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  1. DracoTB

    Guepard OP!?

    The Fubuki detonated which can happen to all shells. Not OP - just RNG on your side.
  2. I've sunk cruisers and DDs with my BBs - usually at extreme range. At mid to close range just the opposite happens with my BBs being sunk by cruisers and DD because I can't touch them. Why is it that my Yamato's 155mm guns (which are identical to those on the Mogami with a range of 15.7km) only have a range of 7km? Seems to me its to allow cruisers and DDs to get in close where the BBs main guns can't turn fast enough to target them while also allowing them to stay out of range of the secondaries that would tear them apart. Why does HE even damage a BB when it should just bounce off? (this is true of pretty much all warships BTW - HE really is that bad). Why does HE start fires when it doesn't even penetrate? Why do fires cause so much more damage to BBs than to DDs and cruisers? Game mechanics are tilted in favour of DDs and cruisers and it's damaging game play overall. Over-pens mostly do no damage. Neither do ricochets (which I actually get more of from cruisers and DDs).
  3. DracoTB

    Smolensk and Colbert

    Tried that - dodged nearly every time and can only shoot 2x a minute with hits being mostly over-pen and ricochets the cruiser wins.
  4. IME its true. It's why I've pretty much stopped playing BBs. They're just not fun any more as they can't defend themselves against cruisers or DDs.
  5. Sounds about right. Game mechanics make it almost impossible for a BB to damage a cruiser. Meanwhile, a cruiser can easily destroy a BB using ammunition that shouldn't even scratch a BB's paintwork. It is not fun gameplay.
  6. Still glad I sold off my CV.
  7. DracoTB

    Sound quality: Ultra. Problem!

    In the Game Centre:
  8. Was in a battle and was being attacked by two cruisers. When the attack began they were in open water but behind a rock and I couldn't see them. This bit is fine but as I moved on I moved into a position where I should have been able to see and target them. Unfortunately, I couldn't. I assume because the code recognised the low level rock that I could see over as being in the way. This is bug that needs to be fixed and it's not only here that I've seen this. Won't let me upload the Replays file :( The map is tierra del fuego
  9. DracoTB

    Draws and Scoring

    I really do wish that they'd stop with the 'win rate' [edited]. If they really want to keep it then do it over the last 100 battles.
  10. DracoTB

    QoL changes I'd like to see

    Improved carousel is a must. The mod that I have just adds another level of filtering. So I leave the standard filter on Win Bonus and then the mod allows me to add either Nation or Tier filtering after that. Makes it a lot easier to navigate through all my ships and I've only got thirty. I've got a mod that allows me to change the consumables without having to go into the irritating Modules tab. Same mod allows me to see the camo mounted and the signals but doesn't allow me to change them which would be a huge plus. Having the health of the ships shown across the top of the page would be good as well.
  11. DracoTB

    I'm not saying it's impossible...

    Went out in my Ryujo the other day into a T8 battle. Did just over 8k damage and I'm actually amazed that I got those two torps off against the Tirpitz. The reds were well clustered and I couldn't even spot effectively before losing all my planes. Finished that game and sold my CV.
  12. A team sticking together... and winning against the team that was spread apart.
  13. DracoTB

    filter for camo

    There's also a full out camo manager in the pack. BTW, Aslain's installer isn't a mod pack itself but an automated installer for many mods. The installer doesn't seem to work with a Steam installation. Download here.
  14. And in digital world where scarcity doesn't exist it has to be created artificially.