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  1. Sometimes I will get a bug where my ship model glitches forward and back a small distance very quickly. I am still able to play the game, and there is no problem when zoomed into the periscope, but when I am zoomed out viewing my ship it will appear to flash forward and backward a small amount (Maybe about 10% of the length of the ship). It also can be seen when zoomed into the 3rd person turret view. The ship teleports forward and back very rapidly, maybe about 30 times a second. Other ships appear normal from my perspective. I am using the steam version of the game. This bug has happened to me on several occasions, usually after I have had the game client open for a while (several hours) and then start up a game. It will persist through opening options, alt-tabbing, and into the next game. Only restarting the game client gets rid of the bug. My GPU is an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050Ti with driver version