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  1. onegr8pony

    Update 12.1 - Bug Reports

    mod station (Live Icons) not available. is there a fix. Thanks
  2. onegr8pony

    How to turn off intro video?

    This fix stopped the video but did not stop the loading of the video.
  3. onegr8pony

    Learn the role of the vessel you are piloting

    Communication is the key to teamwork. What are you doing to further it? listening to others say "you can't tell me what to do." But yes communication is key, the quick keys are limited and sometimes that is all I have in the "heat of battle". I am really annoyed by the players when you send the cap area A communication and you get negatives from players that are on the far side of the map and would not reach that area in the time allotted by game play. If you can't reach that area or (worse) are not going to try - dont respond. Just a waste of time.
  4. onegr8pony

    Learn the role of the vessel you are piloting

    Thanks Guys. good discussion (rant)
  5. onegr8pony

    Learn the role of the vessel you are piloting

    thank you. Just don't sit in it.
  6. onegr8pony

    Learn the role of the vessel you are piloting

    Spotting isn't rewarded enough but it has put me in top scores more than once. " and without kills" Many a time I have held top score and was not certain until I started counting the spots.
  7. onegr8pony

    Learn the role of the vessel you are piloting

    Thanks for the chuckle. I too see that DDs die 1st few minutes. (by players who don't know how to operate them") ( I am sometimes included in that list too.) I also am aware of other vessels not using their expendables which assist other players. I too forget that I have the ability to assist by using those expendables. I know the difference between each DDs capabilities and can exploit them if needed. There are also the ID10ts whom think that the game is their shooting match and run up and sit in the way of others and blocking shots and advantages when they can be leveraged. This is just a rant and I would truly like to see this game give rewards or advantage to players that focus on teamplay and not meplay.
  8. onegr8pony

    Learn the role of the vessel you are piloting

    I play them all. I'm not telling you how to play your vessel. Just learn it.
  9. It has been my experience that players don't understand the role of the vessel they are piloting. In particular DDs. don't go downrange pop smoke and sit in it. You obscure the target when a larger vessel is following your advance. Sitting in your smoke says the only game you play is to have the enemy come into your trap while other vessels CAs and BBs are spotting for you. Spotting and scouting is a DDs role. Are you not able to lay ambushes from behind islands? Learn it. Just my rant for today.
  10. Asymmetric battles are idiotic, low tiers wont engage and are destroyed piecemeal. If you do engage then you are by yourself, and quickly dispatched. There needs o be a penalty in place to force engagement by both sides. I have watched higher tier vessels wait to engage until after the more aggressive players have been killed off. .
  11. onegr8pony

    Update 0.9.7 – German Carriers: Part 2

    The link to view player's profile is broken.
  12. onegr8pony

    Bots are cheating

    I don't mind criticism, just really abhor non-constructive advise, I am old enough to know bull hockey when I hear it and am willing to assist you in a long trip off a short pier if need be. This being the web, I just generally ignore an ID10t or simply block, but again thanks, and I do apologize for replying at such a late time. Had one such individual harangue me for requesting fire on red ships and asking for support. Accused me of telling everyone how to play the game. Turns out he had only played 1/3 rd the battles I had and had several T10s - T9s, and T8s in his stable. Plus he had died early in the battle. Also when directing fire to a red he had replied in the negative, (Regrettably, when a player replies in the negative from 20+ klicks away I always respond "Nay Sayers suck". Perhaps he didn't care for that analogy.) WTH, when he DMed me to complain, I simply blocked him.
  13. onegr8pony

    Bots are cheating

    Thanks for the tip, after researching I found I wasn't aware that a ship could be spotted after firing in a smoke screen.
  14. onegr8pony

    Bots are cheating

    I was in a Nurnberg and beyond the 2 K detection limit, I was sunk when the red came within 2k, however I was hit repeatedly by main battery from over 5k