> </File> </FilesList> </Path> <Path> <StateList> <State> <Name>CrewName</Name> <Value>Azur_JeanBart</Value> </State> <State> <Name>HelpType</Name> <Value>Fighter</Value> </State> </StateList> <FilesList> <File> <Name>JeanBart_Speech_Corr_Destroyed.wem</Name> </File> </FilesList> </Path> <Path> <StateList> <State> <Name>CrewName</Name> <Value>Azur_Littorio</Value> </State> <State> <Name>HelpType</Name> <Value>Scout</Value> </State> </StateList> <FilesList> <File> <Name>Littorio_Speech_CatFight_Destroyed.wem</Name> </File> </FilesList> </Path> <Path> <StateList> <State> <Name>CrewName</Name> <Value>Azur_Littorio</Value> </State> <State> <Name>HelpType</Name> <Value>Fighter</Value> </State> </StateList> <FilesList> <File> <Name>Littorio_Speech_Corr_Destroyed.wem</Name> </File> </FilesList> </Path> <Path> <StateList> <State> <Name>CrewName</Name> <Value>Azur_Itsen</Value> </State> <State> <Name>HelpType</Name> <Value>Scout</Value> </State> </StateList> <FilesList> <File> <Name>Itsen_Speech_CatFight_Destroyed.wem</Name> </File> </FilesList> </Path> <Path> <StateList> <State> <Name>CrewName</Name> <Value>Azur_Itsen</Value> </State> <State> <Name>HelpType</Name> <Value>Fighter</Value> </State> </StateList> <FilesList> <File> <Name>Itsen_Speech_Corr_Destroyed.wem</Name> </File> </FilesList> </Path> <Path> <StateList> <State> <Name>CrewName</Name> <Value>Azur_SovRussia</Value> </State> <State> <Name>HelpType</Name> <Value>Scout</Value> </State> </StateList> <FilesList> <File> <Name>SovRussia_Speech_CatFight_Destroyed.wem</Name> </File> </FilesList> </Path> <Path> <StateList> <State> <Name>CrewName</Name> <Value>Azur_SovRussia</Value> </State> <State> <Name>HelpType</Name> <Value>Fighter</Value> </State> </StateList> <FilesList> <File> <Name>SovRussia_Speech_Corr_Destroyed.wem</Name> </File> </FilesList> </Path> <Path> <StateList> <State> <Name>CrewName</Name> <Value>Azur_Baltimore</Value> </State> <State> <Name>HelpType</Name> <Value>Scout</Value> </State> </StateList> <FilesList> <File> <Name>Baltimore_Speech_CatFight_Destroyed.wem</Name> </File> </FilesList> </Path> <Path> <StateList> <State> <Name>CrewName</Name> <Value>Azur_Baltimore</Value> </State> <State> <Name>HelpType</Name> <Value>Fighter</Value> </State> </StateList> <FilesList> <File> <Name>Baltimore_Speech_Corr_Destroyed.wem</Name> </File> </FilesList> </Path> <Path> <StateList> <State> <Name>CrewName</Name> <Value>Azur_Shokaku</Value> </State> <State> <Name>HelpType</Name> <Value>Scout</Value> </State> </StateList> <FilesList> <File> <Name>TISHINA.wem</Name> </File> </FilesList> </Path> <Path> <StateList> <State> <Name>CrewName</Name> <Value>Azur_Shokaku</Value> </State> <State> <Name>HelpType</Name> <Value>Fighter</Value> </State> </StateList> <FilesList> <File> <Name>TISHINA.wem</Name> </File> </FilesList> </Path> <Path> <StateList> <State> <Name>CrewName</Name> <Value>Azur_Roon</Value> </State> <State> <Name>HelpType</Name> <Value>Scout</Value> </State> </StateList> <FilesList> <File> <Name>Roon_Speech_CatFight_Destroyed.wem</Name> </File> </FilesList> </Path> <Path> <StateList> <State> <Name>CrewName</Name> <Value>Azur_Roon</Value> </State> <State> <Name>HelpType</Name> <Value>Fighter</Value> </State> </StateList> <FilesList> <File> <Name>Roon_Speech_Corr_Destroyed.wem</Name> </File> </FilesList> </Path> As you can see, when the Value is "Fighter", the line being used it the "Corr_Destroyed" line, while when the Value is "Scout" the "CatFight_Destroyed" line is being used. These are reversed. "CatFIght" is the Catapult Fighter, while "Corr" is the Spotter. Also, the files for Nelson sinking an allied cruiser or destroyer are still reversed (they look fine in the XML, the file names themselves are reversed), and I reported this issue quite some time ago. This means she says the wrong ship type when sinking an allied cruiser or destroyer. Nelson_Speech_Destroy_Ally_Destroyer.mp3 Nelson_Speech_Destroy_Ally_Cruiser.mp3 "Kuchikukan" is destroyer. "Junyoukan" is cruiser.
  9. Enpra

    IFHE All Night Long

    Well, she's a ship in Azur Lane. She's a commander in WoWs. In AL, they're literally personified ships created through historical memory (mostly, obviously the WoWs ships lack that for the most part) collected in mysterious alien tech. Also, as I said, she's more of a butt lady. I'm actually not sure if this skin was created with her kiting playstyle in mind. The AL devs are pretty tuned into the WoWs meta though. She gets bonuses to evasion and long-range HE slinging as skills in AL. Though, she has lines about her defensive capability. That's certainly not what she's known for in WoWs, but she actually survives a lot of fire when played correctly, so... it works I guess?
  10. "What do you mean crossing the T is a bad idea?!"
  11. How about no? No, I'm not a reroll, if that's what you suspect. My average damage is notably low for Azuma. Certainly lower than the average, and probably much lower than more experienced players. I tend to influence matches by attempting to draw enemy fire away from other ships on my flank. Mechanical skill isn't everything in WoWs, and that's part of what I like about it. You don't need to play thousands of matches to be able to build up the skill required to influence matches. This isn't some twitch game where you need hundreds of hours of practice working on your muscle memory.
  12. Enpra

    300+ NA server owners of Smaland (already)

    True, I forgot premium factored into base XP reported, though her numbers as a whole (low damage, good wins, high XP) points to more than just that. Makes sense considering that, as mentioned by others, early adopters tend to be players with ample experience playing WoWs. Also, the rapid guns and fast torps are probably pretty good for shredding other small ships, so it's not hard to draw that line. Friesland certainly seems to pull this off as well, but without the torps.
  13. Enpra

    300+ NA server owners of Smaland (already)

    Notable in her numbers in that screen cap is that, despite lower average damage, Smaland has higher average XP than most of the competition. This either means she's doing far more spotting/capping/dodge tanking than her peers on average, or she's doing far more damage to lower-HP targets (like DDs) than her peers.
  14. Enpra

    IFHE All Night Long

    1. How dare you speak to muh shipfu like that?! 2. She's more of a butt lady if you catch my drift, or rather, fly my kite. 3. But muh ultra-meme secondary build with 37 mm penetration! (No, I don't actually run this)
  15. Enpra

    Yoshino still only 25mm plating???

    Yes, she gets 27 mm midsection, like other high tier CAs. No, she still doesn't feel tanky. Yes, she still has, and always had, the rapid cooldown heal. I am a little more bold against Jean Bart now though. Just a little. They'll still just blow through the bow/stern if they know what they're doing.