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  1. khazz_1

    funny happening today in ranked

    I know right lol
  2. This morning I was playing a quick game of ranked. as the battle went on it seemed like i was the only one doing any real damage and racking up kills. fast forward to almost game ending I got a kraken, and a few dev strikes, and almost got my 6th kill. Needless to say my team was getting worked over like a coked out alterboy and we lost. My luck lol. basically i ended the game with 175k damage 5 kills and a few other awards, and still lost and lost a star on top of that. how does that happen. lol anyways have fun in ranked
  3. khazz_1

    Significant Win Rate Drop

    I feel your pain, i was just in a ranked battle where i carried my team 5 almost 6 kills 175k damage and still lost the match and a star. Done with ranked :) #pimpdown
  4. khazz_1

    teir 6 US cv's question

    thank you to everyone for their input it is appreciated.
  5. IS it just me is the teir 6 US cv's almost unplayable, for example go in for a torp run only launch 2 torps , swing around for a second run and by the time you do your squadron is decimated. Also i have seen quite a few games where the enemy AA is absolute perfect . Do not get me wrong I am not trying to [edited] about the game mechanics just trying to figure the new cv style of play out.
  6. khazz_1

    CV's suck so bad now

    amen to that
  7. khazz_1

    CV's suck so bad now

    My bigest complaint about the rework is smple granted I am only a teir 6 player . I send out a full squadron of torp bombers and only two launch at a time , how the hell am i supposed to torp anything like that lol. just my 2 cents worth
  8. khazz_1

    Anyone like the Prince Fried Rice?

    It is not the greatest ship but it isnt the worst either. I have played 13 games with it mainly in ranked battles, 7 victories 6 losses and destroyed 14 ships, 11 with the main battery 3 with secondaries. Most damage i did during a match was 88k. I play mostly BB's i have the kurfurst and monty. My biggest complaint about the PE is the german accuracy, for a smaller caliber main guns I get an awful lot of over pens, and alot of Pens for 0 damage. Another issue I have with the guns are they seem to be made of glass . It seems like every other match i have one set of guns knocked out, which usually never happens to me. Befor you asked am I specced for it yes I am :). Just my 2 cents worth .
  9. The PEF isnt that bad, I run my 19 point secondary build and it is decent. Not excellent but decent. Play the flanks and be a smart team player.
  10. khazz_1

    Fix the RNG

    I just deal with it and take it for what it is
  11. khazz_1

    Fix the RNG

    RNG will never be solved, it is there to placate the noob cruisers that play like a noob and expect to survive while giving a full broad side to a BB or heavy CA. Rumor has it the more you spend in game money wise the less RNG affects you. RNG takes the skill out of playing a CA or a BB.
  12. khazz_1

    Un-Nerf the Super Containers

    I haven't received a super container in months
  13. khazz_1

    Nerf Worcester Harder

    Sounds like [edited] up rng to me
  14. khazz_1

    Really dislike Buffalo Grind

    I does do one thing well. that is get deleted