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  1. I've been in some matches where a super unicum player wipes the ocean floor with everybody . And THEY ARE NOT in a cv . There is skill gap at every level and every ship type with the new cv rework it's a little less I'd say, but it wont stop a great player from being great and a bad player from being bad.
  2. Arlensauce93

    Inertia Fuse for HE question

    I'd only recommend ifhe on dd, light cruisers and certain secondary spec battleships. In which of those cases its extremely helpful
  3. Arlensauce93

    Inertia Fuse for HE question

    Massachusetts + IFHE = fun
  4. I wouldn't trade in any premium cv as you cant get them no more. Pending future patches as I heard they will come back. But it's easy enough to just grind out the line
  5. Arlensauce93

    Midway refund

    Well goodbye my sweet midway then haha hello crapLexington. That's okay , I got a crapton of xp flags and camo , shouldnt take to long . And at least 2/10 games I might be top tier and crush some boats
  6. Arlensauce93

    CV's are PvP, how?

    I've seen a few, I actually also got killed by a shima after the west flank fell . Last known position was in the cap , I was at the 1 line . I ate ...alot if torpedos lol. Also if your cv is spotted and a Yamato or Monty notice..they can delete you or at least hit you dam hard. Meanwhile from up to 26km out
  7. Arlensauce93

    Midway refund

    I'm seriously tempted to refund my midway and regrind it. The huge 480,000 fxp would put me up to 2,000,000fxp. Enough for alaska and azuma. Then I'd just regrind through the Lexington. Is it worth it and will I lose my midway legendary progress?
  8. Arlensauce93

    CV's are PvP, how?

    Your dd, cl ,ca ,bb runs into an enemy cv or the enemy cv is spotted. , all the cv can do is turn. Is that pve?
  9. You need more practice then , I play midway and land 4-6 torpedoes on BB almost every run . Bombs are just as easy, cruisers can be tougher because they can turn quick and move faster. if you attack from the front start early . If you attack from the back start late. It's all on timing. Do some Private sessions with easy bots to get a feel for the aiming reticle. Then apply your new knowledge in coop or randoms.
  10. Arlensauce93

    Upcoming Ship Notes WIP

    If one more person asks what the alaska is going to be sold for.....God dam it. Next people will be asking every 3 days what azuma and yahagi or how ever its spelt will be sold for
  11. Arlensauce93

    Stealth Torps on Tier X CV's

    I believe it's a ui issue, I dont have no videos but I play and I usually sit around 6-10 ms ping. It's most likely the ui lagging behind the torpedo. It also only happens on the receiving end. When I play cv everything is normal on my side. When I play a cruiser or something the red blips dont show sometimes.
  12. Arlensauce93

    Stealth Torps on Tier X CV's

    I know what your talking about, it happens to me too. You see the torps but their is no red triangle saying they are armed . They still hit your ship and do damage and then the ones that missed then pop up with the red warning triangles like 5-10 seconds after. All the time you do in fact see the torps . Just as the unarmed state.
  13. I played my sims yesterday, 4 or 5 matches , all wins , average of 15 to 25 plane kills a match and no issues with the cv's. Only 1 match didnt have a cv , the rest had 2. And my build only had aft on it. Go cry some more op
  14. Arlensauce93

    More time to figure out capt skills Upgrades PLS!!!!

    But repsecs are always free ? Dont you have elite captain xp ? Sure when they doobloons are free I reset every single captain but I suppose you dont have a premium account ? Credits and xp just flow in
  15. Arlensauce93

    DD mains are in trouble. I had no counter to rockets.

    Lol , playing the sims , with only aft on it. I had a high of 29 planes shot down with 2 t8 cv's on the other team. Dfaa and sector control is adequate enough to wipe entire squadrons. Not to mention if I had to I have long [edited]smoke. NOT ALL DD ARE EFFECTIVE WITH AA. Some are better some are worse.