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  1. UssIowaSailor

    TRANSYLVANIA, all losses, why play if you can't win?

    Yep, I was lucky that there was a shot caller in my mission. He told the BB's where to be, told the cruisers and DD's what they needed to do. It was a random and we got a 5 star victory on the first try of the day. What I see a lot in the current Warships community is that players don't seem to care about roles, objectives, all they want to do is their own thing and it doesn't seem to matter to them that it is the wrong thing most of the time.
  2. UssIowaSailor

    TRANSYLVANIA, all losses, why play if you can't win?

    It is not too hard for the average player, the problem is there are a lot of WWWWAAAAYYYYY below average players out there and if you get two on your team of 7 you are going to lose. We had an idiot in a cruiser who just yoloed the catapults and battleships and was dead in the first 4 minutes of the match. If you have seven teammates who play reasonably and competently it is a EASY 5 star win. Get some friends, one or two where you can communicate on teamspeak or discord it makes the mission that much easier.
  3. UssIowaSailor

    TRANSYLVANIA, all losses, why play if you can't win?

    I played it three times yesterday. 5 star win in the battleship, three star win in the cruiser, and loss in the DD. So maybe you just got bad luck in randoms. As I said before get some friends....makes the game a lot easier.
  4. UssIowaSailor

    So disappointed

    No worries than....if you have experienced it and didn't like it, at least you have an educated opinion and I can respect that.
  5. UssIowaSailor

    So disappointed

    I thought the lakes in Minnesota froze over on Aug 15th and only thaw out for 17 days during the brief summer where it gets to 40 degrees hehehehehe
  6. UssIowaSailor

    So disappointed

    Yes the Expos became the Washington Nationals. However, Toronto still has the Blue Jays.
  7. UssIowaSailor

    So disappointed

    Respectfully I will disagree and point out that every Hockey team has a guy with the title of ENFORCER on the team. How can that possibly be boring lol.
  8. UssIowaSailor

    So disappointed

    Have you ever been to a professional Hockey game? In Washington DC the capitols are by far the best sporting experience to go too. Far better than the Redskins, Nationals, or Wizards. Hockey on TV is not nearly as good as it is live.
  9. UssIowaSailor

    TRANSYLVANIA, all losses, why play if you can't win?

    Get some friends and run it as a 7 man division, it is pretty hard considering the overall low skill level of the player base to get seven people who have never played together to be successful. In a 7 man division with friends communicating in teamspeak or discord it is pretty easy.
  10. The entire reason Wargaming went with the FTP model is because it is the most lucrative model. I remember when Age of Conan was struggling and they went free to play with micro transactions, they doubled their revenue in a month. I understand that people are allowed to use their money in any way they want. I just wish they would realize that spending money on micro transactions only hurt them in the long run. Before the FTP/Micro-transaction age this game would have cost 50 bucks. Ship lines would have come out as expansion packs, wargaming still would have made a profit and everyone would have been happy. Now we willingly spend 10x more for less content. As consumers we are our own worst enemy for allowing companies to exploit us.
  11. Agreed, and I think that is what is rubbing me the wrong way. It sends a message that Wargaming does not care about their customers in the least bit and that the only thing they are interested in is bleeding them for every nickle they can. I may be wrong but I just feel that Wargaming could care less about its customers and that they operate under the guise of get them in bleed them dry, if they leave who cares we have new customers to bleed.
  12. Shenanigans........one of my favorite words of all time. It makes me thing of the movie Super Troopers and Waiting.
  13. The arrogance of EA knows no bounds, they were informed by the Belgium authorities that Fifa Ultimate Team Card Packs violated their countries rules on gambling and that in order to comply with their laws they would have to be removed. EA flatly ignored the Government of Belgium and released the game with the card packs. So I am hoping that legislation will pass in countries that make this type of online gambling illegal and Wargaming will not be able to sell crates. I have no issues buying digital goods, I just think that as a consumer I should be able to pick and choose exactly what I want to buy. Wargaming only offering crates as a means to get said items and relying on a game of chance is a real [edited] bag move on the part of Wargaming and potentially criminal. A senator in Hawaii is working on anti loot box legislation, I am hoping it gains steam and that particular business model is outlawed in America.
  14. UssIowaSailor

    The Ranked Experience - Season 10

    I am a 56% win rate 1300 WTR player and I honestly can't remember anyone ever telling me I suck or saying anything negative about me. All the negative crap is usually focused on someone who made a mistake or it is a scrublord who charged a cap all by themselves and run into the enemy and get sunk for being an idiot and turns around and cusses the entire team out for not supporting him. So putting the post it over the chat window makes the game more enjoyable for me. I also almost exclusively play in divisions with players of equal skill level, we are in discord together so the only people that matter in the game are my two division mates.
  15. As a former whale, I hope everyone wakes up and refuses to buy crates of ANY kind. Crates serve one purpose, to entice players to spend money on a game of chance....GAMBLING. It allows Wargaming to bring in more money and hand out less digital goods at the same time. It also preys on human nature to keep spending money in the hope you will get that rare collectible you were looking for. As consumers as long as we continue to allow companies to operate in a predatory fashion they will continue to do so. I would not be surprised if there was a logarithm in place that the more money you spend on the game, the lower the percentage you have of getting that rare item roll. EA got busted for that with their Star Wars Battlefront loot crates. They do this because whales will continue to spend in the vain hopes of getting that rare item. We all need to wake up and stop buying items the way Wargaming wants us to and only start buying again when Wargaming places EVERYTHING in the store where we can pick exactly what we want to buy.