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  1. I give up, since it seems everyone finds stealth devstriking balanced andI hate complaining aswell so yea, I'm just gonna not even try
  2. Not when you're goin bow end, which is great because I can dodge DD torps (surprisingly the khaba didn't torp), bounce the montana's shells, but then the sub torps can somehow citadel me from the bow which hurt, and I wasnt able to detect them until they were an inch from my bow
  3. All of this happened in a single minute, I yoloed because there was only a dd and BB on this side of the Map, the other half had all the other 8 ships on each time, smoked to ambush the DD, but then while attempting to fight the BB and secure this entire part of the map, the ping and the attack and yada yada, but the sub did so much in one strike that I couldn't do much afterwards, dying fast because a full HP BB was fighting a low HP BB that is in panic mode
  4. @Compassghost I probably should've mentioned that my smoke was off when the sub was attacking me and eventually spotted
  5. Now note that I am not a bandwagon complainer like most people are in this game, but this is making me upset for real I was just in a Colombo game, and I get a beautiful spawn area, just me and a destroyer, NO SUB even on this area of the map, so I decide I want to smoke charge and destroy the other BB and DD, which I was successful at the DD until out of nowhere I'm pinged so I send my planes next to the BB where I think the sub is (from ping direction) and then the subs torps just appear 1km from me, ALL homing, and damage con doesn't even matter at this point because of the ping spam, and he gets 6 CITADELS literally removing 60k FREAKING HP, then shortly after I detect the sub at the surface literally 3KM AWAY, WHY SO SHORT, and thankfully I one shot them (thanks 16 guns) but then I get farmed down because I have only like 15k hp left and sink like 3 minutes into the game I cant charge on in anymore because god knows if a sub is literally anywhere, both subs spawn on the other side of the map, so I will never know if a sub spawned where I'm going or where it should be to even out the spawns. Now whenever I'm in a sub game, I have to play sniper-passive (which sucks because I play Colombo the most of any BB and we know how that dispersion is), and I feel like this is gonna make island hugging even more common and brawling in sub matches is too risky Sorry if this doesn't make sense or I'm rambling on, but I love this game and aggressive play and I dont wanna see subs hinder pushing and charging in at good times when you think its safe, but its not anymore
  6. From what I've seen, Leeuw is nothing more than a slight upgrade in all respects, with the worse MM of course, but at the same time the economics are slightly better and the ship is still better in all stats. It's bothering me whether I should keep Johan or do the grind for Leeuw