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  1. Midshipman_Hornblower

    Is getting Stalingrad still worth it?

    My answer, for what it's worth, is yes, Stalingrad is still worth it. I don't play mine much in randoms, but she's been serving me well in clan battles. Yes, she's sluggish, takes half the game to get to full speed (or stop), and needs half the map to turn around. Yes, she can be seen from the far side of the map. And yes, she's a bonfire-in-waiting. But those guns can still nuke any ship you meet. Even BBs. I got a dev strike on a BB just a couple nights ago in CB. You have to position to mitigate her weaknesses and maximize her strengths. And you have to accept that you'll be everyone's favorite target. But that's fine in clan battles. While the red team's focusing on me, the rest of the team is focusing THEM. With CVs around, you really can't do the island camping thing, so get out on the flank. Early in the game stay at range, look for broadside targets, and watch your sides. Later on, close in (if you're still alive). Personally, I'm going for Austin when the new coupon arrives, but that's cuz I already have Stalingrad. Stalingrad may not be quite what she once was, but she's still a very strong ship.
  2. Take a look at these post-battle results. This was from operation Narai. I find the damage done to that fort to be...curious. I remember that fort. Swung my guns onto it, but had HE loaded. So I queued AP, then fired the HE, then fired a salvo of AP and finished the job. No problem. But, those post-battle results say I hit the fort a total of 3 times, for a total of 14.8k damage. And the breakdown of that is 3 AP hits for 12k and change, and 0 HE hits for 2k and a bit. That math just doesn't add up, does it? I KNOW I hit the fort with some HE, then finished it off with AP. Anyone have a logical explanation, or is this maybe just a random glitch in the post-battle summary?
  3. Midshipman_Hornblower

    Russian Ships Just Slaughtering Everything In Ranked

    Funny, I didn't have any problem at all loosing in Russian ships. In fact, at one point I had an epic loosing streak in Bronze - 9 losses in a row (8 in Russian ships) - before several wins put me back near the 50% mark. Fortunately, the epic loosing streak happened when I was at rank 9, so knowing I couldn't loose a star no matter what, I just ground through it.
  4. Midshipman_Hornblower

    Not the best way to start my day

    Still sipping my morning coffee, I fire up WoWS this morning, and what does MM hand me? A small match, five ships per side. So far, no problem, but...1 DD, 1 CA/CL, 1 BB and TWO CVs per side. And on top of that, I soon learn that my Budyonny is matched against a Graf Spee. I am mostly done complaining about CVs. WG made things mostly ok with me when they limited the number of multi-CV games, and eliminated 3-CV games completely. BUT...I said then, and I'll say again, 2 CVs with 12 ships per side is ok-ish. Double CVs when teams are half that or less is not. If you're wondering how it went, well, one of the red CV players turned out to be pretty good, and pretty much dominated the game. I managed to kill the red DD and beat up on the Graf Spee for half his HP before finally dying, and finished at the top of a losing team. Oh, and I was running DFAA, and shot down 9 planes, but that didn't matter or change the trajectory of the game in the least. Might have had some effect had the game lasted longer, but as you might expect, this was a very short game.
  5. Midshipman_Hornblower

    End match results not showing, directly back to port

    Yep, the bug that was fixed, wasn't. HOWEVER...it does seem to be behaving somewhat differently now. Used to be you went straight back to port, and the battle results screens were "unavailable". Now - USUALLY - when I go back to port I can still get to the results screens. Not ALWAYS, but most the time. And most the time certainly beats never. Still, I'd really like to see this fixed. Really fixed. Forever fixed. And I'd much rather have that fix than another paper ship. But apparently my priorities and WG's priorities are a bit different.
  6. Midshipman_Hornblower

    Good Bye Deadeye

    Per the dev blog, commanders who already have Deadeye will get a free reset in patch 10.4. Other changes are coming to other skills, and when all skill changes have been rolled out, a full free commander reset is planned. So, for those of us who don't have Deadeye, a free reset is apparently coming, but not just yet.
  7. Midshipman_Hornblower

    So how representative is this forum of the player base?

    I don't think there's any way to KNOW, but I'm pretty sure any resemblance between the forum and the player base is, as they say, purely coincidental. That said, forum members ARE players...
  8. Midshipman_Hornblower

    AFK should be autoban from that respective gamemode

    ...and many of those involuntary reasons would not kill the connection. Can't prove it, of course, but I'm pretty confident that the vast majority of AFKs are caused by perfectly legitimate RL happenings. And I'm also pretty confident that neither you nor I nor WG can tell the difference. AFKs are annoying, but life happens. And RL is more important than a game. So no, I can't agree with you. And while we're on the subject, could some one explain to me why somebody would WANT to go AFK? How would this ever be a benefit to anyone?
  9. Midshipman_Hornblower

    How Do You Deal With Losing Streaks?

    I guess it depends. If I'm just playing for fun, I've got a 3-loss rule. 3 losses in a row, and it's time for a change. Either change ships, or tiers, or play a BB for a bit (I'm a cruiser guy), or play some coop to recover a bit of self-esteem. Or just log off and go do RL stuff. If I'm grinding something, though, I generally just keep going (unless, of course, the grind requires wins). Just recently, I was working up a new captain for my Budyonny. Played Buddy primarily. If I died while there was still significant time left in a game, I'd jump out and do a game in Nürnberg (has 21 pt capt), so I could make ECXP to use on the Buddy capt. Then back to Buddy. One day while on that quest, I accumulated 7 losses in a row, even though my PR over the 7 games was unicum-ish. I still don't know which is more remarkable, the purple PR or the 0% WR. Anyway, I was accomplishing my goal - just more slowly than had I been winning - so I just kept on going. Eventually, both the PR and WR corrected themselves.
  10. I probably didn't cover everything, but most jargons + terms are here. Sidenote: I changed my username yesterday So THAT's where "YOLO" comes from! Always wondered about that.
  11. Midshipman_Hornblower

    How's you clan doing with Division Star?

    I don't KNOW, but I think your clan is probably in the normal range. I can only speak directly for my own clan. On paper, we have 47 members. Of those, there are a small number who haven't played for several months, and will probably be dropped from the clan in the near future...sooner if we need the slots for new members. We have a few others who play very regularly, but just don't div very often. A couple of those will div if I ask, but never volunteer. The rest of the clan are pretty active. So far, I've collected 18 div stars. I expect I'll be able to get to 20, but doubt I'll collect the 25-star reward. If the program causes me to invite a couple of our less active players to join in division play, and encourages a couple of those players to do so, then I'd say it's a success.
  12. Midshipman_Hornblower

    How's you clan doing with Division Star?

    There's no point in doing this because it won't work. You only get a div star for the FIRST VICTORY with a clan member. After that first victory, you get no more stars by playing with that clan member. Thus, there's a hard limit on the number of stars you can collect, the limit being equal to the number of members in your clan. I would expect VERY few people would reach that limit.
  13. Midshipman_Hornblower

    Were there any Cruisers that didn't get hurt by the Captain changes?

    ...and to small caliber cruisers like Atlanta/Flint/Smolensk, which are a more complicated story.
  14. Midshipman_Hornblower

    Were there any Cruisers that didn't get hurt by the Captain changes?

    Pretty much agree. Overall, my builds aren't much different than they used to be. For most cruisers, captain skills aren't make or break, and haven't changed the ships much. There ARE exceptions. The big ones being supercruisers (loss of survivability) and those cruisers with DD-caliber guns. Think Atlanta, Flint, Smolensk. Changes for this last group are more complicated.
  15. Midshipman_Hornblower

    Were there any Cruisers that didn't get hurt by the Captain changes?

    I'm also a cruiser guy. I can comment on a few of the cruisers I play the most. Generally speaking, I still find my cruisers are not TOO different from before. I've been playing Budyonny quite a bit recently (working on a new captain), and she's working reasonably well. Chapayev has been working pretty well for me in ranked. Roon has been my go-to for clan battles. Konigsberg and Nurnberg still play pretty much as before. Omaha is one that does seem a little weaker. Captain skills, of course, are (mostly) relatively small incremental improvements, so gaining or losing one is not always terribly noticeable, but some DO make a noticeable difference. I'd say that overall, the skills change has had three noticeable effects on cruiser play. First, some ships now have slower turret traverse. It's not a big deal on ships like Worcester, that already had fast traverse, but I DO notice it taking longer to get guns on target for some ships. Konigsberg could out-turn her guns before, and it seems even worse now. I don't recall having that problem with Budyonny before, but it's noticeable now. Second change that I notice on some ships is the loss of survival skills, like PM. I do feel like some of my cruisers loose their engines/rudders more often than they used to, forcing me to be more careful managing my damage control party. The third change has nothing to do with cruiser skills, per se. I can't prove it, but since the skill rework I DO feel like I'm getting blapped by BBs at long range more often. It's not every game, but there seem to be more games where I get hit - hard - by a BB on the far side of the map, that I couldn't even see till after he fired his guns. Of course that doesn't prove Deadeye is a problem, but it's suggestive. OTOH, it could be that in those games the red DDs are just spotting better than the friendlies. Deadeye Fever is also a problem for cruisers when it affects your friendly BBs. If all your BBs hang back, it forces you to play well ahead of your BBs, just to be able to hit targets. And when you are the closest target to the enemy, bad things happen, and they happen quickly. My comments above, btw, aren't intended to apply to the supercruisers. As others have already noted, the likes of Alaska and Stalingrad were especially hurt by the complete loss of survivability skills such as FP. I don't play these ships very much so, other than that obvious observation, I don't feel qualified to comment.