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  1. GrandpaHatesYou

    New to WoWs, experienced WoT player Looking for Clan

    You will hate all of them. WHEE was born today, raise it the way you want.
  2. GrandpaHatesYou

    Join WHEE and stop playing 12 randoms on a map

    They sound reasonable but we probably would never get along.
  3. GrandpaHatesYou

    Join WHEE and stop playing 12 randoms on a map

    Thanks, but it doesn't make me like you!
  4. Founded January 7, 2020, WHEE is to be a very different type of clan. If you are looking for that competitive environment, look elsewhere. I don't care if you are have 500 or 5,000 games under your belt. Skill level does not count, having fun counts. No tests, interviews, or other bull... It’s a game folks. Playing every week or so to earn oil for the clan is the cost. I know its short of benefits now but get in on the ground floor & help make it like you want it. Immediate promotion to Recruiter. Troublemakers will probably walk the plank. WHEE - Why Hate Everything Equally And yes, it’s a boring post, not everything in life is covered with sprinkles.