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  1. SirBrotherJam

    USS Wichita

  2. SirBrotherJam

    USS Wichita

    Is the Wichita only available for $$ or can you use doubloons? I haven't played since Dec and have not updated to most recent patch to check. Sorry if this is common knowledge as this is the first place i came too. Thanks!
  3. Hey all, Probably been answered, but figured this was quicker than me scouring the forums and Reddit. If you unlock the Yamamoto collection will they periodically have items pop up in the daily exp. containers? No going to waste my time and money if not. Thanks.
  4. SirBrotherJam

    Daily Chain Challenge

  5. SirBrotherJam

    Daily Chain Challenge

    Hey all, Quick question: If miss a day for the daily chain will it reset to 1 or just resume where it was left off? Would really like to get that camo for Sept. and i am 3 shy right now. Thanks!