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  1. Charon2018

    It is official

    " "Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans."-John Lennon (from Beautiful Boy, via Allen Saunders)
  2. Charon2018

    It is official

    Attributed to many, Pig Killer among them. :)
  3. Charon2018

    It is official

    Officially speaking: Game, Set, and Match. :):).
  4. Charon2018

    It is official

    "Lithium is no longer available on credit".
  5. Charon2018

    It is official

    Face it. Everybody's there, there's no getting away from ourselves. Life is now.
  6. Charon2018

    It is official

    Wherever you go, there you are.
  7. Charon2018

    Really weary.

    You can't be bottom tier in every battle you enter. Take some time off to go to the WoWs Academy and How It Works.
  8. Not my call. Best be aware that further hashing CS actions is not advised. Just take your medicine and move on.
  9. The length of the ban you quote would seem to indicate more than a single "interaction", and you risk further censure by bringing it up. WG won't fire a star shell to alert you.
  10. Are you a WG employee? I'll thank you not to doctor my post and/or presume to think for me.
  11. Charon2018

    First post after shutdown?

    Minor skirmish between Godzilla and Kong results in collateral damage at Kamchatka power plant, news update and film at 11.
  12. Yes, that "guy" is a No-Fly Zone with WG for many reasons, including WW2 (approximately 27 Million): The war related deaths detailed in Russian sources are as follows. The Krivosheev study listed 8,668,400 irreplaceable losses (from listed strength): 5,226,800 killed in action, 1,102,800 died of wounds in field hospitals, 555,500 non combat deaths, POW deaths and missing were 4,559,000. Deductions were 939,700 who "were encircled or missing in action in occupied areas who were reconscripted once areas liberated" and 1,836,000 POWs returned from captivity.[17][18] The Krivosheev study listed 500,000 reservists captured by the enemy after being conscripted but before being taken on strength.[18] Russian sources report 2,164,000 deaths as civilian "forced labor in Germany".[19] Viktor Zemskov believed that these were actually military deaths not included in the Krivosheev report. Zemskov put the military death toll at 11.5 million.[a] Convicts and deserters listed in the Krivosheev study. 994,300[20][21] were sentenced by court martial and 212,400[22] were reported as deserters.[23] They are not included with the 8,668,000 irreplaceable losses listed by Krivosheev. Russian sources list 7.420 million civilians killed in the war, including the siege of Leningrad. Sources cited for this figure are from the Soviet period.[19] The figure of 7.4 million has been disputed by Viktor Zemskov who believed that the actual civilian death toll was at least 4.5 million. He maintained that the official figures included POWs, persons who emigrated from the country, persons evacuated during the war counted as missing as well as militia and partisan fighters.[24] Russian sources maintain that there were 4.1 million famine deaths in the regions occupied by Germany.[25] Gulag prisoners. According to Viktor Zemskov "due to general difficulties in 1941–1945 in the camps, the GULAG and prisons about 1.0 million prisoners died.[26] Anne Applebaum cites Russian sources that put the Gulag death toll from 1941–45 at 932,000.[27] Deportation of ethnic minorities. Russian sources put the death toll at 309,000 [28] War-related deaths of those born during war – according to Andreev, Darski and Kharkova (ADK), there was an increase in infant mortality of 1.3 million.[3]
  13. You're going to have to use kinder words.
  14. I understand the incongruities of your drama.
  15. Surprise, I didn't use any vulgarity that was edited to begin with; that's just a sequence of typeface characters in my text. It's also interesting how you use the mores of historical groups to appeal your contemporary position. These ironies are not lost on me.