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  1. KatyHawg68

    Population Severely Declining?

    Friant time.
  2. 75 was when Saigon fell to the NVA
  3. Amen brother keep preaching. Many of these cv players come across as being very hipocritical. Let me damage you as much as i want. But dont dare touch me.
  4. KatyHawg68

    Suggestion for CV play

    USN AA was so effective that the Japanese had to resort to suicide attacks.
  5. KatyHawg68

    BB player needs a Gorizia build

    At 3 point superintendent. For extra smoke and hydro.
  6. KatyHawg68


    Haragumo, Minotaur, Des Moines, Conqueror, Smolensk
  7. KatyHawg68

    Handsome ships.. Your opinion..

    Alsace is a beautiful ship.
  8. KatyHawg68

    Clan Battles: Results of the "Neighbors" Season

    Last nights brawls was the most fun I have ever had playing Warships.
  9. KatyHawg68

    Playing against CV's just feels awful.

    One would think that with all the av gas, airplanes that burn, bombs and torps that go boom (proven by history). CV's would be easier to kill.
  10. KatyHawg68

    CV's are ruining the experience for many people!

    I was recently in a match with a Midway. Lit it on fire 3 times in 1 minute. None stuck longer than 5 seconds.
  11. KatyHawg68

    Rate of starting fires is EXTREMELY low lately

    Some people are lucky. My Henri is averaging about 9%.
  12. I read in Morrisons 'Two ocean war' that a B17 actualy sunk a Japanese DD. To the suprise of everyone. But most of the time level bombing was ineffective.
  13. KatyHawg68

    Slow Battleships

    That was sort of my problem. I was in Corbet othet 2 were both New Yorks. Same speed far side of spawn and moving away with most if team following.
  14. KatyHawg68

    What is Your Favorite Ship From History?

    The Bon Homme Richard. Commanded by the father of USN John Paul Jones.
  15. KatyHawg68

    Slow Battleships

    Thanks for the responses. If I get caught like that again its banzai time.