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  1. Maybe....or maybe not....because they are more likely to quit because it's not fun to be in a ship that's always dying to something you can do nothing about. Recently, I did a brand new account, spending zero money, to see how things were now. It's not that fun... remember that you have at best have a 6 point captain, stock hull, and little to no AA. And I have some idea of what I was doing, and still found it frustrating.
  2. If I say Smolensk will everybody hate me?
  3. YouSatInGum

    Hak and FDR banned from Clan

    As the saying goes, It's better than nothing..... which is what was done in past seasons.
  4. Haida is weird in that how strong it is totally depends on the battle type. If top or same tier, it's by far the strongest due to best concealment with good enough guns. As soon as T8/9 DDs are in the battle, there are DDs that can match or exceed that skill set. I imagine many players in the survey were giving answers with either Ranked or CB in mind. Maybe it would have been nice if there where 2 sets of answers to differentiate between the two, but Ducky already said the survey was on the long side... Depends on the cruiser....Top tier Atlanta and Fiji are pretty strong... I've done very will with Atlanta in ranked... and of course Belfast goes without saying...
  5. YouSatInGum

    Tone/Druid coming in 0.10.5

    Torn on this one.... so many steel ships I still want so glad I didn't have to add to the list... I did get the V2 and I'm happy I did.... very good DD.... I think of it as a Friesland with 4 good torps and much better concealment. Since it's RB, I'll have to wait until next X2 season drops, and then it will cost about 4 resets or 4 Gumo resets being about 2.7 mil FXP. Maybe a little pricey but still easier to acquire quickly than 25k steel. I think Druid will have a niche play style that you have to work within but it will probably be good too. RU DD ballistics with RN pen angles....so it will have the ability melt anything mid range that shows even a little bit of side.
  6. YouSatInGum

    Is the Flint worth the coal?

    Not exactly. 12.4 which is still pretty damn short....13.3 is probably already the smallest range in tier.... Farragut and Mahan are both capable of exceeding that with the same guns.... Flint is good for Narai but Atlanta is definitely better for that.
  7. YouSatInGum

    Is Friesland worth it?

    Fries is currently the best FXP ship
  8. YouSatInGum

    Ohio or Vampire II

    Are you a BB or DD player? Pick the one you will play the most.
  9. When I run it solo about half the time I get matched against a clan on voice comms....as long as the MM allows that to happen so often....I'm less than inclined to play the mode.
  10. YouSatInGum

    Tier 10 subs are brokenly OP

    Sounds like Tier 10 paper is OP.... release it, then nerf it 6 months later.
  11. YouSatInGum

    Tier 10 subs are brokenly OP

    But can they? I have heard it suggested that the Big World engine has issues with too many clients to keep all sync'd up.... We have all been complaining about de-sync as it is. It's already frustrating at times, when torps that visually miss you by half a ship length magically hit you before they pass you, ships that lunge forward when they die, or getting pen flags when the shells haven't yet made it to the target, etc. Why haven't we seen larger scale battles before, like for special events? Not even on the test server...
  12. YouSatInGum

    Tier 10 subs are brokenly OP

    Does his opinion really matter that much? He shows videos of the various mechanics.... you can literally turn off all the audio and never know what his opinion is, and still see major issues. As with CVs, WG has painted themselves into a corner again were by now they have spent so much RD, used up all their do overs, and have to release them soon despite the consequences. This addition is likely to run off more revenue than it will ever gain (I suspect the same happened with CVs), but nobody in house wants that analysis to happen , so all the accounting projections and sales reports with focus solely on direct sales from sub content.
  13. I agree with Vak.... While it can happen quite a bit that you kill a DD and secure a spot with a lot of smoke left (sometimes with nothing good in range to use the rest on), to me that just means I did my job faster than needed... most folks are too busy in binocular mode to notice a smoke screen moving around. While it would be nice to be able to kill the smoke....that's kinda like on demand smoke which would be a bit broken. I actually prefer Vamp2 to Daring for one reason only.... 5 km hydro... it opens up so many ambush opportunities. That said I don't think V2 is anymore OP than Daring....in fact to the highly skilled DD main, Daring is probably better. But to the not bad but not unicum guy like me, V2 is easier to play (as long as you pay attention to not get into a bad situation). I have Paolo too.... it was fun for about 20 games, but now I rarely take it out. The recent buff to the fearless skill helps, but it still struggles to do normal DD things.... so you a bit of a handicap to your team until you can do your thing. Sometime you get your job done fast enough that it's worth it....sometimes not. Between the two, I wouldn't even have to think about it.... V2 for sure.
  14. YouSatInGum

    Ok the Kearsarge really?

    It's hidden away with all the profits from ISE....
  15. If FDR is so weak, why do you see it being closen around 80% of the time in CB? Even though FDR planes are slow, they are still fast enough that if someone is going slow, large ships do not have enough time to get to a good evasive speed. FDR has the ability to do big strikes against ships that are usually very tanky against surface ships like Petro, Kremlin or ships thelat rely on concealment like Thunderer. Also, more than any other CV, FDR can give uninterrupted spotting since the planes can stay in the outer low DPS auras for a long time without losing a lot of planes. Against some ships this is a big counter. When I play Wooster, I dread seeing FDR since I know that even in great position, I will be plane spotted for most of the match where I normally would not be spotted at all. Or I mentioned, BBs that use concealment like Thundereror, or Bourgogne to get to a medium firing distance, you will likely take a lot more fire from long range for FDR spotting. This makes it harder to move up and thus contributes to the T10 campy meta.