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  1. YouSatInGum

    Which DD line to grind

    For Coop DDs.... Hard to beat the French line once you get to T8, you are the fastest with near cruiser guns and torps that hit hard and reload fast. Kita and Harugumo are quite good too. For COOP concealment concealment doesn't matter that much.... speed matters more.... Udaloi is a good COOP dd as well
  2. YouSatInGum

    Balancing for Power Creep: The USN 5" gun

    Thanks for the catch.... 127/38 is what I meant. I didn't want to go down the in real life road since that is a grab bag for this game.... What was trying to say is that the game balance of these guns and the ships that they are on was done quite a while ago and the game has changed. Apart from their real life characteristics, in game ballistics have also been what the devs want it to be based on formulas with some of variables not being displayed in game such Air drag, shell weight, and Krupp value being 3 major ones. No lines introduced in years now have needed ballistics to be as bad as the USN shells and the closest one, Marceau is still not as bad despite having the most HE DPM of all DDs. It's time for WG to revisit this.
  3. No other gun is as prevalent in the game at the US Navy 5" aka 127mm/42. It's on most of the USN BB, USN cruisers, and is the primary armament on USN Destroyers. As being such a ubiquitous artillery piece is was also one of the first guns ever put into the game. In those primary golden years the ships that the develops had to balance against consisted of Shimas, ZXX's, and Soviet gun boats. Gearing and Yueyang were the DPM gunboats until more dedicated types like Harugumo and Daring showed up. It's safe to assume that the ballistics and other factors like low fire chance were balance based decisions. With that in mind it is perfectly understandable that the USN 5" was given some the worst ballistics in the game even if it was an exaggeration of RL. Nothing much was in the game yet that could match a Gearing in a phone booth fight. That has now become a long time ago....at least in game years. Since then we have Marceau, Daring, Harugumo, Kleber, Friesland, Smaland, Druid, Ragnar, and more .... all ships that can easily beat a Fletcher or Gearing in a close in or ranged gun fight. However, I'm there are those saying that's OK because these are torpedo focused boats. But are they? I've seen it said more often than not that these ships are Jack of all Trades, but the gun part of that is suffering. The issue is also more than that. With this gun type being on so many other types like the main BB secondary guns this has become a game wide, across the board, power creep deficit. As you can see above no other DD gun has flight times close to as bad as the USN 5". It's also worth noting the air drag is the second worst after Marceau. WG realizes this is a balancing issue as recently released ships using the USN 5" have all had their air drag numbers massaged to get desired ballistic results. If WG thinks this is a good sol ution for more recent high profile ships like San Diego, Sherman (yes I know it has a longer barrel for higher MV, but air drag was changed), and Austin (same air drag treatment as Sherman) , then I think is also a good treatment for the power creep afflicting all ships with this gun. This is especially true at high tiers where WG's recent decisions have created a long range camp and snipe meta so ships are having to take fights at ever larger ranges. I believe that revisiting the balancing of mature ships is worth the time and effort on WG's part. While I understand the primary efforts being on ships like San Diego that bring in significant revenue in a short period of time, that doesn't mean that older tree and premium ships are not also capable of bringing in Revenue. I'll bet that Atlanta is still a decent seller all these years later. I'll bet that an Atlanta will .329 drag (same as Daring) would generate some sales right there as well giving a renewed focus on USN DD's. Besides, most of these ships, like Atlanta, Fletcher, and Gearing are all towards the bottom in most performance measures so a small air drag buff is unlikely to cause any balancing chaos. At the very least, older guns and ships are something that WG should publicly pledge to as long-term commitment to the game.
  4. It's been less than obvious how much availability of some the stacked bonuses will be reduced... aka nerfed. When I use dragon flags for something like clan battles, my most common stack is 8 dragon flags plus some "good" but not rare camo. Players will not be able to do that anymore. We will have to get significantly more T3 boosts from containers and snowflakes to compensate if the WG pledge "for things to stay the same as they are now" to be true. Even if that happens, the grind in increased.
  5. Same here. Queeniest of my port queens....
  6. This weekend brings up another example of how the new economics is not necessarily good for players. When it's a 200% bonus day Here's a comparison of Dragon Flags + Type 59 (Silver Ranked Camo works similarly) vs. the T4 boosts. It's not quite as much but it is with 6% to 10% while being so much easier to obtain. Get's withing 3% FXP with Gold ranked camo....
  7. I think it's obvious that Kleber and Schlieffen will be popular... Hindy might be a good pick... But what else might work well? Napoli maybe...Ohio should be good....
  8. I'm wondering how long I have to wait to be able to use a coupon?
  9. I'll say it. The Austin formula sucks. It's too much Jekyll and Hyde. It would be a far far far more fun ship with a Sandy like reload and toned down MBRB. For a ship to be a T8 Atlanta is has to have Radar. Right now the Cleveland is still the closer approximation.
  10. No. It's a light cruiser of a different character. In real life it would be called an AA cruiser but such a thing doesn't really in exist in WOWS for "reasons." A big brother Atlanta would have HE and radar. Maybe one day we'll see it....plenty of famous Atlanta class names left, but not holding my breath. The one thing WG got right is the buffed air drag number. More than any other change that made Sandy a more capable ship.
  11. YouSatInGum

    Any Good DD Black players, I need input.

    Reader's digest version ^^ Very good against other same tier DDs. I will say that a decent DD player in gun ships like Kita Friesland can play around Black's party trick. Black's biggest weakness as a gunboat are those horrid USN shell arcs and even if you have decent aim hitting a maneuvering DD at 7 to 8km ain't easy. My hit rate drops off a lot past that range where as in a Kita or Friesland I can keep up accuracy for another couple km plus they have more shells in the air. Also, if I want to gun down a BB or cruiser those former two can do it in a reasonable amount of time....To do it solo Black either needs lucky/yolo torps, blessed fire RNG, or a ton of time. So IMO is a less strong carry ship, but very strong in divs created around it.
  12. YouSatInGum

    Kansas and San Diego in store...

    Hate to be the one who points this out .... Since when has Kearsarge or any T9 for that matter ever cost 25590 doubloons? Last I looked, all T9's available for dubs are 19200. If the Kearsarge was never actually sold for this amount, then this sort of discount advertising is actually illegal in several of the countries that WG does business in.
  13. YouSatInGum

    FAQ about the Economic Rework

    BTW - most camos come out pretty well but there are a few that get shafted a bit. Mosiac only get T3 bonuses, so in essence it's getting the equivalent of 4 or so dragon flags for comp.... I'd rather use it now on a big game where I get T4 like bonuses.... Another one is the KOTS camo.... it's not too far off from a Spring Sky but it only gets T3 FXP bonus and not T4. I'll use up most those too. But there are some that translate very well so I"ll be hoarding them.... Bronze and silver ranked camo's for instance.
  14. YouSatInGum

    Opinions for a good DD killer.

    I love Druid but I dunno about "all" other DDs... Ragnar has an advantage in 1 v. 1..... It's mostly down player tactics, aim, and RNG but it's Ragnar's fight to lose. Regolo is a fearsome opponent for any DD. ....and a well driven Marceau fight could also go either way. For OP I'd recommend the Ragnar for anti-DD DD that's doesn't really play like either.... more like a lighter CL.
  15. YouSatInGum

    What to see in 2023?

    Aegis and Mountain range share a map so it's done. I haven't gotten stuck on invisible rocks on the other maps so probably not done. While I do look forward to Cherry Blossom and others.... I'm also scared about the multi tier announcement boogering up the scoring for the regular ops....especially since they plan to "balance' bots with arms race style combat bonuses....