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  1. ComputerWhiz

    [SOLVED] Graphics artifacts & crashes

    Just a quick follow up. I started having a small issue (freezing, not artifacts) with another game. Turns out there may also be an issue with the latest NVIDIA drivers for the GeForce GTX cards. Rolling back to the previous version makes things better (still can't run maximum, but now I can run very high instead of just high). Whenever I go to the current version of the drivers, things worsen.
  2. ComputerWhiz

    [SOLVED] Graphics artifacts & crashes

    Seems to have worked. I guess the devs have been doing a lot of work on the graphics and now my graphics card can't handle maximum settings anymore. Oh well. Thanks for the help!
  3. Anyone else notice random black artifacts that flash for a split second when playing the game? Haven't played the game for a couple of months, so I've missed a few updates. Never had this issue before and WoWS is the only game with the issue. I updated my NVIDIA graphics driver to see if that would help and it didn't. Already verified the the game installation to make sure it was correct. The game also crashes in every battle, making the game literally unplayable. It's a shame before I love(d) the game, but now it looks like it may be a thing of the past for me.
  4. ComputerWhiz

    Thirteenth Ranked Sprint

    Looking forward to the 3 vs 3 format. I really enjoyed the 1 v 1 format, so I think smaller teams in the Sprints are fun. Will be a bit annoying if you keep getting stuck with divisions though. You'll end up being the odd one out.
  5. ComputerWhiz

    Game Crashing since 9.6 Installed

    Same issue here. Crashes constantly since the update. Repairing the game doesn't help and it's not a driver issue (they actually just updated yesterday).
  6. ComputerWhiz

    Why is Ranked Sprint 12 so bad?

    No. Simply pointing out that (IMO) I've noticed a skill drop in the player base this season.
  7. So far, this Ranked Sprint has been the worst I've ever been in on WoWS. In every other sprint (with the exception of the 1v1 season), I've been able to rank out in ~30 battles. This season, I've already done 30 battles and I'm still rank 7 (only because 8 is irrevocable) with a ~25% win rate. Every team I'm on decides that they are going to go wide on one side of the map, which just allows the enemy to steamroll into B. Personally, I don't really like the tier 8 ships. I can't think of any that up tier well (which only applies to random, of course) and there are just none that pop into my head as a good ship. This is going to be the only sprint since I started playing World Of Warships that I haven't ranked out.
  8. ComputerWhiz

    Anyone noticed a lot of blind fire recently?

    You learn something new everyday! Been playing for over two years and I never knew that trick.
  9. Since the latest patch, I've noticed that I've been getting blind fired a lot more than normal. Prior to the patch, I would rarely get blind fired, but it's already happened to me 3 times today. What's even more strange is the accuracy. In my most recent battle, I was stationary and then I went undetected. I could see BB, but they weren't close enough to see me. I went full power and turned 90 degrees to the right. After about 30 seconds (all of which I was undetected), the BB fired a salvo at me. It hit me, even though I was nowhere near where I was the last time they saw me and I was in open water, so I could have been anywhere. Their salvo dispersion looked an awful lot like a locked on shot. This isn't the only time it's happened to me recently under similar circumstances. Before, when I got blind fired, it was just 1 or 2 shells that managed to hit because the shells were too spread out. But now the blind firing is so accurate.
  10. ComputerWhiz

    Why does AA take so long to start firing?

    Can't say I've ever noticed that.
  11. ComputerWhiz

    Why does AA take so long to start firing?

    That's interesting. I didn't know that fact. Does that just impact the first AA engagement or all of them? I've found that every AA engagement gets the same delay.
  12. I'm not sure if the AA guns have always done this, but its only really caught my attention recently. If my AA range is 5.5km, why do the guns wait to start firing until the planes are 5km or sometimes even 4.5km away (depending on the planes)? It's strange that the true AA range is actually ~1km less than what's advertised in the ship stats. It happens on every ship, so it's not just the AA layout of a certain ship.
  13. ComputerWhiz

    Tier X gameplay is SO boring

    No worries. Like I told KHyena, the point of saying I'm Unicum in the rank isn't any kind of flex or anything like that. Just to attempt to fend off the inevitable "you're are just bad, so you're are complaining" comments that appear on any thread where someone makes any kind of criticism against the game or players. To be honest, since the rating of the average damage in the tier looks like it's probably based on a single average value (regardless of the tier being compared), I'd imagine the majority of T10 players are highly ranked in that category as well.
  14. ComputerWhiz

    Tier X gameplay is SO boring

    Although my point of saying I was Unicum was not to brag (it was actually to nullify the "you're are just bad, so you're are complaining" comments), I must point out that on WoWS Numbers, the turquoise is Unicum. I think you're probably confusing "Unicum" with "Super Unicum", which is purple on WoWS Numbers. It's really here nor there anyway, because I don't really think that my proficiency (or lack of) in T10 really changes the value of my point. My post comes from observations of T10 gameplay, from the hundreds of T10 battles I've been in (not always as a T10).
  15. ComputerWhiz

    Tier X gameplay is SO boring

    Ha! Check again. 56.41% win rate in the tier and 79,467 average damage in the tier...