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  1. SO I am running the Sunray op with a group. Repeatedly the Trans turns and goes off to the side through the filth and in this turns all the way around back towards the Gate and Rammed a Varg. So why is this happening? Makes zero sense. Impossible to keep it alive as an objective when it turns around and suicides into the endless hordes coming out of the gate... what gives WG?
  2. Yea... this is going to only make them camp more. No reason for them to get any closer to the slow subs than they spawn. They will just go in reverse instead.
  3. CagedThunder

    Do They Still Give Out Super Containers?

    Yea 1 SC around every 231 days from non-TYL if you get all 3 SC every day sounds about right.
  4. CagedThunder

    Do They Still Give Out Super Containers?

    That... is a SC in only technicality... aka i am so sorry for you luck. ,
  5. CagedThunder

    Do They Still Give Out Super Containers?

    No, super containers are an extinct species. Driven to such by the extreme of WG's greed. They say it is a 1% drop. Probably less from my experience. And that is only if you choose the SC option every time I bet.
  6. CagedThunder

    Igor and Transylvania

    I've gotten over 180k with the DD. It being up fron to smoke and torp and Zikasas that get close and Rasputin at the end is super important. I actually feel BBs are the least important other than ramming Ras at the end.
  7. CagedThunder

    A fitting end to Ranked Sprint

    I've seen a thread on this in the past; Giulio was given by everyone as being removed. If it comes back great. I'll buy it and play ranked. I still demand the Kami though.
  8. CagedThunder

    A fitting end to Ranked Sprint

    Then why not sell it?
  9. CagedThunder

    CV Rework - Dislike.

    Yep; everyone has been asking for a massive mega nerf of CVS and that is exactly what this is. I guess CV player addicted to their OPness are extremely salty indeed!
  10. CagedThunder

    CV Rework - Dislike.

    Makes zero sense. Matches don't go to the time limit like 85% of the time. They will just break the game trying and change it back when everyone leaves. No one is going to tolerate CVs doing more damge then they do now. They lose 10 times as many players as they gain. Never going to happen. Fundmentally broken idea. IFHE, DWT, AP, none of actually increased an already Op class to make it more OP. So they mean nothing as far as that goes. If anything those are all/premium specific gimmicks. If they want shorter matches they could buff damage of others. CVs are the last ones that need it. Zero reason for them to do it just because "DERP MATCH SHORT DERP." Ultimately it is WoWS, making it less about planes and CVs is the only way they ever make the game better. Otherwise the game dies. I have zero doubts about that. CVs are never going to be the driver of the game. So they can't be OP either.Can't be Op if they are ever going to be in divisions or competitive play either. Therefore they get nerfed out the butt. WG finds how to shortenn matches another way of they are dead set on ruing the game that way.
  11. CagedThunder

    CV Rework - Dislike.

    WG want to make CVs like other ships and be in divisions and competitive play much more than mess with match times. That means they absolutely cannot do what you imply or it will be excluded for the same reason as now. OP. Their damage WILL be massively nerfed. Also if they wanted to change match times they could change ship speeds, map sizes, or point values for taking caps and destroying ships. Not break game balance rofl. That is a really dumb idea.
  12. CagedThunder

    CV Rework - Dislike.

    Man of course people are doing a lot of damage in the earliest test phase. Basic logic. They need DATA above all on the new system. So they give you constant squads and an easier environment. Most thing WG implements are either WAY OP or WAY UP early on. Standard MO. Balancing it is really quite easy. XP for spotting shows which ships WG intends to spot the most. CVs should be spotting less than cruisers. They can just lower the air detection area of ships. Balancing the damage is even easier. You have way fewer squads. Not being able to run out of planes is meaningless, the cool down you suffer from losing planes gets longer and longer the more you lose. Matches being shortened by CVs sounds like the dumbest thing on earth. There is no way to make them do that an not make them OP. And they fundmentally need to be way less OP in spotting and damage than they are now for them to ever be included in competitive play or divisions. There is no way around it; sub-octiavian be damned. They nerf the living crap out of CV or it never makes it to state other ships are which is their ultimate goal above all.
  13. CagedThunder

    CV Rework - Dislike.

    They have longer cooldown times for losing more planes. So losing planes still equates to doing way less damage. They just don't want to have a situation where as CV has no purpose at all because he has no planes left. But the cool downs will become so long it will be pretty similar really. AA is going to be balanced to do much more damage and be more effective also since now they don't have to worry about CVs with zero planes. CVs won't be able to cross drop or attack with multiple squads which is a massive nerf. Obviously you will do way less with 2-3 squads than the 6-8. Between less squads, more dangerous AA, and longer cooldowns their damage can only go down once they get around to balancing it. That is indeed the entire point. Making CVs do more damage wouldn't balance them in competitive play just because their global spotting was taken away. Their ability to kill entire teams single handedly is also part of their issue. If they want to let CVs division together they have to also balance it around 2 CVs trying to cross drop. Without all of that CVs will be stuck out of competitve play just like they are now. It is fundamentally implied that a massive CV nerf is implied if they are going to include them in divisions and competitive play. Their alpha is taken away. Gone. As it stands that is actually not as easy to do in the newer system because you have less squads and AA is better. And represents a MASSIVE Nerf on CV damage. It was never more than just OP striking with more squads and fighter strafing and enternal global spotting of everyone, the grandma, and their dog. Thank god it is going finally. Best thing to ever happen to the game bar none. Do you realize how rarely I actually praise WG?
  14. CagedThunder

    CV Rework - Dislike.

    Population went down when they took CVs out of competitive play though. That said it was never as large as other classes. There is no reason they can't nerf CVs and make them more playable on consoles at the same time and hit 2 birds with one stone. Out of curiosity; does anyone know how console release WoT affected PC WoT? What would console release mean for PC WoWs?
  15. CagedThunder

    I See There's no Steel in Ranked This Time

    So what are the rewards then anyway if not steel? Nothing?