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  1. MatthewT89

    Just gonna leave this here

    This is why i hate Ranked.
  2. I know players are up in arms about the PR event, but that's a whole new low. Sorry you're having to endure this, but it will get better. #BeStrong.
  3. I'm actually more excited for the T2 variant than the T8. I remember that ship from the old 1:42 Scale series.
  4. MatthewT89

    Best premium ships for new players

    Charleston. It's low tiered so you'll be put up against players at your skill level, It's very strong in it's tier, and it's absolutely free (no IRL money).
  5. MatthewT89

    Goodbye WoWS

    Y'know, I seem to recall players saying the same thing with CV rework. How its integration would kill the game and everyone would leave it. Except the rework didn't kill the game, and people are still playing it, nor has the player-base grown nor shrunk. Sorry, but this "farewell" is nothing new, and has lost weight a long time ago.
  6. MatthewT89

    8.7 PTS Critique (PLSE NO SALT)!!!

    Will do, and thanks!
  7. The following is based on my experiences with the public test. Pros: The new AA mechanic is great. It's super easy to use and it actually works if used properly. When playing CV, I noticed more planes returning from an attack, so that buff was successful. Cons: While the immunity height change was good, the buff to CV's Aim stabilization, and the re-balance of AA strength (strong AA boats weaker, while weak AA boats stronger) was not even noticeable. I can't seem to get a bead on a maneuvering DD. Even though I tried to predict where it would be in the next 5 seconds, I can't maneuver or get my aim down quick enough for it to matter (and don't get me started on Midway's torpedo bombers). Research Bureau: I was exhausted grinding the lines even with the overly generous PTS grind (4000 XP for a T10). The live version is going to be a nightmare. Undecided: Haven't reground enough lines to get enough research points to play Italian cruisers. so I can't say if I like them or not. Maybe next time in PTS Round 2. Thoughts and Ideas: Have another look at the numbers for AA boats of all tiers for a more noticeable difference. Maybe now that this new AA mechanic works maybe consider removing the DFAA consumable. As for the Research Bureau: I won't say it can never work or that it will never be a good idea, but I really hope if you actually go through with this idea it doesn't involve regrinding whole lines. Maybe something less taxing. or more importantly something a new player can dive into from the start without having a T10. Just my thoughts and two cents. I may edit some of this later. I hope this critique is both productive and respectful.
  8. MatthewT89

    The best dd in every tier.

    T2. Agree w/ V-25 T3. Vampire T4: Clemson, Isokaze is a close 2nd T5: Okhotnik T6: Agree w/ T-61 T7: Haida and Gadjah Mada T8: Kidd w/ Lightning a close 2nd and Z-23 not far behind T9: Agree w/ Jutland, but Fletcher is fairly close T10: Agree w/ Daring/Groz , but Haragumo is also pretty beasty.
  9. MatthewT89

    USN Battleship Alternate Tech Tree Branch?

    It appears OHIO is going to be a reward for the upcoming NTC feature.
  10. MatthewT89

    USN Battleship Alternate Tech Tree Branch?

    NY is a good ship, especially after her repair and rudder shift got buffed. The problem is T5 MM is horrendous!
  11. MatthewT89

    USN Battleship Alternate Tech Tree Branch?

    That makes sense. But if we have two ships acting as secondary brawlers (Sodak and Mass), and two mid-long range BBs (NC and Alabama), what would Washington's tier and unique gimmick be? I understand where you are going with the namesake of a class being the tech tree line, but personally I've wanted Washington in game for some time, being one of my favorite WW2 warships.
  12. MatthewT89

    USN Battleship Alternate Tech Tree Branch?

    We already have to South Dakota Class ships and only one North Carolina class. Plus Washington has a really cool history; visited by King George, and one of the few BB's to engage another in combat and come on top (with Sodac's help).
  13. MatthewT89

    USN Battleship Alternate Tech Tree Branch?

    Wasn't it rumored they were looking into the Italian cruiser line after the French DD's? Also, you can NEVER have too much Murica!!!
  14. MatthewT89

    USN Battleship Alternate Tech Tree Branch?

    Oh shoot! I thought I recalled her having the 15in setup, but just looked up she has the 10 14in guns. Will edit.