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  1. YouSatInGum

    Friend quitting over torpedo hacks

    Your sarcasm is spot on much of the time, but that doesn't mean there aren't cheaters some of the time. Since I became aware of the Aim assist I'd say on a 8 to 10 game day I'll average 1 opponent of using aim assist. Of course the player might just be a really good shot. But let's make a few assumption here: Say I'm right half the time, say I play 8 games, and say in a game I tangle with 4 opponents long enough to figure out if they have an unnatural shooting ability (This being landing 75%+ shots on a maneuvering DD at 6-8+km). If I'm right half the time, then that mean about 1.5% are using some sort of aim assist. (1 in 32 times .5 = 1 in 64 or about 1.5%). Of course the number could be higher since I don't know about the other 8 players that I didn't spar with long enough to suspect. Is 1.5% too much? ... a bit philosophical so I dunno, but I will say one other attribute that makes me suspicious. When I see a player that I suspect, it is usually an account with less than 500 fights, but the ships used, the stats accumulated, and the game play make it almost certain that it is not a novice player. Given that, the account is probably not their main account. Why would you not play your main account? Well, a couple of legit reasons could be you don't want to pay for the extra slots needed for stepping down a few tiers for seal clubbing, or a new account was created to get at some of those coupons that come the way fresh accounts. However, it is also quite plausible that the account was created to lower the consequences of using a cheat. If you get busted, no big deal... you still have your main account with your T9-10 ships and captains, and you can just make another cheater account if your really into it. One more thought on aim assist cheats, it wasn't too difficult to find the cheats and there are several out there. If there wasn't a decent sized user base, I doubt it would be so easy to run across multiple producers of said cheats. One last thought on the torpedo hack, I wouldn't dismiss out of hand that it isn't really possible. There are some clever coders out there...thinking out loud here but for instance when the torp is launched is there not a short animation of the torpedo launch... who is to say this graphic is only rendered at close range? What if it is rendered at medium or long range as well... if it is then that could be used at a trigger for a torp launch alert.
  2. YouSatInGum

    Why is Dallas such a turd...

    I thought I would like Dallas since I thoroughly enjoy Omaha. Only complaint against Omaha is the physics defying 75+ degree angles than can citadel it. The loss of torpedos isn't a big deal considering they are rarely used on Oma. The two things to do grate on me is how the same freaking gun as Oma can have such different (and worse) ballistics. While they do seem to deal more damage, they are also less effective at that 10+km range that both need to stay at to live more than 5 min. All that said, I'm sure I can adjust my timing and recalibrate my leading. With that said, the second thing, which bothers me more a lot more, is the rudder shift that is more at home on a BB... In fact, the S.C. and Wyoming have better times. It has the worse time of all T6 cruisers (except for Budy which is nearly as bad) and that is including the CA Pensacola. For a "light" cruiser that needs to keep moving that is a bad joke. I've done the rudder module which helps but still irritates me since the acceleration mod would have better complimented island parking you guys mention.
  3. YouSatInGum

    Why is Dallas such a turd...

    I was expecting an Omaha with a touch more armor and more ability to get closer and dirtier. Well, maybe it's a little better than Oma's eggshell armor, but it exchange the rudder is stuck in molasses, it's slower, accelerates like a bus, loses torpedos or that rare pop up fight, and even though it has the same guns the shells must have little parachutes. I have to lead almost 50% more compared to Oma's shells... no exaggeration. Thinking of biting the bullet and spending some FXP to get Helena right away... but afraid the Helena has the same flaws. But in any case I feel really let down by Dallas especially considering the most other T6 Cruisers are better than their T5 predecessors. By the way... how does one get an Atlanta? Seems like a fun ships.
  4. I just dunno about this.... I really hope they tweak the hell out of this before going live. At T4 and T6 after getting hang of it, it is too easy to torp...and I hope the unlimited planes is just for this beta test... Then tried Midway and it is suicide to do anything since the AA knocks down all 9 of your planes unless you drop waaaay early with your 35kt torps. One thing I can tell right away is this sort of thing while fun at first, will get rather monotonous pretty quickly. BTW- at T6 you drop 2 torps... at T10 at least 2... maybe more...l never got more than 2 planes to survive long enough to drop.
  5. I agree with some of your points. For right now it's new, yet I'm not sure how it's going to wear with me... you do lose some the strategy in exchange for a more arcade like experience. I think it does have potential, but some interface and control tweaks are needed.
  6. YouSatInGum

    The lack of torpedo autobounce is ridiculous

    Unfortunately for US Navy service men... they weren't. Info about the US torpedo soap opera can be introduced here... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mark_14_torpedo#Problems Partially due to the Depression of the 30's, US torpedo development and testing was done on the cheap with criminally absent amount of testing done on the final products. The result being the US Navy was woefully short of torpedos at the start of the war and the Bureau of Ordinance had little production in place the rectify the supply issues. Due to the supply problem and probably as face/career saving efforts too, the BuOrd kicked and screamed that the torpedos were just fine as they were and more testing was not needed wasting some of their precious few torpedos. Many captains were still under orders to continue using the magnetic triggers as late as the end of 1943 when the war basically half over. And the problems didn't end there. Proven by later torpedo net tests, the most of the torpedos ran significantly deeper than its setting. But for argument sake lets say a super captain is at the helm. He removes his magnetic exploders against orders, he sets his torpedos to run a little shallow and slower to compensate for the torpedo's issues. He gets an awesome torpedo track and broadsides the target ship at 90 degrees... and then he gets .... drum roll ...... nothing....nada... zip. Maybe there was a thunk sound, but probably only the target heard that. The reason for some of the dead nuts on target duds was the trigger and plunger mechanism travelled in a perpendicular direction and sudden "side" shock would make the mechanism "stick" from the shock of the impact.
  7. YouSatInGum

    MM still not fixed

    Maybe true but it doesn't feel very nice to the the one beat up on... and considering many of those are some of your future players it ain't too smart risk losing them. Amen. Bought a T8 Alabama and was really looking forward to it. Least satisfying purchase to date and now that I know the deal, I will never buy another T8 ship...ever. I am being uptiered 4 out of 5 matches. Last match 5 out 24 were 7 or 8...19 of 24 were T9. I'm about at T6-T7 on my grind but I am just banking my FXP to bypass 8...have enough for 2 ship lines right now.
  8. YouSatInGum

    CV Rework Refunds and Snowflakes

    That's not right. Maybe I'm understanding wrong, but in the case of Bogue, if I'm building convertible points grinding towards Independence at 38k xp, then it will get fipped back the T1? That sorta screws me since I now need to spend doubloons to make the XP work towards whatever carrier is at T6. They apply the convertible points to Langley at T4 so I don't lose progress in the CV line grind. BTW- I"ve researched all other U.S. ship lines so spending doubloon would be my only choice.
  9. YouSatInGum

    Is "average" PR and WTR really average?

    There may be a positive correlation between the PR score and skill (using W/L as the base measure of "skill"), but I suspect it's not a particularly good predictor...or even a bad one. These are multiple reasons why that model due to overweight and underweight of certain stats like damage, sinkings, players deaths, etc. In fact, for a number of my best (and worst) ships there is a negative correlation using the PR number.
  10. YouSatInGum

    Almost every game is a blowout now?

    Sorry guys about necroposting, but what was said here stuck in my mind. Just got done with a couple of blowouts that ended up 8 to 0 when over. I went to go check out the stats on players from both sides and sure enough I see the same exact pattern that Xlap mentions above. I'm now up to 51%, another mid rank player, 2 mid 50's, and the rest mid 40's, a couple with 20 fights or less experience, one with 0 experience, and even a 30%'er. Other side has a few mid 40 players too but all had at least a 100 fights and about half had decent to good stats. Both games I got 1 of the 4 kills but died when I'm staring down 2 or 3 vs. 1 odds. Once 1 or 2 ships die foolishly the team can overcome that, but once you hit a 3 or more down it gets mighty hard to come back. I don't think it's rocket science. I could run some regressions to figure out which variables are strong predictors of outcome, but I don't think it needs to be that complicated. One example might be do some weighted score of games played times win loss rate and make sure both teams score within a few percent of each other. ... or another way might be to assign a score to each player and progressively pick higher to lower until all slots are taken...kinda like grade school playground teams. Anyway... I really hope they do something because when you go a 4 loss in a row streak because your team folded inside of 5 minutes... it gets real old. I'm starting to prefer ranked games by far.
  11. Agreed. Not only that I guessing the formula gives heavy weight to "frags" but the way WG keeps the stats doesn't support this. If you do 95% of the damage but your teammate gets the final shot in then he is credited with the kill. Flamethrower boats and those that hunt in a group are likely to not get full credit here. Also, what about the difference in damage between DD and BB? Looks like it all gets lumped together as though as 30k damage from a BB is 4 times better than 7.5k from a DD. My best PR boat also happens to be one of my worst win loss boats too. In Omaha I win 61% but have a 630 rating.
  12. YouSatInGum

    IJN everything super Squishy

    Let's get this part straight. You can't rationalize issues in game play by saying that's historically accurate and the game designers are just following the source material. That doesn't work. If that were true then you need to be consistent and give all Kriegsmarine ships that smoke for 20 minutes since it was part of their common tactics. Even if they didn't have smoke generators almost all ships could generate a temporary smoke by over fueling the boilers. Ever seen a diesel truck that belches black smoke? Same thing. The IJN proved over many battles that they had superior spotting through equipment and training... I don't see that here. In fact, many battles of WW2 took place at night. Don't see that here either. There are countless other examples that I'm sure true naval buffs could point out. ...and don't start on the CV's....we'll be here all day... There are many many attributes of this game that do not follow real life in the interest of making the game fun and fair for all players. I applaud that decision. Games are more fun when you have a decent shot at doing well. Well, war ain't like that...it ain't fair or fun (most of the time...to sane people). So please for the love of god, don't ever say a ship doesn't do this or does that too well because that's how it really was, because no it really wasn't...and even if your sorta right on that one thing, your probably wrong on most everything else.
  13. YouSatInGum

    PSA: Premium Consumable Discount Over

    I personally think it helps the gameplay. Players are likely to be a bit more carefree to charge if that damage control, smoke canister, or repair party are back on line sooner. The majority of the ships tend play better to stay at distance and take lower percentage shots, but that can get a bit monotonous. Battles where you get short of time to get keep eye on the map and navigation changes while firing is more interesting...at least to me.
  14. YouSatInGum

    Almost every game is a blowout now?

    +10^10 I'm a newish player so I don't feel so bad about having a 48% win rate, part of this game is learning it's tricks and nuances. That said I'd like to think I'm not a horrible player, and I try to do things that make the team win and play my role. However, when I get on teams that lose 7 in a row, that gets pretty frustrating. That happened two nights ago, and while I didn't make a conscience decision to do so, I ended up take a day off from my usual 4 game average. By the way, if you assume there is a 48% chance of me winning there is a 1% chance of that happening... It could happen but it isn't too likely. One thing worth mentioning nature of this game leads one team usually annihilating the other, but if the goal is to make most matches seem fair then there needs to be some elements of the game play that helps the losing side. If there is any game play aids to the losing side, I haven't noticed it yet. One more thing not mentioned yet, is the random map can often give one side an advantage in the beginning. I have noticed that some Domination maps that have islands just inside the capture objective giving the DD's a pocket to hide in. If one side can quickly capture without of fight, they then have the freedom concentrate on the kill and roam further from the objective to achieve that. Anyway, my long winded point is that if they are going to monkey with the matchmaker, it might be wise to notice if a player is on a very unlucky losing steak maybe the game should do something to help that player out.