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  1. darkdaniel57

    Premium Ship Review: HMAS Perth

    I'm here cuz I got it from a resources supercontainer.
  2. darkdaniel57

    Russian carriers are coming!

    Its a modstation camo of the Hakuryu.
  3. darkdaniel57

    Most Beautiful Ships in the Game. Your opinions?

    For me its the mid-tier Russian light cruisers.
  4. darkdaniel57

    Let’s hear Your Planes Shot Down records!

    According to wows stats & numbers, I once took down 80 planes in my Implacable.
  5. I personally think that WG will release the Shinano as a Japanese counterpart to the FDR. It would make sense to me.
  6. I believe submarines are just a big and elaborate joke that Wargaming is trying to play on the community, and they have all the CC's in on it. Won't consider changing my stance until I see some subs in-game.
  7. darkdaniel57

    What can you do?

    Since when could 2 CV’s be part of the same division?!
  8. I wish we could mount some historically correct flags. Like the Japanese rising sun and the German swastika.