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  1. pupsdad

    New ships

    I wonder how many never make it?
  2. pupsdad

    New ships

    Are there always so many new ships being tested? I have one on my want list and it wasn't Georgia so I was a little disappointed on that release. I've seen the ship I yearn for out at sea can't wait to see it in my port. I was seeing Georgia a lot before it got released to. I was really interested in Alaska but decided I have time for it, so I spent around 100K free XP couple weeks back, but I'm saving again now. This is one thing I enjoy a lot the anticipation for a new ship. Some hate it some love it but only you will know once your in control. So many ships.
  3. pupsdad

    Dread the Nought - 17th - 24th

    I was running the whole time
  4. pupsdad

    Farming for damage - randoms

    By the time I know we have lost I'm usually looking for help from the guys that sailed away from the fight and am lucky if I can take one red down with me.
  5. pupsdad

    How do you play destroyers

    The German hydro is a blast get a red hiding behind an island by himself go straight at the island if he is smoked even better he can't see as long as your 2k out come at his stern side torp then guns if his friends come let them chase you just at range firing trips back at them if there's two chasing I hope they get close enough that one launch can hit either one. But the US DD gets more play now then the German four I kept. Try and survive your more valuable second half of battle.
  6. pupsdad

    Revenge of the Red - 10th - 17th

    Just a fun ship
  7. pupsdad

    Lucky Torps

    Yea that engine or rudder failure with incoming bites.
  8. pupsdad

    Lucky Torps

    Been on the receiving end of that many times, you lose attention for a moment torps inbound yipes! The ones I hate are the ones I detect in plenty of time so I take my time and one nails me, dumb me.
  9. pupsdad

    Warships Leading Ladies - 3rd - 10th

    French Dasha I have 3 anime already no Dasha but the French cruiser line is in my future.
  10. pupsdad

    Dunkirk Collectible Cards?

    I have been getting quite a few of these are they turning to credits? I thought that my duplicates were just going up.
  11. pupsdad


    Yep that sounds like a plan tokens go for Murmansk + crates and get commander with coal later.
  12. pupsdad


    This is a ship I don't see often. Do those that have it enjoy it or does it just sit there? OK I just did a search and see it might be past its prime but is it fun?
  13. Special Comanders are what I try to get as many as I can. I think I have 4 hope this new one becomes mine.
  14. You get to keep upgrades when they take the ship then you can equip that upgrade on your own T10 when you acquire it. Cost is the same just prepaid. You should only equip ships you plan to own.
  15. This I believe along with, an AA ship should face CV most of the time unless they are just unavailable.