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  1. researched but not purchased yet
  2. pupsdad

    US Tenth Fleet

    Gearing heading out in a loss.
  3. pupsdad

    What is your goal?

    Soon I mm at around 900K
  4. pupsdad


    A go to ship if I have one
  5. pupsdad

    First for me

    My first ship from a gift box. IT was the Santa's Mega gift container from PR build. Huanghe
  6. pupsdad

    Lert & Mouse's Most Memorable Premiums of 2019

    pupsdad NA Lazo is my choice because it doesn't seem to stand out in the team list like Smolensk, Friesland, Yoshino or many of the other ships so it gets overlooked in matches. Ignore the Lazo and it will rack up points the constant spotter plane, good guns with decent fire starting are a good combination.
  7. pupsdad

    Captain retrain

    Do we have a free Captain retrain coming? I got a couple I would like to experiment on.
  8. pupsdad

    Luigi Sansonetti

    The prior events gave ships those are the ones I didn't get lucky on no ships.
  9. pupsdad

    Luigi Sansonetti

    Got the captain just a shame I didn't receive any ship in the event. Luck has not been with me I got no ships for this event after receiving all the crates you can with out paying any real money. So he goes in the TI ship. I believe I missed out on any ships in the prior one also. Before seems like I would at least get one or two. Oh well I'll just have more lines to complete wholly.
  10. I just paid the 1000000 fxp for Alaska so if I get a B it's sure to B Alaska.
  11. pupsdad

    Saying Thanks - 25th - 2nd

    Thanks to WG for keeping it fun. The events, new ships, rewards of all sorts. My clan mates who invite me to participate no matter how poorly I play. All the players out there you are fun and enjoyable. O7 TO ALL. I would really like to thank you for an Alaska.
  12. pupsdad

    Scorpioid took a port slot I want

    Wow three slots and I have been waiting for them to go on sale thanks
  13. pupsdad

    Scorpioid took a port slot I want

    Does this mean we will all get to keep the three port slots?
  14. pupsdad

    Filth camo

    I mounted the IX on Fletcher. I'm thinking I might research a couple different VIII ships that I don't have permanent camo for and find one decent enough to keep and play. Will not get the X camo.