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  1. When I saw this announcement I had to wonder what the heck in going on over at Wargaming. The Republique is the top performing T-10 Battleship....why is Wargaming adding a second T10 Battleship.....especially a paper ship that has no historical significance? I also have to wonder why a minor naval power and one of the weakest countries of the second world war being given so many monster ships? Is this dropping any pretense that this is a game based on historical ships to a conversion to pay to win and a cash grab by wargaming?
  2. USS Arizona and HMS Hood

    lol have to be careful with that, if I ever come back to the game and you see me in the Hood, ignore my guns at your peril.
  3. One thing that has baffled me is how did Wargaming come up with the current silly gimmick ideas for the British and German lines when there was historical precedent that could have been used to give the ships of each nation a historical feeling. #1 German Naval gunnery was considered to be among the worlds best when it came to accuracy. At the battle of Jutland the German Navy hit rate was better than the British Navy at a rate of 2-1 or better. The Bismarck was able to range and land salvos much quicker than the Hood and Prince of Whales. Wargamings decision to make the German ships the LEAST accurate in the game is the complete opposite of what the German Navy was historically. Since the Germans have smaller caliber guns, you could have given them a sigma buff to they would land at a higher rate to make up for inferior penetration. #2 The British Navy was renown for being able to fire their guns faster than anyone and we are now seeing a main battery reload booster on FRENCH ships? Instead of the really really really poor decision making process to build a battleship line of HE spammers the British line could have gotten a reload booster consumable, where raw rate of fire makes up for inferior penetration power. The consumable could have also jumped the detonation chance by 10% to simulate the propensity of British ship to blow up in combat. I know it is not a simulator but I think Wargaming has done a TERRIBLE job inventing gimmicks that had no historical correlation to the lines they were introducing to the game. By keeping with a more historically accurate flavor instead of the ridiculous gimmicks that were chosen I think the game would be more enjoyable for the Naval combat fan base.
  4. No Crackers in Arms Race it seems.....

    Yea but it is a hilarious one, I have been called a cracker by someone before and I busted out laughing. It baffled my verbal attacker.
  5. No Crackers in Arms Race it seems.....

    For a brief second I though you meant Arms race excluded certain ethnicities hehehehehe
  6. USS Arizona and HMS Hood

    I have the Nelson as well, for me she is not as fun as the Hood, she is a bow camper and she is slow. One fun thing with the Nelson is a lot of BB players will give you a fat broadside assuming you are going to shoot HE at them. When you punish them with AP they are almost salty in chat. It is pretty funny.
  7. USS Arizona and HMS Hood

    LOL That is an example I will use when countering the bad players claiming WOWS is PTW in an attempt to make an excuse as to why they suck. Potatoes are going to potat.......it is in their blood.
  8. USS Arizona and HMS Hood

    Isn't it funny how two people can perceive the exact same thing in totally different ways? I have the Scharnhorst and I HATED it. I was a battleship main and a pretty good one to boot. I took pride in being a top 10-20% player. The Scharnhorset was the ONLY battleships that I played like a total potato in. I just couldn't get the hang of her. I watched a bunch of Scharnhorst videos on youtube and asked advice from the community and I was able to turn her around. I won the last 14 games I played in the Scharnhorst and just BARELY got my win rate to 50%.
  9. Arms Race is Exactly as Predicted

    It's like mice going after the peanut butter in the snap trap...........blap.....end of story.
  10. Got the Acasta

    Hey welcome back hehehehe I might log on tonight to see what your doing.
  11. USS Arizona and HMS Hood

    You have a 59% win rate in the hood, your stats are pretty good in her. What is not to like?
  12. USS Arizona and HMS Hood

    The Hood is tricky but once you learn how to play her, she is a MONSTER.
  13. Subs might underperform

    What is funny is the sub babies will cry and throw temper tantrums if they can't stay underwater forever, travel at 30 knots underwater, be undetectable, and torpedo every ship in the game. They will cry I only average 8 kills a game subs are under performing.

    Meh, I have been fascinated by the Alaska class since I was a kid. Probably due to their unique states, they were not cruisers and they were not battleships. The 12 inch guns were as good as the 14 inch 50 caliber guns from the New Mexico class, again interesting. They are very beautiful ships as well.
  15. How pathetic can this site get?

    Actually salt water is a really good decontaminate. All the ships at the bottom of the lagoon have zero radioactivity. Also a foot of sea water is equivalent to 1 inch of lead so any radioactive material in the water, the radiation did not travel more than a few feet from it.