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  1. rayspotter

    How many First Bloods do you have?

    266 first bloods in 4500 games. It is by far my most favourite achievment to collect. *randoms*
  2. Wow, I have never seen a general team strategy for this game put so elegantly. Thank you.
  3. rayspotter

    Myths in wows you know are not true

    #14 I died in the first few minutes cause my team is nothing but potatoes. Was going to put down #11( cheats) but got beaten to it. Now, I better change my avatar hat to something more new years related.
  4. this is it for me. I just decided that this was not the company that I wanted to give my money to anymore. I lost all trust. Great game that I play often, and I hope it does not go away, but when it does there will be others to choose from.
  5. rayspotter

    Lets see those Christmas themed AVATARS!! HO! HO! HO!

    great idea Jay for a topic that does not involve the letters PR or CV. A nice read for a Monday morning. Here is my 2 minute Christmas Avatar edit
  6. Was going to post something similar about aliens but you beat me to it LOL
  7. Very interesting Ducky, thank you.... Looks like I have some more mining and reading to do. Odd that there are no replays floating around that simply cannot be explained. Surely if there was one it would be here followed by pages of people going "See, See, I told you all"
  8. I dont think there has ever been a documented case of a hack in WOW. Not ever has one been presented. There has however been many, many a new player come on here and claim that they are the first to see it. Its usually someone with like 307 games. This is the first time I have seen a player with nearly 8k in games speak this way. Pathetic troll attempt. The best legal hack out there is the SAA hax. SKILL and ABILITY. you can find it on the internet but some assemlby required. I'm still assembling....
  9. rayspotter

    Ive been told there are no hacks

    I have been blamed for hacking a few times before. Not many, but a few. One guy went on about it all game trying to get everyone to report me until someones else on his team said "dead guys should shut the F up". I just ignore as I know my game is completely vanilla( not even Aslains) and I'm just Joe average in play. After viewing the replay I couldn't be sure of what it was that made him think I had a hack. How can someone who plays in T-8 or above have such a low understanding of game mechanics, particularily spotting, which is what I think was his problem, and then his/her only course of action is to blame others for cheating. I dunno, but sure seams to be a more of those latetly....... or it was just some troll looking for someone to trigger. They are easy kills so actually dont mind them in the game. Unless blatently obvious like a BB imune to torps and its caught on the replay then there is no way to know for sure Since this thread is all over the place ( but thats OK ) Good players on the weekend comment was actually kind of funny. I can relate. Yes- its own thread. Here was my last weekend and the following week days. Can you spot the day I consumed a bit too much wine and most certainly should not have been playing. LOL.
  10. rayspotter

    Stop Kill Stealing!

    Pope_shizzle said it best a couple of weeks ago. I will use his words here and hope he doesn't mind. "If you killed it, then it would be your kill, If you didn't, then it wasn't."
  11. Ok........... this whole thread was pretty funny but this one takes the lead for sure. thank you for that.
  12. I have often liked the idea( its been suggested before) of them making a checklist of skills your have to go through and achieve a certain level on to be able to advance to the next tier. Very similar to Gran Tourismo style of driving tutorial. short 1 -3 minutes sections of bot game play designed to only teach the person how to do a particular aspect of the game effectively. I did ignore most of the guides listed above when I first started because I wanted to play the game. When I discovered that I was not going to get better by just spamming the battle button I returned to watch them all. There is a ton of info out there if you just look for it and then work hard at trying to apply it. Would be nice if players had to achieve a training score before advancing. Nothing more wrong than a t-10 DD wasting his hydro at 2 seconds into the match.
  13. rayspotter

    Quick chat global- how?

    Quick chat features can be done by hitting B to get the wheel or with F-key commands as said above. to all chat.. after hitting enter to start typing chat first hit tab to cycle through " to team", " to division", "to all" Just dont leave it on " to all " or you will be giving too much info to the reds. Although I use it for annoying and distracting misinformation to the reds. nice summary Ryuu BTW.
  14. rayspotter

    A message from the Pumpkins

    I sank a couple pumpkins this weekend. Really made an effort to not just yolo in just to get one ruining the game for others at the same time. Was a blast and the rewards are nice. One pumpkin was quite funny, cant remember the # but he was kinda pissed that no body else was shooting at me while I was shooting at him.
  15. rayspotter

    10th Solo Warrior!!

    I was happy at gaining 2 over a year and a half, But 10 solo warriors...... thats is something to be proud of, way to go!!!