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  1. 50% discount on some loot boxes! Each $5 loot box contains a chance to win one of the following: - 15 Zulu flags - 500 free xp - 100 doubloons - Battleship Missouri
  2. TerryDrive

    It is IMPOSSIBLE for Georgia to be OP.

    Have you ever had that happen to you? I have about 160 games in Mass, and cannot recall such a game. Is it possible? Yes. Likely to happen. No?
  3. TerryDrive

    It is IMPOSSIBLE for Georgia to be OP.

    My theory (to be confirmed or disproved, obviously) is that Georgia needs to be played as a battle cruiser/DD hunter. It's role is to chase down (Speed Boost) isolated ships and destroy them in mid (Overmatch) to close (Secondaries) combat. Trying to grind out big damage totals by punishing BB broadsides is not what she is for, and playing her that way will be frustrating.
  4. TerryDrive

    It is IMPOSSIBLE for Georgia to be OP.

    When Flamu was testing the latest incarnation of Georgia, his verdict was - "I hate playing this ship." Despite the stated dispersion and sigma, the guns were unpredictable and having only 6 guns at most on the target frequently resulted in only 1-2 hits.
  5. TerryDrive

    The iChase Case (con't)

    CVs simply do not work in their current iteration. WG, bite the bullet and take them out.
  6. TerryDrive

    New Mexico, no torp launchers?

    Obviously WG has ability to control firing angles. Why can't they just limit them to something like 5 or 10 degrees.
  7. That's like saying - "Yeah, it took that Harugumo whole 200 shells to burn me down in my Kurfurst. I sure showed him!".
  8. TerryDrive

    Who got Missouri from Santa Crates?

    Big Crate. Unnerfed. Mega crates have the same ship chance rates as Big crates, despite being twice as expensive.