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  1. Charon2018

    No More of my $$$$

    You may have the Pixel Pox. Best consult your doctor.
  2. Charon2018

    What constitutes a "whale"?

    Lol, na, we're just "average'ish".
  3. Charon2018

    What constitutes a "whale"?

    To be technical, there is a distinction; high rollers have gambling budget bankrolls typically less than that of whales in the eyes of the casino. But when you're talking $ 1M +, what's a WOWs budget?
  4. Charon2018

    What constitutes a "whale"?

    High rollers and whales are one in the same.
  5. Charon2018

    What constitutes a "whale"?

    IMHO, a Real Whale doesn't even play this game...try the Las Vegas high stakes games!
  6. Charon2018

    Battle of Midway

    IJN Fuso-Midway and Leyte Gulf.
  7. Lol, would you care to share that with the class?
  8. Charon2018

    one of those nights again...

    Stick a fork in me, I'm done for tonight. Two Dev Strikes and a Double.
  9. Repent-penance is to play again and again and again...
  10. Umm, that's not Ranked...
  11. Charon2018

    One of the most anti grouping games ever made.

    You are a newer player. ^ All great advice from fellow captains. All you have to do is ask sometimes.
  12. Charon2018

    Teh Mighty Mighty Vauquelin

    ^ this. I read your post and went to my Vaquelin for 4 straight from R10 to R9. Thanks for the tips.
  13. Charon2018

    Toxic people in Ranked.

    The word "Characterization" is a writer's tool or "literary device"; a process used by an author to reveal a character's personality. Rest assured I won't report you for (sp.), it wouldn't pass the giggle test.