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  1. UssIowaSailor

    One and Done

    How is the state of the game, I have been gone since shortly after the CV rework. I have been playing WOWs on the PS4 here and there but I can't seem to get any interest. I don't think the game is very popular, I checked many of the web sites that sell accounts looking for one with a Nikolai and there is not really any demand and you have a hard time giving them away.
  2. You can subscribe to PS VUE on the PC. I get all of the same channels but what I like about PS VUE is there are not all those hidden fees. My direct TV package was supposed to be $59 a month. After all the fees, equipment rentals, etc I was paying $189 a month. My PS Vue package is $59 a month and that is exactly what I pay. I can watch on PC, tablet, my cell phone, on my PS4. I can be in a restaurant and can watch stuff on my DVR on my phone. It is a really good service.
  3. LOL I get you, I think I am more of a casual player now. I do not have the time or desire to play WOWS like a second job like I did last year. WOWS Legends will allow me to jump on, play three or four games and jump off. I had more fun with the game experience today than I have had in WOWS in a very long time.
  4. It is funny, until Legends I can honestly say I have played less than 20 hours of games on my PS4 in the three or four years I have had it. I use it primarily as a blue ray player and I subscribe to PS Vue for my television content. Cutting the cable cord was the best decision I ever made. PS Vue is superior to cable or satellite and costs a fraction of what they charge.
  5. Yep, I will not be spending a dime on the console version. I learned my lesson here. Buying a premium here and there, some doubloons why not. I wasn't really paying attention until 3 years later when I tracked exactly how much I spent on this game and it was over 5k. I did my duty helping keep the servers up and running. This whale is retired and is strictly free to play.
  6. ROFLMAO, true but we can enjoy the ride until they ruin it too.
  7. Honestly you should never be in a position to choose anime hehehehehehehehe
  8. I just got done playing World Of Warships Legends on my PS4. All I can say is it is a very good game and there are several reasons why I will probably make a full-time switch. #1) There are only three nations, USA, Japan, and the UK. This brings me back to when I was playing WOWS in closed beta. Before the Devs decided that every new ship line has to have a unique gimmick and started ruining the game. #2) No silly OP Russian ships. Not seeing Russian ships in battle alone gives you a greater sense of realism. For a nation that has no meaningful naval history other than getting smashed by the Japanese, it is refreshing to play the game without the insane Russian bias we see in WOWS. #3) There are only 9 ships per team. Not only does this make the battles go by faster it also makes it easier for a really good player to influence games. Granted I only have 8 randoms in my Albany and St. Louis I have not lost a game yet. #4) Because the game is brand new you don't see 19 point captains in Kamakazi R's padding their stats. You also won't see any of the stupidly OP ships that you can't buy anymore so it is a win, win. #5) No chat window, it is amazing to play the game and not have to deal with toxicity. It does have voice chat but you can turn it off and just enjoy the game. For all the PVE players who say the reason they don't play randoms is because of how toxic the community is you are no longer locked into PVE, you can now enjoy the increased rewards of PVP without having to deal with abuse of random idiots on the internet. #6) There are subtle differences to things like commanders builds, so it is almost like playing a new game. It is fun not having the same cookie cutter builds and figuring out what works and what does not. It also does not cost anything to respec your captain right now so you can play with your builds. #7) Back to the 9 players per side, if you have a couple of friends who are really good players you can still div up in three-man divisions. Carrying potato teams is now even easier. #8) Because the game is new every line is pretty balanced and you don't have the wild power creep like you do in WOWS. I will be giving up an account that I have over 65 Premium ships almost every T-10 ship to go back to the beginning and starting over. Except for this time I will be a 100% free to play player. If you have not tried World Of Warships Legends I highly recommend it.
  9. The simplest solution is to do what I did, stop playing all together. The devs seem to be running a personal contest to see who can kill the game the fastest. As it stands now WOWS offers zero enjoyment for me.
  10. UssIowaSailor

    In Remembrance: USS Iowa Turret Explosion

    That sailor was Clay Hartwig, he was my best friend.
  11. UssIowaSailor

    In Remembrance: USS Iowa Turret Explosion

    Thank you gentlemen, I appreciate it very much.
  12. UssIowaSailor

    Remove the Karma system from the game now.

    I never talk in chat, I only play in divisions with friends so we are on discord having a good time. As a division we get reported all the time, people see purple stats and accuse us of stat padding or seal clubbing. I learned a long time ago to never speak in chat, no matter what I say it will be misconstrued somehow.
  13. World of Warships is 4 years old now, commercially even the most optimistic person would say the PC version has been a huge disappointment. Compared to how successful World of Tanks was, World Of Warships probably generated about 10% of the revenue WOT did. We know World Of Warships is coming to consoles and in my opinion Wargaming is focusing 90% of their attention on the console release and simply using the PC community as unpaid beta testers for the console versions and the mechanics that will be used there. The CV rework is 100% a beta test for the console version of World Of Warships. It is hot garbage but Wargaming does not care that 95% of the PC community hates it, they are anticipating a big return on the untapped console market. With the new players to the game coming in at a tiny trickle =, nowhere near enough to be sustainable I would not be surprised if Wargaming has had meetings and stated to the team that 80% of the money they will make on the PC version has already been maid and there is no need to keep pouring resources into a game that is slowly dying. All the whales who play or played this game are already here or have been here. The only players they are getting now are casual gamers who see an ad or play as a recommendation from a friend. All the hard core Naval combat people knew about this game while it was in development. Wargaming already got our money, there are no more PC whales coming through Wargamings doors. It is there I think they made the decision to use the PC community as beta testers for the console versions. It is also one of the reasons we are seeing so many stock hull ships offered as premiums. The work had already been done and a very minimum amount of resources need to be allocated to get them to the premium store and get some quick cash. Even the Georgia was completed way back in Alpha, it was supposed to be the USN T-10 ship. They chose to go with the Montana instead but they dusted her off and dropped her as a premium to make some quick cash with no real development costs. It is just my opinion of course but it does explain the long series of puzzling decisions by Wargaming on what they are doing with the game.
  14. Another item on the list of items that detail why I don't really play this game anymore. 5200 different currencies that require you to treat WOWS like a second full time job in order to earn enough to buy a used pack of chewing gum.
  15. UssIowaSailor

    Remove the Karma system from the game now.

    I know whenever I see you in games I report you just for GP . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . The above post is just for humor, I totally get what you mean. I had a 295k damage 7 kill game in the Yamato and lost 4 karma points. My Karma stays at zero most of the time. If I get a dev strike, I get reported. If I out duel a potato, I get reported. For suggesting a strategy for the team to help us win the game, I get reported. I had a friendly torp me and he reported me for driving into his torps. The Karma system is very poorly thought out, which is consistent with Wargaming.