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  1. UssIowaSailor

    The Unsung Okt R Hack

    Ok I feel like an IDIOT, I did not know that the Oct Rev had a unique DCP consumable. I have been playing her like a regular battleship, letting one fire burn, hitting DCP on 2 or more fires. She is already my highest performing T-5 BB in average damage, kills, and with a PR rating of 1892 it falls just slightly behind the Texas at 1915. I figure play her the same way through the first half of the game and than progressively increasing the use of the DCP.
  2. UssIowaSailor

    Carriers nerfed to the potato

    Well it is a Russian company and their way of trolling US customer is to make sure that USN ships will always be middle of the back or lower in every class. Having IJN carriers being much better than USN counterparts is particularly insulting because the ONLY success IJN carrier aviation had in WW2 was a cowardly sneak attack against an opponent not prepared for war. After that they got seal clubbed all over the Pacific until the end of the war. It was such a one sided beat down the equivalent in WOWS would be the IJN team was made up of 42% Win Rate 600 PR players fighting against a team made up of 78% win rate 3400 PR players.
  3. lol but I am a C rate player, that was in your add hehehehehe
  4. Or there are people like me who have ADD and playing the same ship over and over again has no appeal for me. Personally I enjoy starting at T-3 and play until I get the win and move to T-4, rinse and repeat until I get to T-10 and than work my way back down to T3. I have a fleet of around 140 ships and don't have more than 80 battles in 90% of them. That is just a personal quirk of mine. On lower level premiums you bet I drop 19 point captains in them so I can grind XP for my next in line captain. I don't keep playing premiums at the same tier, once I get a win and I am back at that tier I will pick a different ship that doesn't have the daily bonus yet.
  5. I am so competitive I will beat a five year old at tiddlywinks until they cry and not care. So yes I do LOVE crushing 1st graders at kickball!!!!!
  6. UssIowaSailor

    MM vs 99.7% Loss Probability

    hey Tebow was awesome, he beat Pittsburgh in the playoffs lol.
  7. UssIowaSailor

    cv opt out

    Oh I hate CV's and the direction they are taking it. There is talk about 3 CV's per side in every match....wth who wants that!!!!! Then and than......roflmao the best trolls are the ones that come full circle hehehehehehe
  8. UssIowaSailor

    cv opt out

    I have GPS, it is telling me which direction to dig in lol
  9. UssIowaSailor

    cv opt out

    I was just teasing you brother, no worries. What I meant is that if there was an opt out for CV's in the game the CV's that cued up for Randoms would sit in the que until the max time limit and it would fill their team with bots just to put them in a game. I can't think of anyone who would cue up for a game with CV's in them if they had an option to play in a game with no CV's. As to the terminal lung cancer, listen closely........F....that!!!!!! NOTHING is terminal my brother except life itself. Fight that crap and tell that cancer to F-off that YOU will decide when it is time to go, not it. You are in control of your life and health, not your disease......fight and BELIEVE that you will beat this disease and make it so. I will pray hard for you brother........as long as you draw breath than there is hope and I believe in you.....now go out and grab your cancer by the scruff of the neck and kick it in the butt and say be gone.
  10. UssIowaSailor

    MM vs 99.7% Loss Probability

    MM RIGGED that game. It jacked with the RNG and dispersion on Matt Ryan's passes. It temporarily boosted Brady's sigma from 2.0 to 9.9. Also New England had the better DD players and Atlanta's DD's were all dead by halftime.
  11. UssIowaSailor

    cv opt out

    We won the war so technically they are wrong!
  12. UssIowaSailor

    cv opt out

    I will keep digging deeper and deeper until I pop out in New Zealand so I can see the All Blacks play and see a Haka in real life!!!!!!!!
  13. UssIowaSailor

    cv opt out

    The problem with an Opt-Out button is that it would effectively make CV play COOP only. I do not think ANY non CV players really want them in the game. So it will be interesting to see how making the large majority of your player base angry will work out for Wargaming. What will be funny is once carriers are reintroduced there will be a slew of new "Premium" carriers so they can soak up the money from the carrier players. I also suspect there will be a slew of new premium AA ships that will be better at AA projection than any of the older ships. Wargaming wouldn't be doing this if there was no way to get people to pay a lot of money for it.
  14. UssIowaSailor

    cv opt out

    That would be its the way the English spell it, not we English spell it.