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  1. Oh, absolutely, yes. That's why they both existed. But the USN did a LOT of assessments of battle damage effects during WWII, which showed, to no one's surprise, that it's "easier to sink a ship by letting water in through the bottom, than by letting air in through the top". There were numerous examples of ships whose battle damage left their topsides a shambles, but returned to port and were repaired, whereas one or two long lance hits were often fatal to even large ships. But all that doesn't mean guns didn't have their uses. I think you could easily argue that guns were far more versatile than torpedoes. I mean, after all, torpedoes were useless against aircraft, or targets on land. But then again, guns weren't much use against submerged submarines. Ships had a variety of weapons, and needed them all. By the way, just for completeness, I'm pretty sure you'll find that the maximum range of the Long Lance torpedo was closer to 20 NM - not that different from the max range of the Iowa's guns. I make no claim that they were EFFECTIVE if fired at that range; that's just how far they could swim before running out of fuel.
  2. Midshipman_Hornblower

    Naval battles Scoring doesnt promote play.

    Well, I DO agree that I'd like the jump from the first to the second bar to be a bit less steep. BUT...I don't agree that it's that all difficult to make 1100 BXP in a game. I'm no unicum, but even I can make 1100, even on a losing team. Not always, but often enough. Of course, that's playing randoms. PVE, yeah, that's a different story. Even under the best possible circumstances, I doubt I've ever made over 500 BXP in a coop game.
  3. Yes, guns are actually a rather inefficient way to deliver explosive power to a target. That's because the shell has to be built to survive the huge stresses put on it during firing. Hence, only a small fraction of the shell's actual weight can be explosive charge. IIRC, the 16"/50 HiCap round, mentioned above, weighed in at something like 1,900 pounds...almost a ton. Yet only something like 150 pounds of that - less than 10% - was actual bursting charge. Torpedoes didn't have to handle nearly as much stress when firing, so the walls could be much thinner, and the torpedoes themselves could be bigger as well, so yeah, they could deliver a much larger explosive charge to the target. Same thing for aircraft bombs (which I can actually speak more intelligently about from my time as an aviation ordnance division officer). Bombs differ, of course, but as a general rule, you can assume that about 50% of the bomb weight is bursting charge. Thus, the bursting charge of a 500 pound bomb is around 250 pounds. So, to put it in perspective, that Japanese Long Lance carried about as much explosive as a TWO THOUSAND pound bomb, or about the same as, what, NINE 16"/50 shells? As OP says, that was a LOT of boom. No wonder single long lance hits were known two break ships in half. Or (again, working from memory), I think I recall one of the Atlanta class cruisers being hit by a long lance and detonating, leaving nothing but some debris raining from the sky.
  4. Midshipman_Hornblower

    Back after 2.5 Year hiatus, need minor help

    As to captain skills, of course every ship is different, but overall I find that the same build (or at least, as close as possible) that worked for me with the old system is what I end up running in the new system. Also, concerning the camos - as other's have confirmed, they are now just a paint job. Which makes me happy, since ships are supposed to be haze grey anyway. But one thing I don't think anyone mentioned is that you can sell all those useless camos in your inventory. I've heard of players who made a quick windfall of several HUNDRED MILLION credits that way. This could keep that shiny new supership of running for awhile.
  5. Midshipman_Hornblower

    Game is patching early?

    Agree. I was pretty suspicious when they required us all to install and use the WG Game Center, or whatever the thing's called, but it really has made the updates happen smoothly. My updates download automatically, in advance, and install automatically. All without me even thinking about it. When the server comes up on patch day, I'm good to go.
  6. Midshipman_Hornblower

    How did this happen?

    That USED to be me, too. Then a few years ago my kids pooled their pennies and got me a Keurig for Christmas. Most expensive way there is to brew coffee...darn near as bad a Starbucks. But it's amazing how quickly "convenient" pushed "expensive" into the far distant background.
  7. Midshipman_Hornblower

    How did this happen?

    Yep, as I suspected, I was missing the obvious. Thanks to everyone who pointed it out. I was about to try my first battle of the day, but now I think I'd better have another cup of coffee first.
  8. Midshipman_Hornblower

    How did this happen?

    Don't think so. Again, the conditions say you have to do damage with a supership, OR earn ribbons with a Musashi. I don't own Musashi. I don't own any superships. So I couldn't have done EITHER.
  9. Midshipman_Hornblower

    How did this happen?

    It seems I completed this mission and earned some containers. The conditions for the mission seem to require that one do it either with the Musashi, or with a supership. I own neither, so..like the subject line says... Anyone else seen this? Or have an explanation? Am I just (as usual) missing something obvious?
  10. Midshipman_Hornblower

    Remove detonations already

    Detonations are a fun surprise - when you are the one doing the detonating. Not so much fun, but still a surprise, when you are the one who detonates. But even then, they can be kinda funny. Near the end of a recent game, I was down to less than 100 HP. One more hit was gonna kill me. Someone got that one hit, AND a completely meaningless detonation.
  11. Midshipman_Hornblower

    PTS 0.11.7 pt 1 - Bug Reports

    Description: There seems to be a problem - may involve the new camera? - that sometimes causes shots not to go where you aim. Example: I tried using various ships in training battles to try out the new camera. Noticed when playing Colbert that when travelling at high speed and firing at a stationary target, shots were very consistently missing the spot where I was aiming. If I was travelling left to right, as viewed in binocular mode, shells fell right of target, and vice versa. In other words, they miss in the direction you are travelling. Seems the fire control system isn't properly compensating for the firing ship's movement? When stopped or moving slowly, shots hit where aimed. How to Reproduce: Best to try in training room, using a fast ship, against a stationary bot ship. It's also more obvious if you use a fast-firing ship. Move into mid-range, aim at a specific spot on target, hold down LMB, and watch fall of shells as you vary your speed from zero to max. You can literally see the shells drift off target as you increase your speed, and drift back on as you slow down. Near as I can tell, problem exists in all battle modes - just much easier to reproduce in training room. Example: Take Colbert, Minotaur, or similar ship into training room against stationary bot target. Move in close enough that you can see specific parts of ship easily, and turn your port side to enemy and stop. Aim at specific point, hold down LMB, and watch shells hitting where you are aiming. Then increase speed to max, and watch shells drift off aiming point to the right. Result: When firing ship is travelling at high speed, shells don't hit where aimed, and can either miss the target ship entirely, or miss the superstructure and hit more heavily armored parts. Example: When travelling at high speed, and firing at a stationary, bow-on target, shells drift off aim point, in the direction of firing ship's travel, sufficiently to completely miss the target.
  12. Midshipman_Hornblower

    Clan chat bug

    After reading both threads on the subject, and gaining a bit more personal experience, I'm pretty sure that: a. clan and game chat have both been buggy pretty much forever, and b. the most recent update has introduced a new bug into the already buggy system. The behavior described by OP, which I've verified personally, seems to have begun with the most recent patch. The previous bugs seemed to be erratic, whereas this one is pretty reproduceable, and makes the clan chat virtually useless. Looks like it's been reported to WG, so...now, we wait...
  13. My answer was more for the benefit of the OP. Oh yeah, I'm SURE you knew that already. :-)
  14. Midshipman_Hornblower

    game is unplayable

    And your answer is wrong on both counts. I DO think there's some things wrong with the game, and I've never spent a penny on a ship. Oh, and your answer still doesn't explain. But ok.
  15. Midshipman_Hornblower

    game is unplayable

    Yes, you need to explain, 'cause I have no idea what in this post shows the game to be unplayable? Only thing I can guess from this alone is that your team lost, but that doesn't tell me the game's unplayable. It just tells me the other team probably played better. My guess is THEY didn't find the game unplayable. Now that I think about it, I played 3 games this morning, and didn't find the game to be unplayable...not even when I played and lost as bottom tier in a 2-CV game.