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    [0.8.0] First CV rework tweaks and changes

    Not that my opinion matters a damn, but until the CV thing gets fixed, I will NOT be playing DDs. I will most likely NOT be playing CAs. Which means I will most likely be playing ANY DAMN THING OTHER THAN WORLD OF WARSHIPS. CVs are way too overpowered for this game, not to mention stupid stuff like RDF and Radar being used in a totally unrealistic fashion from someone who screams 'historical accuracy!' at every suggestion thrown at them. Done. Tired of one frigging set of planes decimating me and NOTHING I CAN DO ABOUT IT. Totally unbalanced. Thanks for taking my money and making this game SUCK WORSE AT EVERY TURN.
  2. I think they ought to assign players to Alpha or Bravo, because it's usually the same team, like in our case, same seven players on both Alpha and Bravo.
  3. MajorGeneralFU

    DDs buffed, now armor the cruisers!!!

    I didn't say people from my own clan were ripping on ME, asswipe, now, away with YOU!!!!!
  4. MajorGeneralFU

    DDs buffed, now armor the cruisers!!!

    "And if you're getting one shotted from 20km away, you're doing something wrong." The implication in such a statement is "you're a bad player if this happens to you". Total bullcrap, because it happens to everyone. Good at dodging fire? Awesome, let's watch you when four or five ships focus fire on you from three different directions that weren't there a few seconds ago (oh, and now you're detected, when you weren't that same few seconds ago). Show me your magical skill for keeping your broadsides from any red ships, while dodging that fire. All this started because I suggested armoring the CAs, and all I get is hate, as in, "Suck it up buttercup and get gud!". That is the hate I hear from you, that is the hate I hear on the pond, and frankly, that is the hate I hear in my own clan. Potatoes, not good enough to sail with me, even though I'm only one color better than you. Yes, skill hate, because you know something someone else doesn't, you should hate on them, tell them to "get gud!". Got it. For noobs out there reading this, this guy maybe be good according to stats, but his attitude towards those who are less of a man than he, simply sucks. Don't listen to him. A bad player is someone who rags on you for not being good enough to share the pond with them. And please, put a couple of mm of armor on those paper-thin ships, like others have said. Not much, just would like to make it take THREE hits to wipe out fifty thousand hit points instead of one or two. Citadels should not be nearly that easy to hit.
  5. MajorGeneralFU

    DDs buffed, now armor the cruisers!!!

    I didn't say it was often, I said it happened, and sure, sometimes it's a lot closer, like ten K. And again, I want YOU to show me how YOU don't EVER get one shotted in, say, the Des Moines or the Worcester. If you're that good, awesome, congrats, but your argument says 'be as good as me or go knit'. NOT the attitude you want to exhibit to other players. This game already has WAAAAY too much hate in it, especially skill hate.
  6. MajorGeneralFU

    DDs buffed, now armor the cruisers!!!

    Yeah, just to be on point...thanks for that advice on "don't show your broadside"....problem with that is, it can't happen. Red ships spawn at something past the bounce angles, and driving forward toward the cap only makes it a certainty that somewhere on that map is a red ship with a pretty good shot at your broadside. Anybody who says they can sail a CA and not show their broadside needs to show me the replay with the minimap in view. They may be a long way away, they may be behind an island, heck YOU might be behind an island, but toss up a spotter plane and you're done. I like how RedSeaBear's post starts out with the part about "we're gonna buff the cruisers in the middle section"....EXACTLY what I asked for....Thanks, Santa! And RedSeaBear!
  7. MajorGeneralFU

    DDs buffed, now armor the cruisers!!!

    screw you, too...thanks for making it personal
  8. MajorGeneralFU

    DDs buffed, now armor the cruisers!!!

    So, you don't want DDs one-shotted, but it's totally okay for every cruiser to be killed by even down-tiered BBs? I don't think that has anything to do with historical accuracy. It makes the game suck. I'm done with cruisers until you do something about it. Getting one-shotted from 20k away is a load of horse manure.
  9. MajorGeneralFU

    checkout basket for the premium shop

    Any chance we could get a checkout basket for the premium shop? Instead of charging me for one dollar over and over, I could just put everything I wanted to buy in the basket, then checkout with one charge instead of three or eight or whatever.
  10. MajorGeneralFU

    So how bad were real American warships?

    are you saying it's balanced now and that my suggestion would unbalance it, or are you agreeing that it's unbalanced, and not fun?
  11. MajorGeneralFU

    So how bad were real American warships?

    right, and my point was that you hear "historical accuracy" as a reason, dare I say excuse, for why something we don't like is the way it is, usually some disadvantage like weak guns, rate of fire, or armor....yet here we have a situation where they made it WORSE, and it makes the game suck...why take the TPS down to 7%? Ridiculous. Change it to make them more compatible, more competitive with each other...
  12. MajorGeneralFU

    So how bad were real American warships?

    As a matter of fact, I went and compared specs on all the cruisers. The HEAVY cruiser, Des Moines, only has 7% TPS, while most of the others either have 13% or 19%. The Russians? 28%! Armor? The French max out at 220, the DM and the Zao have 203, the rest have a paper thin 127 or 150! And the Russians? An amazing 300mm!!! How about hit points, you say? The highest is the French, at 53.3 followed by the Hindenburnat 51.9, and DM at 50.6. The rest are a measely 40K+, with the Zao at BARELY 40K, at 40.8. Once again, the Russians? 65.4 K hit points!!! Wow, do you think the Russians really built that ship like that? And that American cruisers really had paper thin armor? I think historical accuracy has taken a back seat to make sure the Russian ships kick everyone's [edited]. What utter [edited], folks. I worked my [edited]off, invested a ton of money, only to get the two tier ten ships that are so useless that they get blown up in three shots or less, not once, not twice, but three outings in a row. Three shots or less, once it was two hits. I don't give two [edited] about historical accuracy, I want the game to play where you don't have to be a Russian ship to win.
  13. MajorGeneralFU

    So how bad were real American warships?

    You know what, historical accuracy is good and all, but they ditch it all the time when it's convenient, and it needs to be convenient now, because the American cruisers have become eggshells. I just got whacked by TWO HITS in my Seattle, BY A ROON!!! Not a BB, a cruiser! There's no way that should happen. I know, I know, I should only be bow on, but I can't seem to find the controls that make my ship sail sideways or the consumable that keeps forcing all my enemies to be in front of me, so, until ya'll can show me how that's done, I'm going to continue to have to show my side SOME DAMN PLACE, and chances are, there'll be a red ship there. So, how about putting some damn armor on them? Maybe something made out of metal this time?
  14. MajorGeneralFU

    The Economics of "More Resources"

    I'm not telling you to complain or not. I think that resources ought to be in resources, signals and camos in signals and camo, credits in credits, and consumables in consumables. If you like having a mixed bag, ask for a mixed bag option. Me, I'd like it to give me Coke when I push the Coke button, not sometimes Coke and Dr. Pepper, sometimes Coke and Tea, when there are other buttons that give you Dr. Pepper and Tea. Why make them all mixed?
  15. MajorGeneralFU

    The Economics of "More Resources"

    Just hit my seventh container of "More Resources". Granted, the More Signals drop would be 150 or 300 coal, but, other than one bag being 400 instead of 300, and shorting me with only three flags instead of four, it looks just like the regular More Signals containers. I thought they were going to separate them so that More Resources gave you Resources, not a mixed bag. Also, I found out that if you leave your containers uncollected, the next day you don't get to select More Resources, it just gives you a mixed bag. Support keeps pawning me off saying that I should list my complaints in here instead of sending them to them. So, here it is. How about we do one small change, and make More Resources JUST RESOURCES??? Make Signals and Camos JUST SIGNALS AND CAMO. Same for Credits and Consumables. I know that seems like a no brainer, but, hey, it's not like that now, so who's missing the brain?