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  1. Arlensauce93

    Massive desync

    its really impeding my dailes at the moment, and weird thing is i was playing last night no issues
  2. Arlensauce93

    Massive desync

    they were shooting the wichita which you can see, but on my screen it shows where im aiming those are friendly shells actually hitting him , but i cant see that, confirmed with teammate in discord
  3. Arlensauce93

    Massive desync

    This is where teammates aim versus what i see
  4. Arlensauce93

    Massive desync

    invisible ships even though they are spotted
  5. Arlensauce93

    Massive desync

    playing new game, after restarting same thing is happening again
  6. Arlensauce93

    Massive desync

    images are just some examples of quick screenshots i took
  7. Just played a game in Jean bart, fired first salvo at a chapoy 22k away, got one hit , okay normal, then proceeded to fire at some battleships sailing towards me, missed every single salvo even when they were around 12k. Thought hmmm this is weird. I've never missed more than one salvo in a row. I missed about 15 salvos with the exception of one overpen randomly. Then it gets weirder, tried to sail to a cap and turn. Ship continues straight and then I get in detectable range of a red dd, he never showed up ended up eating 2 sets of torps from an invisible dd. Funny part is I hit the torps and on my screen they were no where near me. Onky explanation is desync
  8. Arlensauce93

    RW Directives - Earn T5 DD Hill - Is it too much?

    It would be a pain considering I can average around 1700 base xp and with flags a few thousand fxp per game . And there are better players than me. 1 match with flag stacked Jean bart is over 10,000 fxp. Assuming I do good on the first win.
  9. Arlensauce93

    RW Directives - Earn T5 DD Hill - Is it too much?

    100% people wouldn't play random if they could earn the same potential in coop. Who doesnt want to win 99% of all games played. And I can't speak for anyone but myself but when I get a new ship I'm not familiar with I take it out in coop to learn how it plays , handles etc.... I learn what it's good at and apply it in randoms . Usually this is only a couple coop matches then in good. But most people dont do that and there are some real potato nights to be witnessed to which one might actually prefer to do coop so they can atleast win. Coop is a unappreciated tool that can be used for learning how to play a ship correctly . As is Training room.
  10. Arlensauce93

    RW Directives - Earn T5 DD Hill - Is it too much?

    Because if you could easily finish all these missions in coop , no one would play randoms. The goal of coop is to improve yourself so you can play randoms. Coop is just training room 2.0 in my opinion. But some people live in coop mode. These missions are not supposed to be easy and are designed for you to spend money. Sure the hill and benham are free, but wargaming is still going to make its money because not everyone wants to spend hours every single night playing.
  11. Arlensauce93

    How to burn a ton of coal...

    no limit, poor context of words
  12. Arlensauce93

    when your are a Savage !

    team work is a great thing. especially in team based games
  13. Arlensauce93

    when your are a Savage !

    i get about 1 ram a game.... and live. Come to papa
  14. Life isn't fair, the sooner you learn that the better
  15. Arlensauce93

    The downvote button is gone

    You are the square peg to a round hole