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  1. winnoc

    Modstation won't launch

    just uninstall and reinstall. that solved my problem
  2. This in my complaint about Naval battles. WOWS, settle on a set of parameters and stick to it. don't keep changing it every week or every couple of weeks. example: one week it is base experience. then after a couple of weeks it goes to earing ribbons. then back to base exp. the after a couple of more weeks it changes to earing damage. the changes to base exp again. yes there are only a certain number of ways to set the rules to get the stars. but pick one and stay with it. Personaly the only real fair version of earing stars . I have seem is the one that uses damage. it is fair to destroy cruisers battleships and carriers. SO , PLEASE A VERSION OF THE RULES FOR EARING STARS AND STICK TO IT. DONT KEEP CHANGING THE WAY WE HAVE TO EARN STARS TO WIN IN NAVAL BATTLES.