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  1. I agree. The idea of establishing a top 3 is to limit voting, so that it is not tedious and to simplify it. In general, I would dare to say in +90% of cases, the player who contributes most to the team is within the top 3 xp earners.
  2. First of all, I’m not an active user at this forums but I played WoWS for quite some time. Nonetheless, I will try to explain to you my point of view to the current situation and an idea to improve the game. Background During these years that I played, I realize that most of my friends and I (also quite a few streamers) is that after a losing streak, one ends up stopping playing the game at all (at least for that day) in order not to get burned out or frustrated by its poor performance in terms of victories and win ratio that affects one's account profile. This is in addition to the fact that WoWS does not reward players having an good/great performance, despite the fact that team ends up losing. Therefore, the gratification is minimal and generates a greater negative return for the player, that leads to leaving the game session. Considering the previous, I have a suggestion in order to improve the following: Incentivize a greater number of games played per session per player Encourage team playing. Reward the good player performance Proposal The idea is simple. At the end of any random battle, players from the other team (winning team) have the option to vote one of the top 3 xp players of the enemy (losing) team as MVP. The player voted gets a win battle instead of a loss. Also, the players who took the time to vote (literally 1 click) that didn't skip or exit battle, get a small amount of extra xp/free xp based on his performance. The main idea on this approach is to reward players who try to give their best and also, not necessary, farm damage because they still have to compete against other two top players on their losing team. Also, it brings feedback, participation and envolvement from the other team, and also an opotunity for punishing or rewarding top players and also sportsmanship (e.g. If the top losing players trash talked during the match, probably the enemy team won't vote his, because of his attitude). Even more, the idea of knowing that -if you do your best- you have a chance, even if your “matchmaking RNG” doesn’t favors your and you ended up in a "subpar" team, you can still get away with a victory. Of course this idea can be explored and perfected, but here is some sort of guideline. Thank you for your time on reading this Edit: would love to see written feedback instead of "Great" "Meh" "Cool" ;)
  3. Kmaprime

    Thirteenth Ranked Sprint

    In that case you just focus on dealing damage and finish first, then you won't lose a star and try again. This mode is awesome. Intense battles from minute one, decision making is the key and you can carry games. Grats WG