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  1. In case you didn't want to do the math.... at the usual 25 to 1 conversion rate 2,000,000 fxp = 80,000 Dubs. Right now 25,000 dubs (the max you can buy at one time) is about $100 That means 2mil is $320. Now what did PR cost? (...and remember it came with steel and other nice goodies) side note - I remember getting a bit of discount as you bought larger quantities of doubloons. Right now that doesn't appear to be the case. 1k dubs costs the same rate as 25k.
  2. YouSatInGum

    The Albemarle is a chore to play

    I would settle for consistent armor. it seems like when angled it tanks stuff pretty well... Until it doesn't. I also think it has one of the easiest to hit CA citadel's in its tier.
  3. YouSatInGum

    Thunderer, Georgia, Yoshino, or Marceau

    base reload changed from 3.5 to 4 and ballistics changed to make it harder to hit stuff.
  4. YouSatInGum

    Thunderer, Georgia, Yoshino, or Marceau

    Btw- Thunderer has been real inconsistent for me.....or I should say I have been hot and cold in it. I find it much squishier than GA, and a very popular target eaely game. Thunder's guns are better , but the secondaries and short cooldown heal really help it survive....which surviving is apparently underrated these days.
  5. YouSatInGum

    When they change the IFHE...

    Did he really say that? If so, that's almost as rich as when they said Narai had to be pulled while it is in the shop get fixed. Because, I guess changing the skill reset cost from 500 to 0 must really be tough on server loads ...
  6. YouSatInGum

    Thunderer, Georgia, Yoshino, or Marceau

    was going to be a monster. It has now ben pre-emptively nerfed. DPM is now almost 20% less and ballistics are nerfed too.... this is on top of HE alpha being nerfed a couple of weeks prior. Maybe it will still be strong, but it is not an automatic buy for me anymore.
  7. In addition to the usual early adopter skill boost thing, I think there are two other things going on when you compare the two lines. #1, the heal at low tier and later on superheal can to a lot to keep a boat in the game after a mistake that would send others to the port. #2 The heavies are more tolerant of mistakes compared to the CL line. Also, positioning isn't quite as important for doing damage compared to the AP boats. Basically, the skill floor is pretty high for the CLs. Some of my best and worst games are in Neptune.
  8. YouSatInGum

    The Curse of Long Range Cruisers

    If you think the IFHE mess is gonna help with fires, you are going to be greatly disappointed. Some captains may choose to live with reduced fire chance, but depending on the ship you may actually see more fires. As soon as these changes go live, my Smolensk will move to a non-IFHE build, that is basically a fire starting build. I played with it for about 10 battles a while and found my total damage output was nearly the same. I bet with a little more practice, i.e. getting a fire to stick then switching to AP, I can make it about the same. Other ships like Friesland, I moved away from IFHE long time ago, or Thunderer or HIV where it was never necessary. The HE meta is not going away anytime soon. BBs are my least played ship, so maybe my opinion isn't the best but early match I look for cover until things thin out a little bit.
  9. YouSatInGum

    Shells falling 1k short

    Had a battle last night in a Smolensk where quite a few salvos didn't quite go where they are supposed to. Maybe it was just me, but felt like I was having to make a lot more aim corrections than usual, then over corrections...probably because the first salvo was actually close....just didn't go where it was supposed to.
  10. YouSatInGum

    Save the Atlanta! (...and Flint too)

    We are not talking about DM getting a big nerf. In fact it is getting a buff. Two entirely different situations that do not compare. Atlanta is OP?? oh come on... the numbers do NOT support that assertion. Any ship can do well with a Unicum driver, that does not make a ship OP. When I play Atlanta or Flint I am uptiered a lot. Probably the 40% max the MM allows, maybe more. That means I will NOT pen everything or even almost.... it is likely half the ships will be off Atlanta's menu. And no, it's not the same for every T7 ship when uptiered. Myoko can pen stuff, NO can pen stuff, Sinop can do just fine and dev strike any T8 cruiser, Akatsuki's 10km torps can still deal damage quite well and none of these ships are getting a big time nerf.
  11. YouSatInGum

    Save the Atlanta! (...and Flint too)

    This is not baseline mechanics. This is cherry picking certain classes of ships in certain tiers to get a buff, while other particular tiers get a nerf. This is NOT a global change. If it was just fire chance being halved I would have much less of an issue with it. But that is most certainly not the case here. The ships most affected can be counted on your fingers.
  12. YouSatInGum

    Save the Atlanta! (...and Flint too)

    Guess you missed the memo. All T8/T9 CAs get 27mm as a part of the changes. Do you call second to last in avg damage strong? It is also in the bottom half in WR too. Is that what you call strong?
  13. YouSatInGum

    Save the Atlanta! (...and Flint too)

    You got it. Except now it's double nerfed. Fire chance nerfed and penetration is nerfed. ....or you can run without and only pen DDs, RN CLs, and superstructures and pray to RNGesus, but he may not answer too many prayers since you are only putting 7-8% at most into the collection plate. Well, it's a choice I guess...except both options smell like my dog's butt.
  14. YouSatInGum

    Shells falling 1k short

    Have noticed it the most when I was recently grinding Amagi. Seemed to happen when targets were kinda close 7 to 10 km (or maybe busted broadside cruiser shots are easiest to remember). Let me be honest here, while annoying, this issue can go to the back of the bus until the Operations and IFHE problems are given their due attention.