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  1. chelle516

    service rating

    My service rating hasn't changed, I have played 1013 total battles,650 tier one 57 tier twos, 93 tier threes, 35 tier fours, 13 tier fives and 165 tier eights on the ru server and my battles have not changed on my profile whats wrong. Chelle
  2. chelle516

    Match ques

    The last couple of nights it seems like on the RU server you get qued in more domination battles than standard battles is there a reason for that? Chelle
  3. chelle516

    Signal Flags

    Can I run any signal flag I have ? Chelle
  4. chelle516

    Tier classifcations

    If you are in a tier 8 ship and you have higher tier ship such as a tier 10 that would be a tier 10 battle correct.. Chelle
  5. chelle516

    Massachusetts Ultimate Bundel

    Thanks everyone. I found the same bundle one ru server now I have it. Little hard to read russian but its ok...... LOL Chelle
  6. chelle516

    Massachusetts Ultimate Bundel

    Warpath_33 https://worldofwarships.com Chelle
  7. chelle516

    Massachusetts Ultimate Bundel

    I just purchesed this bundel will it come to on my account on the RU server or will it go to the NA sever? Chelle
  8. I have been playing on it since I started . I would like some tips. Chelle