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  1. Cherbourg I get. But Bayard, I think I've only seen 3 so far.
  2. Reread the devblog. It says 3 4 gun turrets.
  3. KatyHawg68


    Since the last update I have had a lot of lag spikes. Are there any changes in settings I can make to improve this?
  4. KatyHawg68

    Time Until We See "Special" Superships

    Thanks. Good ships.
  5. KatyHawg68

    Time Until We See "Special" Superships

    Which 3? Just curious 🤔.
  6. KatyHawg68

    Picking a new ship, wanted to see what yall prefer

    The Mainz is another tier 8 cruiser that is really good.
  7. KatyHawg68

    Weird matchmaking

    Better than being the only bottom tier ship.
  8. KatyHawg68

    Coal commander or Napoli?

    What are the opinions between either F. Sherman. And Leutjens?
  9. KatyHawg68

    Who have you seen in game

    I saw ZOUP last night. He was in Pommern, I was in Buffalo. We lost badly.
  10. KatyHawg68

    Population Severely Declining?

    Friant time.
  11. 75 was when Saigon fell to the NVA
  12. Amen brother keep preaching. Many of these cv players come across as being very hipocritical. Let me damage you as much as i want. But dont dare touch me.
  13. KatyHawg68

    Suggestion for CV play

    USN AA was so effective that the Japanese had to resort to suicide attacks.
  14. KatyHawg68

    BB player needs a Gorizia build

    At 3 point superintendent. For extra smoke and hydro.
  15. KatyHawg68


    Haragumo, Minotaur, Des Moines, Conqueror, Smolensk