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  1. RGeezy911

    The Last Coo of Boom Flag, and Goodbye

    Enjoy your new journey, and I wish you all the best. I don't main DDs, so co-op it is!
  2. RGeezy911

    How's The Filth Collecting Going For You?

    So I'm 13/22 in the Italian Cruisers random box bundle thing, bad luck... then I roll on the Halloween stuff and my first bundle is the Infernal (Tier X). I guess I gotta start playing this new game mode to get that camo.
  3. After the game was updated, I haven't been able to view the news feed from the port screen. I assumed this was temporary and would fix by itself, but it hasn't. I'm using the Steam version, and I've already tried the following: Verified integrity of files. Deleted mods. Deleted preferences.xml Allowed the .exe through Windows Firewall Not sure if anyone else is having the same problem, and I don't know what to do. PS: I didn't make a support ticket. I don't think this is worth wasting their time if it's something that can be easily fixed on my end, and I just don't know how. EDIT: I'm in the NA server.