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  1. HashtagYoloSwagChamp

    possible solution for GC situation

    For reference I have spent a lot of money on this game, I own the GC and most of the broken premiums(Not Kut). Balance is more important to me than some naive notion that WG owes me anything. P2W is bad for games and should be avoided at all costs. WG should've nerfed the GC as soon as they had enough data to conclude it is OP. They didn't but that doesn't change the fact that, for the actual in-game product, the GC should be nerfed. People keep talking about "bait & switch" and I am not sure they know what it means. Actual bait and switch is: Lets assume that everyone is using a more colloquial definition. something akin to: WG didn't do this one either. With premium ships cost being set by tier/class, WG has given you even more "value" than you paid for if they move it to T6. Also, and most importantly, there is no evidence that any of this was WG's intention before putting the GC on sale originally. I am fine with debating whether or not premiums ships should be balanced, which ones should be balanced if we do, and how to balance the ones decided on but please stop citing bait and switch and pretending that WG pulled some deliberate multi-year con on you in particular. While we are here, can everyone stop assuming and saying that some assumed majority of people who buy stuff in this game are on their side of the argument. Everyone who plays WoWs has access to a computer and can make their own statement on the forums. Stick to making claims about your own future spending only.
  2. HashtagYoloSwagChamp

    Premium Ship Balance [Poll]

    I assume they are going one at a time to try an minimize the hysteria that would come with every OP premium owner losing their minds at once. Some people might be holding out hope that their specific OP boat of choice might avoid the hammer and so they don't rage about the GC nerf. As for the 2.0 version of the OP ships, this doesn't fix the issue that GC's, Nikoli's etc version 1's will be able to roll newer players. Seal clubbing will always exist but WG should try to prevent giving vets OP murder boats to do it in.
  3. HashtagYoloSwagChamp

    Premium Ship Balance [Poll]

    I think everyone, WG included, want all new premiums to be balanced when released. The issue is that we have premiums that already exist in an OP state. I am fine with WG nerfing/buffing any premium as long, and this is the important part, as long as they make a concerted effort to not release anymore premiums in an OP state. If they start releasing new premiums OP and then wait 3 months for sales to die down before nerfing them, that is an issue.
  4. HashtagYoloSwagChamp

    Premium Ship Balance [Poll]

    Yeah I agree. I am curious to see what motivates the dissenters though. from the responses it seems like they all come from different core reasons and I am hoping this poll with make where the majority are coming from clearer.
  5. HashtagYoloSwagChamp

    Premium Ship Balance [Poll]

    Just trying to get a handle on what exactly about premium nerfing is causing the most consternation. If you also wanna add which premium is the most OP in your eyes, that would be cool.
  6. HashtagYoloSwagChamp

    To all carrier players.

    It's almost like their promise to be as quick and efficient with the tweaking after launch is true. I know many were skeptical and the arguments about making the change at all are still valid but I think we can put to bed any arguments over whether or not they are trying to balance this out.
  7. HashtagYoloSwagChamp


    While I appreciate that you miss the old style CV's, they aren't coming back. WG has a vision(However right or wrong it may be) and they will progress forward. The only thing you can do at this point is quit or try to give as much feedback as possible to make the best of it. I, for one, have chosen the latter.
  8. The WG playerbase has to be one of the only playerbases that actively fights FOR p2w to exist in its games. It's legit baffling.
  9. HashtagYoloSwagChamp

    The dangerous road of bait and switch.

    Like I said, the debate of how or if WG should balance the ships is a debate worth having. I feel like the people trying to downplay the GC's strength by comparing it to the Kongo are wrong and also derailing the actual issue, which you and I seem to agree on, is whether or not Premiums should be nerfed and whether or not WG sold the crates on the basis of OP premiums knowing they would nerf them shortly afterwards.
  10. HashtagYoloSwagChamp

    The dangerous road of bait and switch.

    So you think everyone should take your anecdotal evidence over the stats? GC outperforms every t5 BB in WR%, Average Damage, Average Kills, Average XP and K/D Ratio by a significant margin. The Kongo, your comp of choice, has pathetic stats in comparison. The GC has better WR%(5.55), Average Damage(18k), Average Kills(.42), Average XP(313), K/D Ratio(1) and Average Planes Kills(1). Those differences are gigantic. We can all debate how(Or if) WG should fix that discrepancy but to imply it doesn't exist because you don't feel it is asinine.
  11. HashtagYoloSwagChamp

    The dangerous road of bait and switch.

    Both ships can be, are, overpowered for their respective tiers. It's possible they chose the GC first because it hampers the newer player experience and there are a lot more of them. Also they might be hesitant to ruffle the feathers of their competitive player base who is already on edge about what the CV rework will mean for KotS.
  12. HashtagYoloSwagChamp

    The dangerous road of bait and switch.

    Bait and Switch implies forethought and intent. I don't know that we have that here(We might, we just don't know). I think this change will be good for one very important reason, it sets a baseline. If WG refuses to nerf OP premiums, then the game is clearly P2W(A cardinal sin in online gaming). If they agree to nerf OP Premiums AND continue to release blatantly OP premiums than the B&S accusation has merit. If they agree to nerf OP Premiums and start releasing UP or Balanced premiums then we have the best game possible. This whole exercise will give everyone the clearest indication of what kind of company they are giving money to. This is a blessing, within 3 new premiums we will know, actually KNOW, how WG operates in regard to our money. Seems like a great opportunity for us.
  13. HashtagYoloSwagChamp

    Buy Boise/Nueve De Julio Get The Other Free

    The mission was listed in the items on the purchase page when it was offered. When they put the Boise and NdJ back in the shop they didn't have the mission listed. I'm sorry you didn't get it when they offered it but a little more attention to detail could have saved you the heartbreak.
  14. HashtagYoloSwagChamp

    The dangerous road of bait and switch.

    Everyone who paid for the GC already got the winrate bump from it being OP. WG has every right to, and frankly should, balance every ship to the best of their ability. At the very minimum you should have to give up all of your GC wins, the credits, the karma, XP, CXP, and FXP that came with those wins. Then maybe you could justify a refund. OP ships provide value every game you run them before the nerf. To pretend that now it is worthless is disingenuous.
  15. I wish they would revert the "Fix" to gun bloom when there is no LoS, I found that getting me spotted almost as much as the 9million Radar Cruisers and 45 million mph attack planes.