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  1. Hi folks- I'm not on my soapbox anymore. I'm sorry for my behaviour from last thread. Does anyone know how I can change my VISA Account number to use another card ? I have a new card and there is no place on the register to show if I want to add another account and change to it. Any good suggestion will be appreciated. Please answer only if you have a solution.
  2. Col_Calibre

    Robot Disappearing Act

    I gotta tell ya, this is just plain awful. I am sorry to tell you that none of this is acurate for me to understand. I didn't ask for constructive grammer and since none of you know me, being a gentleman is not poking at my intelligence AND the reason I wrote these comments. Alright, post some videos to make it easier for me to see what you mean. Doesn't always work. When you know exactly what I mean, then you can answer this with a knowledgeable and coherant statement. Okay, for once, why are the bots given certain formulas to divert their behaviour to our firepower ? They should just move around with appropriate actions, not knowing where we are going to be. Just like we do. I don't care about smoke. What I care about is COMPLETELY DISAPPEARING from the map. No smake, no fog no nothing. Just disappearing !!! We are not given that ability so, why should they have it ?? They are robots with no brains, can't think, no emotions just the ability to divert, start and stop . That's it. I'm hearing a lot of comments more than I am hearing WHY they can do this stuff. Having a TEAM KILL supplement to explain "situational awareness" is completely irresponsible and not a very good answer for me. Regardless of what you all think. So what if we bump into an ally. So what if I rub against him briefly, what kind of REAL damage does he get that's detrimental to his staying alive throughout the battle ?? What I want to know is from someone who wrote the program or someone who manages this place who knows what I am trying to prove. Knowing who is behind or beside me is not going to change the way I battle the enemy nor is it going to stick in my craw the he is damaged and I can't do any more to help him. It's only a graphic image that's in my way (or me in his ) that you have given that image some superficial damage that I (or he) has to pay for when the battle is over. It is totally irritating for me to have to deliver my feelings to you in a way that is important to me and finally such a robust bunch of answers that are not on point. Just odd and misplaced comments from the gallery. PLEASE, if you don't know the answer to an important question, save your butt and keep quiet. This is important to me and since it is not important to you, please stay away from it and let me die in relative peace not knowing there is no one here who has the right answer to this question.
  3. Col_Calibre

    Robot Disappearing Act

    Hello All and Happy New year - I've been playing this great game called World of Warships since March 2018 and have been loving it up until the holidays. Maybe sooner. I've noticed that the Bots (Red Men) have been disappearing on every game. (EVERY). None of the allies can do that. And there's complaining during the game. We can't see 'em to shoot 'em. We're completely visible to them. I have given some thought and have not come up with a logical explanation except for one example. Ex. : Up until last Fall, the bots were kinda easy to eliminate and sometimes they would winn. However that is, there has been a HUGE upset in the algorithyms(?) or Algebraic expressions that made the Bots disappear in battle to make the game tougher to win because we cannot see the enemy. I can't make me disappear and the "P" Button does not work & whoever thought of that is a BIG LIAR. My first query is " Why do they do that, how does it work and why can't the entire community do the same ?" The reason for that is got to be in the kind of answer we need to hear and for someone or a group to be accountable for the radical configuration change. I'm trying to keep my kool here and it's hard. I need a completely real answer that is reliably correct and to the point. That said, I have another one for you - Being Pink is not entirely fair and here is my reasoning on that. First of all, bumping into each other is a mere accident and 99% of the time, it's because the Capt. is concentrating on his direct enemy in front of him and cannot see the BOZO about to ram him. Not his fault of course however, he and the team mate are both fined for it and the fault lies with the rammer (or the one who shot the firing ship). If a friendly fire hits me, the other guy is fined heavily against his account after the battle and sometimes I have been fined for just being there. Quite crummy actually. For the reason of being COMPLETELY FAIR and nothing less, I, who am a completely logical and skeptical person, cannot fathom a reason someone came up with this insane idea to punish the allied force for all this stupid and unreasonable actions. It's not needeed and is not completely fair for one of us to get fined for a small bump into an allied ship. Okay, now, I'll shut-up in just a minute and want you to realise that making this explanation shorter is hard. Much of all of this is completely nonsense and when you play hard at it on the ocean, why do we have to be penalised for it. Okay, someone please give me a complete and to the point reason why these two things are working to the benefit of Wargamers and the community. And please, not something you think I want to hear. Good night and God Bless.
  4. Some more useless information to make you wonder "Hhmmm, why did he ask that ?" When it comes to my mind, I'll just let 'er rip so here goes (also IDK if this was ever asked) - I have some Gold, Silver and XP that was leftover when I started and quit Tanks and Planes. I just spotted it a few days ago and have no idea what to do with it so I wondered if it can be transferred from those games to this one, WoWS. Anyone ever has this issue ??
  5. Col_Calibre

    Ranked Battles and Clan Battles

    You are all very noteworthy about what should be done to makle it more enjoyable. You are totally correct about being a Co-oP player. The Random battles are of course tougher and have some real jerks playing on there. So revert to the more easy aspect of Bots. Now, I don't have replays to support our playing so I will suggest a way for us to get into some training rooms for more real looking scenarios. Our guys are not great fighters as they want to climb up the ranks and collect points. Much is the same at what I started doing at the beginning. Thank you all so very much for this and I do see that many of you have scrambled thru some Operations and come thru with flying colors. Congrats to you.
  6. The more I play, the more query's I have to think about. During the battles of both arenas, I have noticed the Red Men are disappearing quite often causing a lot of major confusion. The allies are delivering some good blows to the enemy and then, suddenly, the ships are gone ! ! ! Then, from out of the fog comes gunfire. Where the hell are they ? ? I can't fire on something I can't see and neither can my mates & comrades. Why can those guys do that, it's so aggrivating. When are we allowed to 'fog up' and disappear so the enemy can't see us ? They are regular folks like us but they have a major advantage by being gone half the time. Definition of FAIRNESS is : Being treated equally 100% of the time. Not partial favoritism for one side only." (not from Websters or similar). I would also like to request some salient advice for fighting in either battle. Here is one plan I came up with : When using the chat box on the left of the screen, press the ENTER button, then press the TAB button, then press ENTER again. This gives us a conversation we, as a team, can only see as we talk about our maneuvers. The enemy should not be able to see this chat log. Am I correct ? As we fight during the clan battles, we try to stay as a group to work on our "focus firing" on the enemy ships. When we spread out, it becomes a difficult , one sided attempt. Any strategies for this ?? Also, one last thing, how can we get 7 guys together to fight and expect some kind of commitment level so we can see them on each season. For this and many other questions I have asked so far, thank you so very much for your expertise and Naval knowledge for these battles. I really have a lot of fun and have learned a lot of history about the boats I love as well..
  7. Col_Calibre

    Create a Division

    Thank-you all very much. As much as I hated to hear this kind of answer, I guess I'll have to accept it. Rats !?!?!
  8. Col_Calibre

    Create a Division

    I want to "Create A Division" of more than 3 mates by using the selection at the top of the page in "Port". Several of us who want to fight as a larger team in separate battles cannot be bigger than 3 maximum. Is there a way to extend this to , let's say 5 or 6 ? To go out in a Co-Op or Random play in a team of 5 or 6 would be nice change. The enemy team can keep up the original rule using 8 or 12 however, we want our guys to fight thsoe numbers as a large group and not a group of only three. I hope this is clear enough. Any solutions ?
  9. Col_Calibre

    Getting Back Unspent Doubloons

    How do I get back some doubloons that were accidentally spent ? There were only $250. spent for a 24hr time to have a Premium Account. When I pressed the Purchase button, I thought I would get another step before it took the cash. It didn't have one. I've not done anything with it so I haven't spent it on anything. Is it possible I could get them back ??
  10. MURCC - you are right. That's all I've seen and T1 x T1 with 8x8 teams is fine with me. Beefing up the free XP and the Ship XP is easy when you fall a bit low with the big boys. When it's among the bots who are very lousy shots, our XP is easy to use and getting a victory every time.
  11. DragonMan - I've been in this game for nearly 8 months, gotten to T7-T8 and have not heard of the "unicums" at T1. Can you explain.?? And for the rest of you, thanks a million for the feedback. It certainly helps when everyone else has an answer.
  12. I seem to have more questions than answers or contributions. Today is no different. I am driving 2 Tier7 cruisers and love them both. I decided to go back to T1 and work on the game for points with the T1 Orlan (Ger). Easy battle and short games. I realized that I can shoot better than the Bots and get most of the ships myself. When I saw the medal for "Destroying 4 or More Boats" ?!?!?!?!?!? WOW, I can get much more now. Those are easy. The other one is - I have 3 "First Blood" medals on the PT Server driving T1 boats. Since those 3, I have gotten more first shots and complete kills all to myself - can't find those additional medals. It's still 3. Also "Destroying 4 or More Boats" is easy and have not seen the medal but once. There are no numbers to indicate more have been obtained. All of this is on the PT server 0.7.11 If possible, I would like a link to the definitions of obtaining these medals so I will understand completely what to expect. Some of this occurs on the live server as well.
  13. Col_Calibre

    Fireballs on The Ships in Port

    Vaffu - There is a method to your madness. I did delete the Mods pkg and its' folder and restarted the game. After 10 battles, I went back to the Port and to my surprise, there were no fireballs on or near the boat. You were exactly right and thank you so much for the help. I will now try to go back into the Mods loader and add one at a time, the way I like the set-ups and see which ones are the corrupt files with fireballs. I do hesitate but, I do like some of the edits they produce. I would like to keep some. L8R Buds. . . .
  14. Col_Calibre

    Fireballs on The Ships in Port

    We didn't discuss deleteing the game. That never came up. Now I need to know and that was me that made the earlier entry. There was no credible answer for the issue at-hand. All I need to know now is whether to delete the game or not. Will my data remain in-tact ??
  15. I have had some troubles with a few fireballs erupting in the port and now several are showing up in any type of battles. I can leave and come back at a later time and they are gone for a little while. Then they come back. Here's a few examples where it doesn't matter which port they are in. These are not damaging the ship - they are corrupt files somewhere in the program and I really want to get rid of them. If I delete the game and re-install it, will all my data and ranks be saved on my return after the install ?? Thanks folks for all your answers with my miniscule issues.