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  1. YouSatInGum

    Nomogram Crosshair is gone?

    I very much disagree. The Nomogram crosshair basically just works as intended versus the stock game one. The stock one is pretty much calibrated to only 1 range, versus Nomogram compensating for varying distances. The unfair part is a broken crosshair being a stock component in the game, and the fix (the mod pack) not being advertised more. Considering that IRL basic target information included course and speed, I think that target crosshairs should include target speed. That is still a long way away from an aim assist line or dot that tells you exactly where to click (which BTW is a cheat that I think is more prevalent than many would like to admit).
  2. While AFT is nice to have, the WG nerfed the ballistics so much that past 13km you will miss 3 of 4 shells to targets that maneuver... even BB's. At 12-15 seconds lead time , you would need to be strong with the force to know which way they turn before they do to do much better. Friesland is a Love / Meh sort of ship to me. It could have been awesome, and be collecting as much hate mail as the Smolensk, but WG over nerfed it om testing. It's detection is little too big, it's a little too slow (slower than IRL), and I already mentioned the ballistics. When things line up, it kicks [edited]... when the situation doesn't present itself, it's meh at best.
  3. YouSatInGum

    Kléber must be nerfed

    Theoretically maybe, but when you have to lead by 15 marks with the reticle it's hard to assume you will have the same accuracy... also if Kleber opens the range which it can and should do, it has a big ballistics advantage. At that point the Kleber should had an advantage with the Daring's possible save being its heal.
  4. It depends. If I have time, then I enjoy a harder coop, however I often play coop purely because it doesn't take that long. Would hate to lose that option. The coops I enjoy the most is when my team has 6 or even 7 bots players. Most of the time the green bots die early, and I end up playing 2 or 3 on 1 for most of the match. It is satisfying to win that type of match plus 700 or 800 base XP is nice too. If it was up to me, I would set a ratio of bot players to human at 1.5 or something like that. If green bots are needed to fill the team out then normal 1 to 1 ratio for that player.
  5. YouSatInGum

    What coal ships to buy?

    I'll give you the obvious answer.... All 3 are good, and which one you will like the most will depend a lot on the types of ships and play style you enjoy. That said, between Georgia and Thunderer, I'd probably pick Thunderer, but I also only have the former so grain of salt and all that. I think those extra two barrels sometimes can make a difference. The flexibility of a good HE option is also a plus over Georgia. Plus, with the HE spam meta forcing BB"s back a little bit, it is not too often that I get a chance to make good use of the GA's good secondaries. I have recently changed all my secondary builds to mostly survivor builds.
  6. YouSatInGum

    Yo WG how about making clan war's t9 and10

    I highly disagree with your assertions here. #1 - For me CB is hands down the most fun mode in the game. If it isn't for you, then maybe something is wrong (i.e. you don't like your clan very much) #2 - Almost competing is still falling short and the great majority of T9 ships are at least a small disadvantage. Off hand the only T9 two ships I would consider bringing (where a better T10 version doesn't exists) are MO and Benham. #3 - If someone isn't doing CB, I thing rarely is the reason due to lack of T10 ships to run. In fact, last season was T8's. There are rentals of course, however I think the usually hurdle has more to due with organizing a clan. The first clan I ever joined I liked, but I eventually left since they never could get their act together enough to field a CB team. Perhaps an answer to this would be a league below Squall that has more casual requirements, but that has issues too so I dunno.... However, even though I disagree with your arguments for reasons listed above, I wouldn't have a problem with T9 ships being there. I don't think they would be competitive but who knows. I also didn't think the French DD's would be all that, but Kleber is quickly becoming a must have ship in CB.
  7. YouSatInGum

    Basic Issue with Smole

    This is very true and even more so in CBs. Smolie is not a good solo ship, and in that role it is usually best to revert to kiting type play. Given enough distance, it is actually not a bad kiting ship, but ships like HIV are obviously more suited to that role. Given the support it needs and put into the proper position it does quite well at consistently chipping away HP, but in the absence of any big alpha hits, it needs time to do its thing. In CB one of its strengths is it can do damage to ships while other ships like DM, Hindy, or Moskva/Stally need to use islands and bow tanking, but this requires correct positioning to not fall victim to radar or smoke magnet torping.
  8. 1. Salem (if it wasn't a real ship, I doubt WG would have made 9 203's that reload in 5 sec.) Is also one of the very few T10 ships that really existed. 2. Kitakaze - pew pebw in a skinny dd package. 3. Atlanta- The king of narai - All your credit belong to us. 4. Fiji - Swiss army jack of all trades CL. Smoke makes it the best tech tree ship 5. Republique - Hits hard- reloads fast - 10km secondaries (trying to see if Krem can replace it as my goto BB but it hasn't clicked with me yet.) Dishonorable mention - Smolensk - Fun as hell to play, but you can feel the hate through the screen. No other ship spins the detection counter like this.... 10 seconds of detection often means 5 or 6 people are queing you up. -
  9. YouSatInGum

    Genova Review

    For T5 Omaha is great. Great fire starter. I had a 60+ win rate in her. You gotta use islands a lot and put it's maneuverability to use. It really is a great trainer for how the US CL line plays all the way to t10. A Wooster at T10 is every bit as vulnerable as a Omaha at T4-T7. About the only good things I can say about Genova is good speed, good torp angles, and good alpha damage in an ambush. It would maybe be a decent kiting boat, but the turrets are too slow, reload to slow, and it eats pens more readily than just about any other cruiser. Even less than accurate shots do damage. You know, I can sorta forgive some of these flaws at T5, however unlike the Soviet, RN, KM, and USN CL lines, it appears it doesn't get a lot better as you go up the tiers. Versus the other recent line releases (Soviet BB and French DD) the revenue from this must be suffering. The word is out, so loot box sales are likely way down.
  10. YouSatInGum

    Personal Ratings (PR)

    I typed out a long post that didnt post, but I dont really need to type it all out again since the above post says mostly the same thing. My main question is what is the PR supposed to measure? Player skill I presume, but what is that? The ability to damage or sink reds or the ability to win a match? As long as the measure is distilled to one number, it can't be both (even if the two tend to correlate). If it is win loss then shouldn't things like capping, spotting, potential damage. Also things like damage in a particular versus average damage for that particular ship lead to situations where a player could get a Confederate on top of ty he leaderboards and still have only have an average rating for that battle. I have had this very thing happen to me. Anyway, long story short, i believe it rates skill in a very general way that should only be view as such.
  11. YouSatInGum

    Are french BB ever gonna get a buff to armor?

    Correct me if I'm wrong but whether Smolie's HE pens or not doesn't really affect fire chance. Don't shatters cause fires too?
  12. YouSatInGum

    ST, changes to test ships

    So it's kinda like which pile of crap smells worse.... the easy to get crap, or the "premium" crap.
  13. YouSatInGum

    Italians worst grind since Izumo v1

    The revenue from this release must be missing the corporate targets because these ships suck. With the Soviet BB's there was a good reason to buy prem loot boxes (for those that spend money. The only reason I'm participating in the Genova grind at all is to get 14k of coal. At this point I have the Genova and Montiwhatever.... and don't not enjoy playing either... in random at least.
  14. YouSatInGum

    The Case Against Nerfing The Smolensk

    The idea here is take concealment so you can get closer.... but not too close. The tradeoff with this build is using 3 point skills means there is only 1 point left over for stuff that would be nice like SE, SSE, and BFT.