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  1. It's too early to talk about that yet: the test is on T6, so for now it only concerns T6 ships. A specific list of ships with depth charges will be published for that test round. Nothing is set in stone yet, so this may be adjusted or there may be exceptions implemented. So gotta wait and/or try for yourself if you get into subs test.
  2. Ryuu_kun

    Rank grind or no?

    Me too, random gets boring and your influence on outcome is smaller. Some keep asking for skill-based mode — here it is, yes, very roughly, but still it really feels when you cross league boundaries that general difficulty jumps dramatically. That's why sometimes you keep bouncing between rank 11 and 10 — you're adjusting to difficulty. Premier league is hell (in a good way, i like challenge). Now don't complain if in roughly skill-based mode your winrate gets closer to 50%, that's the point — you're on your skill level so to win you need to play to the fullest, use all your knowledge and skills to outsmart the enemy. to work together with your team as much as possible. You gotta sweat, cry and bleed. Now say — do you really want to always play like that? Don't you enjoy easy victories sometimes? That's the point of random PvP mode — it's random, you get varying difficulty and tier distribution. Don't grind Ranked mode if you don't enjoy it. Get as far as you can, take a break, try again, if you feel it's your ceiling for now — that's fine. Maybe your ship does not fit well enough for current season, maybe you're not using it appropriately for that mode. If it's not fun learning and adapting and coming up with general tactics — no one forces you.
  3. Ryuu_kun

    Rank grind or no?

    No rental ships this season. To OP: play as much as you enjoy. I recommend stopping after ~200 battles. If you're not close to rank 1 at that point and have better things to do — better stop and try again in the next season, hopefully with more practice. In the worst case you can now use First League flag now for the remainder of the season in all other modes, and that's good too. I'm currently on rank 4 on my main account, 54 battles, 68.52% :)
  4. What's the error exactly? I hope you haven't opened those containers?
  5. Ryuu_kun

    Wargamming Surveys

    The context is the battle that you've had before that question, just like i had said above. I've seen this survey too and quite often i'm satisfied with the results even if it's a defeat but i'm one of the tops in the team.
  6. Ryuu_kun

    Wargamming Surveys

    There are detailed surveys from time to time, but understandably few players choose to finish them. So this single question approach is used as well because it covers more players while the answer still can be linked to a battle that you just had (like if it had CVs or not) or other data. So it's only the tip of the iceberg.
  7. Grozovoi, then Daring from the rank 5 and till 1 :) Unless something changes.
  8. Ryuu_kun

    why i keep playing this game?...

    True, games are intended to evoke emotions :) Sometimes your stern is on fire, but it means you're not bored at least :D
  9. Ryuu_kun

    why i keep playing this game?...

    It's a PvP game, so you can't win all the time even if you're a developer and a seasoned competitive player, because it would roughly mean that someone else would have 0% — and where's fun in that :) If you want to win all the time — you play coop, because bots won't write you salty PMs after losing ;) Bots gave up on winning.
  10. Ryuu_kun

    why i keep playing this game?...

    Winrate is not everything. Just play effectively and get more XP than half of the enemy team even on losing. At some point efficiency statistically translates into winrate as well (if you don't forget to keep an eye out on timers, areas and points!) At CBT and at the start of OBT i had mere 46% :)
  11. Ryuu_kun

    The best ship to play for ranked?

    I'd recommend choosing the most universal ship between those you have and handle really well. Even if you're godlike with Asashio — you shouldn't bring it to T8 clan battle for example. The more universal your ship is — the more chances you get at changing the outcome of battle regardless of map and team composition, or, at least, getting decent XP. Pure torp destroyer? Miss 3-4 first torpedo salvos — and it would be very hard to change anything at that point. I've started on Grozovoi and despite not meeting CVs yet — doing pretty well, only lost one battle for now (not as top XP though). On rank 5 i plan to switch to Daring because it's daringly versatile! (unless some Henry or Kleber decides to chase you) It's not random PvP, top league players know the weaknesses of Kremlin, like aforementioned AP bombers or not allowing it to decrease the distance with you. Yeah, it tanks well, but tanking does not grant as much XP, so if another flank fails — oops. It's not clan battles, while you can and should sacrifice yourself sometimes — you should still aim to perform personally well, no pure spotting, no pure tanking.
  12. Wow, beautiful background, is there a full version? :)

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  13. Ryuu_kun

    More Names For USN BB Designs

    Cimarron, Liberty and St. Clair are auxiliary vessels in Operations. They usually have descriptive names, so real names are rarely seen. Historical prototype: https://wiki.wargaming.net/ru/Navy:USS_Cimarron_(1939)
  14. Ryuu_kun

    More Names For USN BB Designs

    BTW there's already a ship named Cimarron in the game — non-playable transport ship for Operations :) With a mod that shows all ships in tech trees you may be able to find her.