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  1. WeekendLossStreak

    Please Get Rid of Dreadnaught and FireProof!

    You can't get those achievements by camping behind cover. Both are awarded by tanking damage for the team. Rather than your cruisers or dds getting hit. It's you, and that's your award. It's you that's getting HE spammed and losing 40% of your health to fires. It's you bow tanking AP shells. I've only ever received those achievements for my best games. Tanking 1.5 - 2 million potential damage, using all heals. That 2 million worth of shells could have deleted near enough your entire team. Your logic is backwards. You really think those fusos and nagatos are getting a damn thing camping the border? Your "fighting" for your team is actually suiciding. Your average damage is 12,000. That's only one or two salvos playing a BB, and you're dead.
  2. WeekendLossStreak

    Why do you still play this game?

    Slower change of pace from playing battlefield. I do enjoy this game at times, it has its moments. I find warships from past times interesting, I love how you can play huge iconic ships of their time. I actually really enjoyed it before 8.0. With wows though, I get this feeling of complete hopelessness when you see your team just suicide for reasons no one would know. It's just frustrating at times, the game can be thrown after an all cap lead and there's absolutely nothing you can do. Same goes for teams that we absolutely stomp, with us only losing one or two ships. I do feel bad for the other team because it could very easily have been my own team to get destroyed. So I leave and go back to fps games and alternate between them. I'd like to see an improvement made towards MM. Less so about tiers, perhaps group the nearest 5% into a game as long as waiting times are reasonable. Just a different format for farming potatoes I guess. Just taking things a little slower now and waiting for this current meta to settle into what we'll be playing for the next few months. Otherwise I'm happy enough to play it.
  3. WeekendLossStreak

    Captain skills

    Better off choosing FP instead. If you have friendlies on your port side, and a DD is somewhere spotting, it's likely on your starboard. DD locations are easy to work out. Wait for PT to change when they're targeting you, change your direction and wait for their torps to come. Or pick Vigilance and Expert loader for 4 points to make quick changes to HE shells if DD fighting is your worry.
  4. WeekendLossStreak

    Ships ive gotten from the santa boxes

    Those bolded ones are pretty much the last two 1x20 buys. I got Belfast, Kami and Nikolia in the second last crate buy. I got Missouri in the very last buy. I bolded because those were the apparent rarer ones to get.
  5. WeekendLossStreak

    Ships ive gotten from the santa boxes

    Bought 20x Big gifts every weekend for about a month. Sometimes I was getting 4 ships per 20 crates if I was lucky. Picked up 6 of the rare ones in total. I said to myself, this will be the last buy. Looks like RNG was in my favour. Also got; BBs: Roma Kii Gasogne Dunkerque Okt. Rev Nikolai Arizona Alabama Texas Mutsu Cruisers: Atago Indianapolis Boise Murmansk Krasny Molotov Kutuzov Prinz Eugen Belfast Huanghe De Grasse Duca Abruzzi Nueve De Julio DDs: Kamikaze Asashio Sims Kidd Gremy Okhotnik T61 Z39 Blyska Anshan Loyang Aigle Le Terrible
  6. WeekendLossStreak

    Battle Strat

    Tank enough damage that you don't die before the game ends, and you have the chance to use all your heals. Without being so passive that you have 3/4 health and all your heals left at the end. If you're finishing the game with lots of HP and heals your cruisers did the job you're supposed to do and died. Low tier DDs have terrible torp ranges, sub 6km. So if you see one rushing you kite away and watch your priority target move from (1) (0) (1) this means they've gone from guns, launched torps, back to guns. You'll easily run the distance of their torps so they shouldn't hit you. Be aggressive, but not so much where you get targeted by 3 or more. Once youve made the wrong choice and need to run, 20knot top speed makes that very hard to do. Cruisers fear your guns, as long as your in a good position you have strong map control. Fire at anything that shows you broadside, that's a mistake that should be punished, sometimes you can delete them with one salvo.
  7. WeekendLossStreak

    WG you need to be more careful (not a complaint/attack)

    Why don't you make a div with your clan mates just for one random game, at least you guys can make the most of the experience. Just ignore the chat, no one actually speaks anything worth reading really. For the most part the other team and your own team play like bots anyway. I agree PvP can be awful at times. In PvP you can get 1000xp doing as little as 10000-15000 damage it seems if your team takes the win. Anyway, just an idea.
  8. WeekendLossStreak

    Vanguard Vs. Monarch

    Monarch's stealth is pretty much best in game. I find her easier to play when up tiered for some reason, my avg damage and win rate is higher as well. Used her in T8 ranked to grind xp and did quite well. Very forgiving ship to play. Vanguard requires a different play style. You have to protect your citadel whilst also dealing damage. Fast and handles really well. You can manoeuvre out of incoming shells and torps if you catch them firing early. My Monarch WR: 65%, Lion; 57%. Vanguard a not so impressive 47%. MM when I first got Vangaurd it was pretty much myself being the only T8 against Yamatos and GKF for about 30 games.
  9. WeekendLossStreak

    No need to save ship once team is winning ?

    If both teams are close on points it's not a good decision to just suicide. Even a two cap advantage can be flipped quite easily. Happened to me yesterday when I played in Vangaurd. We had a 400 point lead. Easy win. Three of our cruisers thought it was a great idea to fail push BBs to get desperate torp kills. Turns out they get citadelled and died. Our BBs were hungry for torps and cruisers letting red DDs run havok. In the end it was myself vs four ships. cruiser died from fire. I had to sink a dd, kgv and angle and kite at 5km distance from a 3/4 health massachusetts. Got the Mass down to 700hp and we won on time due to a lucky cap advantage. All within the last 5 minutes. Never throw your ship away. Made the game near impossible to win. Luckily enough ended 1000xp ahead of 2nd place. Absolutely never throw your life away if an enemy DD is still alive late game. Your team depends upon your high DPM.
  10. WeekendLossStreak

    Time to buff Tirpitz B?

    My win rate with Tirpitz is 58%, 63k avg damage. She's a good ship, so much fun. I have a feeling people try to play her like a DD when first released some people still yolo push just to dump torps and get their secondaries to let loose. Though it suffers the same problem Montana and Yamato suffer. They were the first two original lines everyone grinder through and so their numbers suffer and are extremely slow to improve as a star due to the sheer number of games played.
  11. WeekendLossStreak

    DD Suicides Creating Game In-balance

    When you play a DD there is pressure to get the caps and scout what ever is stealing your own cap. Many get tunnel visioned though, and lose awareness of radar cruisers and just yolo. Always have to keep track of where radar is on the map and their distance to you. At the same time, keeping track of enemy DDs. If you get spotted in front of two cruisers you're still going to get blapped for 3/4 health. You have to recognise your opportunities to be aggressive and pick when it's better just to keep things spotted. DD play changes so much as you go up tiers with the intro of radar, probably more than any other ship type. How you played in lower tiers doesn't work in high tier.
  12. WeekendLossStreak


    I got Ashitaka a few weeks ago. AA is appalling. T9 games the CV will hunt for you. Fantastic guns at T7 though, actually devastating when you're top tier. Only had 6 games so far. Averaging 76,000 damage and 1600-1700xp per game so far.
  13. Faced a Kit and Harugumo a few games ago, they weren't silly enough to show themselves though unfortunately. The sky was full of fire though.
  14. You're taking things too literal. Speed is situational, i get it. Of course sometimes you need to use full forward to avoid a torp in the [edited], other times you can slow and watch them go straight past. Yes, I use a survival build. No BB stands a chance against a Harugumo or Kitakaze though. As I said, circumstantial.
  15. Could be different circumstances. There are those that camp the border and snipe, usually Musashi/Yamato, or German which really can't hit a damn thing from that distance. Then there are those that have been area denied near a cap by HE spammers or long range torps. If you have someone concealed behind island cover and they are doing 3-4k HE damage to you every 5-10 seconds you're not going to last long even with the super heal. Trying to get your BB in between the torp gap whilst kiting at 30knots is going to drive you quite far away. A lot of the times you don't mean it, but if it comes to living and healing or dying, what choice do you have at times?