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  1. This is a known issue, but when starting the game (Steam version) the loading anchor briefly appears, goes away and then the game is stuck at the splash screen with "Synchronizing" displayed. Deleting the preferences.xml file in will fix this issue, but it's kind of annoying doing it every time before starting the game. Just reporting to raise awareness. I have already tried to "Check file integrity" and repair files using properties in Steam and it does not fix the issue. update: apparently deleting the preferences.xml file does not fix the issue now, it worked for me yesterday. Also this was in the debug log but probably just from deleting the xml file [1126/024825.955:ERROR:settings.cc(325)] Settings version is not 1 [1126/035208.205:ERROR:settings.cc(325)] Settings version is not 1 [1127/173152.227:ERROR:settings.cc(325)] Settings version is not 1 [1127/202314.527:ERROR:settings.cc(325)] Settings version is not 1 update 2: after multiple unsuccessful attempts deleting the preferences.xml file (in SteamLibrary > steamapps > common > World of Warships) I was able to log in successfully by deleting the preferences.xml file and then rebooting my computer.
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  3. I have tried this before and it was still limited to 75 or 76. I shouldn't have to edit config files to try and get 144fps is what I'm saying. I would just say why not have a higher frame cap? If your computer can't run it or you don't have a 144hz monitor that's fine, set it lower. As I said though I think it would really improve the game because there are fast objects in WoWS like incoming shells, and the ships themselves are pretty fast. Edit: I changed the config file and it's working for now. I'm sure I'll have to change it back every update. It does look better, noticeable changes are how smooth the ocean looks when you're going fast and the smoke from the ship also looks better. So I'm glad it is possible, just wish it was a little more official in the game I guess.
  4. Hi, I don't post much on the forums, but I have a couple thousand battles and this is the strongest feedback I have for the game. It is true that 75 fps is perfectly fine for most people, but as someone with a 144hz monitor it's frustrating that World of Warships does not allow 144fps when it is fairly common in most other games now, or at least they will have a setting that unlocks the framerate to be as fast as possible. A high framerate is not necessary for gameplay like in CSGO but I think it would make the graphics look so much better, especially things like incoming shells, water splashes, and explosions.
  5. Sometimes I will get a bug where my ship model glitches forward and back a small distance very quickly. I am still able to play the game, and there is no problem when zoomed into the periscope, but when I am zoomed out viewing my ship it will appear to flash forward and backward a small amount (Maybe about 10% of the length of the ship). It also can be seen when zoomed into the 3rd person turret view. The ship teleports forward and back very rapidly, maybe about 30 times a second. Other ships appear normal from my perspective. I am using the steam version of the game. This bug has happened to me on several occasions, usually after I have had the game client open for a while (several hours) and then start up a game. It will persist through opening options, alt-tabbing, and into the next game. Only restarting the game client gets rid of the bug. My GPU is an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050Ti with driver version