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  1. HashtagYoloSwagChamp

    Just gonna take a break until this CV nonsense is resolved

    For a CV to farm a good DD player will take a large chunk of the match. Yes they will kill the DD eventually but at what cost? Either they get bored/frustrated and move on or they waste a ton of time to finally kill you and your team wins. Either way you can still play DD's just fine.
  2. HashtagYoloSwagChamp

    Just gonna take a break until this CV nonsense is resolved

    It's not a eureka moment but gradual improvement in you understanding of what the CV is trying to do to you and what you can do to mitigate it. The same way BB captains get better from running games in DD's and so on and so forth. Double CVs are pretty rough to deal with. I personally hate when I see them. Single CVs are fine as is. The guys(And Gals) who act like DD's are unplayable are either bad at DDs or pushing a narrative against something they don't like. The only compelling argument I have seen against CV's in the great debates has been "I just don't like them or playing against them." That I can understand, even if I enjoy my DD play now more than pre-8.0
  3. HashtagYoloSwagChamp

    Unique captain builds

    Does Gun-Boat Shima still count as weird?
  4. HashtagYoloSwagChamp

    Which line should I choose?

    All 5 of those lines have a ship or two that will drive you crazy. KM Cruisers would be my recommendation. They do a little bit of everything.
  5. HashtagYoloSwagChamp


    First person is in reference to the camera angle not whether or not you can play alone. Also, every ship in the game is still viable. All 37 of yours are useful if you play them accordingly. BB's adjust when DD's are in games, DD's adjust to radar or hydro etc. CV is just another class. They aren't OP, just annoying.
  6. HashtagYoloSwagChamp

    Paradox - What to do when you want to complement a CV?

    Maybe a little more attitude came out than intended. My apologies if it did. I guess my primary issue is, I don't think a large mechanic overhaul is needed at all. Tweak some AA values here, some damage values there, maybe allow CV Capts to control their ship, add the 45 second first launch buffer and call it good.
  7. HashtagYoloSwagChamp

    Paradox - What to do when you want to complement a CV?

    Every ship in the game has some method to delete an enemy ship near instantly. Whether it be torpedoes, AP Cits, or just huge BB HE volleys on DD's. The exception to that rule is non-midway CV's(Even that is strictly vs DD's). CV's get to attack without "risk" because once detected they die. DD in the back line, plane spotted within range of BB's or Cruisers... Whatever it is, you're dead. CV's can not save themselves from enemy ships once they have engaged unless the enemy ship is already low HP. That is the balance point. Why is this so difficult?
  8. HashtagYoloSwagChamp

    Paradox - What to do when you want to complement a CV?

    Don't try logic with this crowd. They are throwing a tantrum because a ship class already in the game got reworked. CV's are less impactful than they were pre-rework but they still cry.
  9. HashtagYoloSwagChamp

    What are your professions?

    Supervisor - Field Operations for Alaska's largest communications company.
  10. HashtagYoloSwagChamp

    The 8.2 CV Patch Note I Don't See People Talking About

    This is not always true. Certain BB's at certain tiers are functionally useless when up tiered. DD's have it alright and Cruisers are a mixed bag. CV's have a rough time when up tiered but again, certain BB's would be just as effective AFK when up tiered.
  11. HashtagYoloSwagChamp

    Match Making is Horse crap

    I get your point but all of that happens already. The only difference if there was a WG version would be better stats for those that use them to improve or see which ships are strong in the current meta. The people who would abuse the system already do. Also, completely hiding stats instead of "pausing" their collection allows those who don't want their stats shown to actually hide them and not be judged off of year old stats.
  12. HashtagYoloSwagChamp

    Match Making is Horse crap

    Well they would still have the option to hide stats, if it was a WG run site they could actually hide them too, instead of just not reporting new stats.
  13. HashtagYoloSwagChamp

    When your div almost didn't carry hard enough...

    Ouch, that's a real kick in the teeth. None of my 10 kill divs even came close to losing thankfully.
  14. HashtagYoloSwagChamp

    Can we fix this problem of bot BBs on estuary?

    Go middle in BB's, works wonders.