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  1. PurpleAki

    Damage Shake

    I found it in settings.
  2. PurpleAki

    Damage Shake

    How do I turn off the shake that happens at the end of a ships life when you're taking damage. It's annoying as.
  3. PurpleAki

    Stuttering Reply's

    Whenever I watch a replay file when the ship zooms in on target the target is lagging and stuttering. I know in game this is not the case so I'm confused why the replay would be like this. Does anyone know how to fix this?
  4. PurpleAki

    Help! How Does Overpen Machanic Work?

    My second volley was exactly at the waterline and resulted in 6 overpens.
  5. PurpleAki

    Help! How Does Overpen Machanic Work?

    I appreciate the advice, I do watch all these CC's already and I have a good grip of the basic mechanics of the game. Go watch the reply file I uploaded and give me some feedback on my shots on the Edin. Then explain to me why it overpened. Thanks.
  6. Could someone take a look at this replay and tell me why I overpened the Edin? How I didn't either pen him or cit him? How does the overpen mechanic work? 20200116_122810_PGSB597-Black-Scharnhorst_19_OC_prey.wowsreplay
  7. PurpleAki

    Ridiculous Restrictions for New Players

    Could a mod or someone in the know tell me exactly when protected MM ends?
  8. I had a friend sign up as a new member recently - I was shocked to see exactly how long it's going to take him to be able to play PvP on an equal playing field to everyone else: 20 Games without ability to add Modules to ships 25 Games before a Commander can be added 40 Games in they can start to add signals/flags 45 Game before any Camo is allowed So that's 45 games that a new person is essentially playing weak-handed. Has it always been like this? When I registered I don't recall playing that many games before everything was in port? Has it always been like this? Seems completely unfair to restrict new players when realistically they could be at Tier 4+ after their first 20 games. The only logic I can see is to stagger it so people see the new "feature" but why make it so many games in-between! Such a dumb way to introduce new players.
  9. PurpleAki

    Clan Brawls

    Ahh.. well done buddy. You've really called me out. Unfortunately instead of debating the clan brawls you've hijacked this thread into a spelling bee because you couldn't let it go. Sorry @MEANN we ruined your thread; yes the Clan Brawls were great - in future a little more notice beforehand would be awesome and everyone seems to want an extended season!* *I hope my speeling was ok....
  10. PurpleAki

    Clan Brawls

    How do you know that wasn't a subtle piece of Monty Python-esc sarcasm left in there on purpose? Either that or a typo that auto-corrected incorrectly? I wasn't pulling them up on their spelling was I? I had a valid point and you're just being hyper pedantic about small details. Reading your replies I have the feeling you probably agree with me so put your Dictionary down and relax.
  11. PurpleAki

    Clan Brawls

    Don't worry about it @Crucis and @Lt_Newcastle I think the message that carries across is when someone (or a company) doesn't communicate in a timely/articulate manor it's always going to draw criticism even when the event is a success (or achieves it goal).
  12. PurpleAki

    Clan Brawls

    The Clan Brawl season was announced on December 19th. The first Brawl (T5 9v9) was on December 21st - so you do the math. I know because I worked my [edited]off creating battle plans for T5 9v9, then to show their organizational prowess WGing changed the event to T5 8v8 instead, this was maybe 24hours before the event so effectually I wasted my time doing anything . WGing do it every fuckign season, it's pathetic.
  13. Obviously most players participate in ranked seasons (either regular or sprint) to gain resources, but I would say a close second is the prestige that player gets for having rank 1 attached to their account. I believe WGing can reward players who participate in ranked events by properly displaying their ranks to other players in a more effective way. The current system only shows the ranking of either the active season or the previous season regardless of if it was a sprint or a hardcore regular season. See example attached, my opinions: The images on the ranks are kind of all over the place, I know they were trying to make it look like the historical ranks but each country is different and there's a limited amount of space to display so it's not an aesthetically pleasing. I also look at players who gets rank 1 in the sprint differently to someone who grinds their [edited]off in the regular season to rank out. It's just harder! So for a player who has played 150+ games to rank out in T10 will essentially lose that displayed rank as soon as the sprint season comes up - which currently seems to be extremely quickly. That's just wrong, WGing reward those tireless bastards who grind upto Rank 1!!! So my idea: Have a two star system on display - one for hardcore ranked (gold star) and one for the ranked sprints (silver). I would also allow players to keep the Ranked Flags (Second, First and Premier League) for the period in-between ranked seasons as a further reward. See attachment below for example of how it'd look:
  14. This is actually an interesting idea. It would certainly be a show of skill to have to rank out using a variety of ship classes. I was also thinking the matchmaking should be like this: