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  1. I know that tier 10 will soon be capped to 1 per side, but I don't think that's active yet. But for the rest of the tiers, I thought there was a current cap of maximum 2 per side? I assume that's not the case though since I just played a battle with 3 carriers per side.
  2. I'm looking over the Naval Battle section (this is my first time in a clan) and I was wondering if the Naval Battle engagement is only for Tier X? I don't see any restriction in the rules, but I also see that French destroyers and some other categories are excluded because they don't have a tier X ship in the line.
  3. ComputerWhiz

    WANTED: Maps, Operations, Campaigns......

    True. Although I'd argue that larger versions of the same maps could be created for battles in higher tiers.
  4. ComputerWhiz

    Anyone have issues logging into the game client today?

    UPDATE: I was able to login without issues for a few days, but it did it again. Since the last time I posted here, I was just using Google to sign into my account. The information was saved in the client and I just had to click connect. But this morning, it said couldn't connect again. So I changed back to signing in with email. Tried twice with no luck. So I changed back to the Google login and it worked fine.
  5. ComputerWhiz

    Finished the USN BB grind today

    Is it worth the work? I've been on that grind for a while now. I found that they North Carolina is vastly superior to the Colorado, so I'm hoping that this will continue to be the case until I reach T10.
  6. ComputerWhiz

    WANTED: Maps, Operations, Campaigns......

    I'd like to see some of the maps from the lower tiers make it into the upper tiers as well. I miss the maps that I loved in tiers 4 and 5 because now I only really play tier 8 and above.
  7. I was not aware that CVs have this ability. Very interesting because it seems to give CV players a slight advantage that no other ship in the game has.
  8. That will likely change as the game evolves. The developers will likely add more and more ships, as they did with WoWS. Not yet... but see above. This is just because the game is new. That will change as time goes on. WoWS has this feature as well. It's called putting a sticky note on your monitor to cover the chat window :)
  9. ComputerWhiz

    So how was your 200% XP Bonus Wednesday, eh?

    To be honest, I didn't even know that it was double XP Wednesday, although I guess that explains my 8k XP game today :)
  10. ComputerWhiz

    The worst T9 cruiser is

    I just got the Seattle not that long ago. I've played nearly 40 battles in it and I think it's a pretty decent ship. A decent 61% win rate in that ship too. Don't have the Neptune yet, although I can say I've deleted a few broadside ones in my battleships before. They do appear to be pretty poorly armored compared to other ships in the tier.
  11. Just curious what class everyone plays as their main and why they chose that class? My account shows that I have the most cruiser games (everyone starts cruisers because they are the easiest to learn), but my main is battleships. I just find something oddly satisfying about taking away a large chunk of health from a broadside ship with a single AP salvo. I don't like the battleship players that hide at the spawn and HE damage farm though. I think they bring down the battleship reputation. I originally wanted to play the destroyers as my main, but I think there's too much pressure to perform as a destroyer. You are expected to hunt down the other destroyers, capture all of the points or the base, torpedo the battleships and people get made when you die first.
  12. I first got the Lyon in March, but I didn't really like it. I thought that it was a downgrade from the tier 6 Normandie and it almost made me abandon the French battleship line altogether. It's a slugish ship, I had to HE spam because the AP shells wouldn't penetrate anything and the fires were hilarious. Through the rest of March and most of April, I wasn't motivated to play it at all... so I didn't really. Instead, I advanced through the Japanese and US battleship lines. I also experimented with the German battleships as well, but I don't think I'll pursue those ships. It wasn't until recently that I started playing the Lyon again and I'll admit that maybe I was too harsh on it when I first got it. I don't think my play-style has changed any since I first got the ship, but now I'm having a blast with it. Sure, against other battleships, it's pretty helpless and the chances of actually being able to dodge torpedoes are pretty low, but it is a monster against cruisers. I absolutely deleted a full-health broadside Fiji the other day and it was amazing. So, I take back what I originally said about the Lyon. It's actually really fun ship. It's certainly not my favorite battleship, but it's not bad.
  13. I usually simply login with my email and password, which is saved in the game client. But today it was telling me wrong password. I re-entered it multiple times and even logged into the website to make sure that the password was corrected. Ended up having to login on the game using my Google account (which was already linked with my account). Never had this issue before and I supposed it's not major since I am still able to play. Just figured that maybe WG may want to look into it if they get lots of reports of it.
  14. ComputerWhiz

    Why are CV torps not hitting me?

    I had no idea that was even a mechanic. Good to know.
  15. Admittedly, it's a strange question, but why is that sometimes the CV's torps are not hitting me? There have been many times (primarily when I'm in a battleship) that I sail broadside into a CV's torp drop, but don't get hit at all. The torps appear to be hitting my ship, but instead of exploding, they just disappear. One of the CV players accused me of hacking. I'm not, but sometimes it does make even me question that. Anyone have this happen to them? Better yet, anyone know why this happens? Is it just another CV glitch or is there a legitimate mechanic behind it?