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  1. Furious having more effect then other CVs neutered at that range. Must neuter Furious some more to ensure equal pain among all CVs.
  2. A_Little_Warped


    Really, are you at WEEGEE even playing the same game? Next patch comes out to make invisi DDs, targets CVs ability to play against them, buff's defensive fighters. Was your goal to increase CV participation or drive all CV drivers nuts.
  3. A_Little_Warped

    Guilty Kraken

    Taking guns off the board is important and high DPS ships are perfect for this. If I'm in a BB I hate wasting a salvo on a target down to the last few HPs and would prefer a smaller ship finish it.
  4. A_Little_Warped

    T8 CA vs T10 DD tactics?

    HE is best, but it you have AP loaded and a shot don't waste time changing. Use AP in the barrels and change.
  5. Atago, consistent with IJN cruiser play from T5 up, can use as a viable trainer for DD, CA, and BB skippers. Arguably more comfortable to play at T10 then Ibuki. Great ship.
  6. A_Little_Warped


    Frankly, it is one of the most fun DD lines in the game. You play several different styles of ships from different nations that exhibit different strengths.Yueyang is no longer the peach it was, but it's not horrible.
  7. A_Little_Warped

    HMS Vanguard should never have been completed.

    Hindsight being 20\20 i think most would agree. At the time though, Britain was extremely short of capital ships post WWII and needed to rebuild. They weren't exactly in the position of the US who had more ships then they knew what to do with.
  8. A_Little_Warped

    finally broke 200k

    Nice game and that's not the easiest ship to do it in. That is the problem with high damage games as they usually happen because your team is giving you their share. The only time I broke 300k was a loss as well.
  9. Good morning, noticed that it is not letting my account get the daily shipment today. Still listed as "tomorrow". Anyone else getting this?
  10. A_Little_Warped

    Selling Legendary Mod?

    Uhhh, there are easier ways to grind credits...
  11. A_Little_Warped

    High Caliber

    Use a HE spewing monster like a high tier UK BB or IJN DDs.
  12. A_Little_Warped

    Guesses for what T5 ranked will feel like?

    Don't forget the ARP Kongos with their 19 Pt Capts.
  13. A_Little_Warped

    In case you were wondering....

    how many ships can hide behind a tiny little island?
  14. A_Little_Warped

    Another week, what am I doing wrong?

    You need to play each ship with the patience to do the New Orleans. That is not an easy ship and you have done very well with it.
  15. A_Little_Warped

    Cause 150K damage in a T9/10 Cruiser in one battle?

    Kron would be number 2. Bit higher AP alpha and fire for the HE.