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  1. Compdizzle

    Server ist kaput?

    ditto above
  2. Compdizzle

    Best ships for new Secondary builds

    Nevermind I saw it in game...free resets end 18 days from today
  3. Hey WG. I know that you guys removed the signal awards given for achievements due to whatever reason(s) you think are/were valid, but I miss them. Without those rewards, achievements seem so hollow. Please, please, please, please, please bring back the signal rewards.
  4. Compdizzle

    Missouri Bonus

    Nobody wants Missouri B, just as nobody wants Belfast '42. I want Missouri with good credit generating, or I want no Missouri at all. I don't want a second-class Missouri. I want T7 Belfast with excellent fire chance and real smoke and radar or no Belfast at all. I don't want a second-class Belfast.
  5. Compdizzle

    Are you on target to complete Hizen on time?

    I was on task for the first week, but then the sheer hatred and frustration I have for this game and my ability to play it has made me stop trying. WG got my money though, so they don't care whether I finish
  6. Let us know if WG actually gives you a refund
  7. "Owners of this bundle will also receive a special combat mission for Atlanta" Apparently that does not mean what I thought it meant.
  8. Compdizzle

    it's break time

    Well the new x-pac drops any day now so this is a good time to get back into WoW. Have fun in Azeroth!
  9. Compdizzle

    karma points

    I, along with many other players, believe that the Karma system is a broken system that needs to be removed entirely. I've never seen a more irrational and worthless rating system in a game and I absolutely hate it.
  10. Ranked sprint might have been easy for you, but it took me 54 games because I'm a potato and, whats worse, I was often put on potato teams as well. Despite the fact that I'm not a good player, I enjoy ranked sprint. I would like to see Ranked Sprint stay at Tier 9 and below. I don't have a strong opinion as to whether one should be able to complete ranked sprint multiple times in a season. My initial thought is that it's not a bad idea; but I haven't thought about it much.
  11. I'm sad to report that Belfast still hasn't be added back into the premium shop.
  12. Thank you for this reminder and the links. I was able to quickly check each link to make sure I had hit the button. I'd send you karma if I could!
  13. Obviously, you are correct. What I'm trying to say is that when a ranked event comes along, we should all have access to the same ships for the same cost.
  14. Ranked battle after ranked battle, I see Belfast topping the chart. Believe it or not, I don't have a problem with Belfast being a great ship. I've been able to play it before on an event account, and I loved that little boat. I don't think it needs to be nerfed further; I think it's perfect just the way it is. The problem I have is that because Belfast isn't available in the shop anymore, there is an unfair advantage to people who already have a Belfast. It is easier for them to rank up, provided they don't have a potato team, of course. And, lets be honest with ourselves, you can be good player, but a boat that is as powerful as Belfast makes a good player a great player and a great player a unicum. My solution is this, temporarily put Belfast back in the shop for the same price it was available for when it was first introduced. Let everybody have a chance to play a Belfast in ranked. That said, if WG doesn't want to put Belfast back in the game, I'd like to see it not allowed in Ranked battles. It's just too powerful of a ship and due to the unavailability of it, it does create unfair advantages if both teams don't have one.
  15. Has there ever been any serious discussion about a monthly or quarterly coupon for permanent camos? As you all know there are a variety of coupons in the armory that pop up on a regular basis such as the 25% off for ships for doubloons or 25% off ships for resources. Why don't we have a coupon for a discount for permanent camo? That is one coupon I would use on a regular basis. As it stands right now, I don't but permanent camos because I feel like they're too expensive, especially for tier 8 thorough 10, which is where permanent camos are most useful. But I guarantee if I could buy permanent camos at a discount, I would buy them.