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  1. 100 Juliet Charlie's. Nice
  2. rayspotter


    OK, that made me make a mess of my keyboard. thank you for that
  3. this was my lowest at tier 8, smidge over 31k. I did feel remorse through admitting guilt, for a second anyways.
  4. rayspotter

    1,000,000 xp on shimakaze

    apologies all, it was a typo. I look for just a little bit longer this time and I read 10 million. Dang it,........ Im getting old.
  5. rayspotter

    1,000,000 xp on shimakaze

    Great Idea. but don't hold you breath. At work right now so can't show a screenshot. I have very close to 10 million on my lightning. Some 3500 games with it. My clan leader says that's a problem but I just love the ship. No, I will not be converting it. $200/ 1 million. lol- ya, NO.
  6. rayspotter

    This one time at band camp. . . .

    playing against CV feels like........... like the apple pie. sorry, I had to.
  7. rayspotter

    Another Cool End Game Screen Capture

    I have to throw this end game screen grab up from a game yesterday. Was my 4th double CV game that night...………. and then this game happened...…… the 3 before were forgotten pretty quick. Finished of a Kraken with a double strike on both CVs. Game was won and ended with fatal rockets mere feet from my DD. Afterwards, I smoked a cigarette and cuddled with my monitor.
  8. rayspotter

    Ban me for protesting dual CV

    had 3 double CV games last night out of the 10 games I played. 2 at T-6 and 1 at T-4. closed app and opened my book.
  9. rayspotter

    New sounds overwhelming and distracting

    and that new constant clicking sound in my destroyer. What the heck is that ? super annoying.
  10. I will give it a go on the weekend......... While I'm cutting the lawn
  11. rayspotter

    Your thoughts on the British Lines? What do you think?

    British DD's are clearly my favorite. 1600 battles in Icarus and 3400 in lightning.......... LOL, and my clan leader says that a problem. Oh, Fiji and Minotaur are always a blast as well. BB's for me..... yawn If the OP has some pull with the all mighty powers then I have a long list of stuff that I would like changed to suit my personal play style.
  12. rayspotter

    It is rare for me to earn a Kraken Unleashed.

    Nicely done Wolf!- earned it you did.
  13. rayspotter

    Ok Karma, you win I repent, now stop it pls

    I feel your pain...... thought I was going to rank out in 25 games this time.......ended up at 32, ..............which I am fine with. My best rank sprint was 16 games. This season I seamed to have stumbled around at R5, took several games up a star, down a star, up a star and so on but never really got pushed back any. Ended up with 2 double kills in the R5 to R1 stretch, always nice to get those as the reds sort of self destructed after that. good times and good luck. Tonight is your night and I hope your R1 game is spectacular!!!!!
  14. rayspotter

    Growing Calls for a Clan Battle Boycott

    Made me laugh. thanks for that. I'm not a complainer, just not interested in clan battles anymore. Sprint, I will play a few to see how it is but not so thrilled and actually finding myself no longer aching to race home after work and compete anymore. We all know why. I still have the odd good game but ya....... yawn. I'm not boycotting, just not interested and I think that is worse.
  15. rayspotter

    Question: What is this chain for?

    this is why I visit here eveyday. You learn so much from some really knowlegable people. You have to filter it out from all the rest of the crap, but thats not so hard to do. Thank you for above. Excellent!