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  1. ComputerWhiz

    What happened to all of the mods?

    Good to know, thanks! Usually the mods are updated pretty quickly, but I guess they just aren't as quick as usual.
  2. Why are so many mods listed in the mod station greyed out? Many, like the Remove Camo mod are fun, but there are a lot that you can't install anymore. Ones like Score Timer and Advanced HP Indicator are disabled. Are they just not updated for the new WoWS version yet? I've not had issues with mods before after an update.
  3. I'm just curious how you convert your steel into coal and vice versa? I'm just looking to see how much coal I need to get the Georgia, but the "X coal needed" message is just the value of the ship minus the coal that I have. It doesn't count the steel.
  4. ComputerWhiz

    Ramming in 1v1

    Unlike a lot of people that I've read on the forum, I actually really like the new 1v1 format that they are using this ranked sprint season... with one huge exception. I don't like the ramming. For some reason, when someone rams, it seems to be entirely random as to who actually gets the win. Is there some trick to getting the win in a ram situation? I don't want to ram, but I keep getting rammed by low health battleships who would rather take the 50/50 chance over the guaranteed loss.
  5. Lots of Wargaming hate recently with the whole ship building issue. I can understand where Wargaming is coming from. Naturally, they are business so they want to make money, especially considering that World of Warships is a free-to-play game to begin with. But the problem I think that a lot of people have with the PR nightmare is the difficulty of completing the directives. Someone at Wargaming seems to have calculated something much higher than the directives should be worth. As they are now, it's pretty unachievable for the average player. I'm doubting that I will even be able to get the Italian premium at the end of the third set of directives, let alone the PR. I think that the math to determine how much resources you need to earn to complete an objective is a little off. This is what I believe should be the math for figuring out the value of a directive. In the example, I will use XP targets and I'm going to use my own stats as the "playerbase average". I'm sure my average is actually lower than the average of the entire playerbase, but I don't have the same access to information as Wargaming, so I don't know the true values. TARGET = (AVERAGE_PER_DAY + (5 x DIRECTIVE_GROUP)%) x DAYS_TO_COMPLETE That's the math that I believe that Wargaming should be using. Determine the average XP earned by players in a day. Increase that value by 5% for every directive group (5% for the directives in the first set, 20% for the directives in the 4th set, etc) for a maximum of 30%. Then multiply that by the number of days the directive should take to complete. For example, my average XP per battle (not sure if it's base or not) is ~1000. Now assume that the average player plays 10 battles per day. That's 10,000 XP earned by day on average. Assuming this is the very first directive, we increase that by 5%. Then, let's say that it should take the average player 3 days to complete that task. That would make an objective to earn 21,000 XP in any ship. The same objective in the fourth directive that should take 4 days to complete would be 48,000 XP. A seventh directive that take 5 days would be 65,000 XP. The same math could be applied to anything. Credits, free XP, base XP, damage, kills, wins, etc. The idea is that it would make the directive possible for the regular players to complete (potentially with a little more grinding than normal), but difficult for the non-regular players (weekend players, for example) who don't constantly play the game. In fact, making it more possible for the average playerbase to come close to the directive (in the example of the PR) might actually incentivize them to purchase a booster (if it were cheaper). I've said it before in the forum that I think Wargaming focuses too much on fewer sales with a higher price rather than more sales with a lower price. It often balances out and it could mean that maybe having more sales would actually mean more money for Wargaming. As it is, I don't think many are happy with the PR situation and it actually might have harmed the reputation of the game for new or potential players.
  6. I'm very disappointed in WG. Their screenshot clearly shows the boosts are 1000db. So I'm like "sure, I'll pay that to get a head start". Turns out it 's actually 6000db... which is +$30! I get that you have to make money, but sometimes there needs to be a cheaper option. I would have been willing to give you guys like $6 for 1000db to put into this, but now you are getting nothing. There's a balance between big payouts and more payouts.
  7. Still a random roll, but the roll is made when you obtain the crate. It's like if you buy a lottery scratch ticket. The numbers are randomly determined when it's printed, not when you scratch it.
  8. I'm curious to see how people would rank the different types of ships from most powerful to least powerful. In my opinion, the destroyers are the most powerful ship in the game, to the point that they are almost too powerful. They have great concealment, torpedoes that can often be stealth fired and fantastic manoeuvrability. And there are quite a few that have very powerful shells. Next, I'd say that the cruisers are the second most powerful. They are very versatile ships. Most are very good at dealing a high DPM with HE spam behind cover, thanks to a decently quick fire rate. They are still very manoeuvrable, their guns can be quite good and the armour on some nations is very strong. Then there are the ships like the Smolensk that have armour that's way too thin. That sounds like a disadvantage, but in reality it makes you virtually immune from penetration damage from battleships. Finally, I'm not sure about whether aircraft carriers are more powerful than battleships. I'd say at the lower tiers battleships are certainly more powerful. They have huge guns and amazing armour. But in the higher tiers, I think they are the weakest type of ship. When it get to tier 10 you lose the armour advantage you have in the lower tiers. Angling doesn't work as well because many ships can deal a huge amount of damage to the super structure. There are cruisers that can easily chunk out 10k of damage per salvo. Then, 9-10 salvos later, you're dead. They also aren't very quick or manoeuvrable, which makes it easier for torpedoes to hit you and you also become a target for HE spam. You also lose the range advantage at the higher tiers, since a lot of cruisers can fire from a far range too. As for aircraft carriers, there are a lot of people who think that they are overpowered, but I'd disagree. Maybe at lower tiers because the other ships lack decent AA suites, but at the higher tiers they aren't that bad. Their biggest talent is spotting. That's not to say that they can't deal good damage at times. As long as you stay together, you can usually pool enough AA fire power to protect yourself against them. At times you still can't stop an aircraft attack, but I think that's fine. If any other type of ship fires a salvo at you, there's not much you can do to stop it either.
  9. Sometimes WoWS has the saltiest community, to the point that people get salty for literally no reason. I've only ever had 1 person rage PM me after a battle (other than the story below) and it was when I had legitimately said something salty to them. But today I got the strangest rage PM after a ranked battle. We kicked butt in a ranked battle. I was in my Republique and I helped storm the A capture point in Greece. I started with a remark in chat about how I've never won at that map when I go to B or C, so I will go to A to change things up a bit. Other than that, I had minimal communication with my team, since the victory was fairly easy, at least from my side of the map. I don't think anyone else on our team actually did any talking, other than a few quick chats for target selection. We ended up winning the game and I was ranked second on the team for XP. Then, someone PMed me in chat saying that my win rate was bad (which, in fairness, it's not great) and that "chat is not a right". Didn't recognize the name, so I pulled up the battle stats to see who it was. It was a mid-ranked destroyer player on my team. I know which destroyer it was because they are the only teammate that I had ever addressed directly in the chat... when I asked them if they were detected late in the battle so that I could decide what side of the main islands I wanted to cover. They were the sole remaining ship from the B/C side of the map (the opposite side to me) and they had done a good job of holding off the push on that side. I actually think they played very well, especially considering a lot of destroyers would have suicided in the first five minutes. So, the TL;DR of the story is that I got raged at by my teammate in a winning battle during which I didn't say anything toxic. And I think that sums up the WoWS community on certain days: Super salty, even when there's nothing to be salty about.
  10. ComputerWhiz

    I no longer understand angling

    I'm giving up on tier 10. The armour is completely random. Two instances sealed the deal for me: Shot at a broadside Yoshino with a salvo of AP and I got a ton of over-pens. Made an identical shot (they were at the same range, same angle, same speed, the shells hit in the same place) and I got a ton of ricochets. Then another game was fighting against a Republique in a Republique. Both at the same range and both head on. I shot at them and I get over-pens. They shoot at me and I lose 18k. This is RNG, not strategy. Back down to the logical tiers I go. UPDATE: Just had a third! Watched three of my AP shells hit a near-flat broadsiding Des Moines at 10km range... 1 over-pen and 2 ricochets!
  11. I thought I understood angling pretty well. I'm a battleship main, so it comes in handy, especially when fighting other battleships. Then I got to tier 10 and now I don't get it. It just doesn't seem to work the same as it used to in the past. I'm not sure if it's because I haven't played a lot of tier 10 battles or if maybe I'm playing the ship wrong or something. I have the Republique, which is certainly a good ship with decent armour and good guns. Not a fan of the turret layout, but that's not the point. It's my first and only tier 10 battleship, so perhaps I'm just not used to playing in tier 10 matches, although I have played in quite a few making my way through tiers 8 and 9. I feel like angling does nothing anymore... at least for me. If I'm shooting at a battleship that is even slightly angled, I get nothing but ricochets. On the reverse, if I'm angled, I constantly take +10k damage per salvo, even against cruisers. It doesn't seem to matter how much I angle, even if it's less than a 20 degree angle. Even when I'm shooting at another Republique, if they are angled I get next to no damage. But then if they shoot me at the same angle, I'm getting a ton of damage. And then I just recently had a strange experience against the Salem today. We were both nearly bow on at a 4km range. My shots were all bouncing and theirs were scoring massive amount of damage that I would never expect a cruiser to make using AP at that angle, regardless of the close range. Is there something I'm missing? Like I said, I had no problem angling at lower tiers, even when playing against other tier 10 ships. It's just a recent issue since I made my way into tier 10.
  12. ComputerWhiz

    Stop CV hunting

    Fair enough
  13. ComputerWhiz

    Deal damage for map border collisions

    I'm a BB main, so I totally get the concern. That's why I suggested a fixed amount of damage per second, regardless of the class of ship. Because (for example) 1000 damage for a DD is a lot worse than 1000 damage for a BB, the penalty kind of self-balances depending on the class of ship. Say the damage is 100HP per second. If it takes a Gearing 5 seconds to get off the border, they take 500HP damage total. If a Montana takes 30 seconds to get off the border, that BB takes 3000HP total. That means that each ship takes ~3% damage to their total health pool. All of the numbers are just for example sake, of course.
  14. ComputerWhiz

    Stop CV hunting

    Hey destroyer players... stop hunting down the carriers! The destroyers are the most powerful class in the game. They are 10000 times more useful than a carrier. So if you choose to spend the battle finding and chasing the carrier instead of doing something that benefits the team, we are going to lose. This is extra important in ranked battles. The carriers aren't that powerful in ranked and there are a lot fewer ships, so it's even more difficult when you waste your time hunting down the most useless class in the game. Thanks!
  15. ComputerWhiz

    Deal damage for map border collisions

    I disagree with both things you've said. The only time I see people on the border, they are intentionally riding it. I'd also disagree about ships being easier to hit when they are on the border. When they are in open water, you have a much better idea of where the ship will be when your shots land, based on their speed and angle. When they are against the border, where they will be when your shots land is must more inconsistent, especially at range.