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  1. WeekendLossStreak

    Hood Captain skills?

    I use standard tank build on RN bbs, works well with your heals. Other BB's I'd go BoS, instead of EL and JoAT, as you're not going between HE and AP as much. Don't waste your time investing into secondaries or AA.
  2. WeekendLossStreak

    Time to stop the Smolensk, Russ bias WG.

    Hit smolensk with HE. Multiple times I've deleted them hiding in their smoke with multiple HE citadels
  3. WeekendLossStreak

    Boat Captain Training Help

    I used the same captain from start to tier 10. So for instance, I started the German BB line with a captain build I would use in the G.Kurfurst. Whether that be the universal BB tank build, half survivability/secondaries or full spec secondary. Once you have 19pnt captains you can share the captain xp between them and bring their skills up.
  4. WeekendLossStreak

    T8 and T9 accuracy?

    NC, Iowa, Amagi and Musashi all have reliable guns. They pack a punch at range too. The rest can be infuriating at times.
  5. WeekendLossStreak

    Those rare times where you don't get finished off....

    It's the most frustrating thing sometimes. Had a few games where a GK or Monty gets down to sub 1000hp, they're allowed by the team to disappear behind cover for a few minutes and come back with 18,000 health to inflict another 50k damage
  6. WeekendLossStreak

    BB Captains, pay attention to the red Asashio

    Sadly most of the Asashios I come across head straight for the border for kill the CV adventure time . Why Asashio players do this I'll never know. The ones that actually cap,use their guns and great concealment when necessary are extremely impactful to the game.
  7. WeekendLossStreak

    SO I bought the Scharn... Couple of questions...

    Shinyhorse is a fun ship. Along with Tirpitz and Gniesenau , they're probably the only three ships that can comfortably make it out of a 3v1 brawl alive. Set manual secondaries on the cruiser or dd and push into two BBs and let your torps do the work. As long as you don't show your side to them you won't take much damage or get your torps knocked out. Very fun ship to play. I use my 19p GK captain in mine, part secondary (no bft, just aft + mfsec) , part survivability build.
  8. WeekendLossStreak

    Shooting through smoke hack?

    I've citadelled more Minotaurs camping in smoke than I have out of it. Just plot from their shell arcs and last known position on the mini map before going undetected. They only typically travel in a straight line forward or backward when moving in their smoke screen. Just aim forward and rear of the last marker position and you'll get easy hits.
  9. WeekendLossStreak

    Are german BBs even somewhat viable in a time like this?

    FDG had me so indecisive what gun caliber to even use. I think I changed between the two gun sized a good 10 times. It was just so inaccurate, I was constantly going between "faster reload and put more shells out" vs "bigger shells and do more damage when I actually hit" GK is a monster, she's totally worth the grind. Armour is amazing and a huge health pool. With all those shells, she hits like a truck. It feels like a exponential increase in fire power. You can just park her angled and fire on anyone who dares push you. Usually it's enough to keep anyone away from that specific cap, unless you get one of those yolo idiots that want to die and get focused by your team just for the sake of pushing you. Bayern was a whole lot of fun too, you have one of the bigger gun calibers of that tier along with warspite.
  10. WeekendLossStreak

    The game is frustrating and unfun

    Make sure you're actually locked on to target, hit X on and off, check your minimap as well for the circle around your target. Multiple times I've fired on targets only to watch my shells go into the water because of lock on bug
  11. WeekendLossStreak

    The game is frustrating and unfun

    I was curious seeing as your stats are private. Now that you mention 20knots, I understand you're playing low tier and might be a new player. Just stick with it, early game is a bit of a grind, but from Tier 6 and up there are some great ships and good fun. Wait until you get to the Fuso, Nagato, North Carolina, Bayern, Bismarck. They all have their own characteristics that make them fun. MM will be matchmaking, not much you can do.
  12. WeekendLossStreak

    Should have never installed Match Making monitor

    Most online games that have anything to do with downing an enemy will have useful statistics. MMM has its merits, I downloaded it a few days ago. It has completely shocked me at times, even more so when the flank you're on has a WR in the high 30s, and you just wonder to yourself, am I even making the right decision sticking on this flank? Within 2 minutes these 30%'ers have yolo'd the cap and died. I've been using it to find a buddy in the 50% area, and it works pretty good. We've had games where our team was 46% vs 54%, and just sticking with that one guy that knows what he's doing has helped us win the game even though the odds weren't in our favour from the start. I understand the guys that play to relax and unwind though, just let them play their game and try pick up the pieces as best as you can.
  13. WeekendLossStreak

    Please Get Rid of Dreadnaught and FireProof!

    You can't get those achievements by camping behind cover. Both are awarded by tanking damage for the team. Rather than your cruisers or dds getting hit. It's you, and that's your award. It's you that's getting HE spammed and losing 40% of your health to fires. It's you bow tanking AP shells. I've only ever received those achievements for my best games. Tanking 1.5 - 2 million potential damage, using all heals. That 2 million worth of shells could have deleted near enough your entire team. Your logic is backwards. You really think those fusos and nagatos are getting a damn thing camping the border? Your "fighting" for your team is actually suiciding. Your average damage is 12,000. That's only one or two salvos playing a BB, and you're dead.
  14. WeekendLossStreak

    Why do you still play this game?

    Slower change of pace from playing battlefield. I do enjoy this game at times, it has its moments. I find warships from past times interesting, I love how you can play huge iconic ships of their time. I actually really enjoyed it before 8.0. With wows though, I get this feeling of complete hopelessness when you see your team just suicide for reasons no one would know. It's just frustrating at times, the game can be thrown after an all cap lead and there's absolutely nothing you can do. Same goes for teams that we absolutely stomp, with us only losing one or two ships. I do feel bad for the other team because it could very easily have been my own team to get destroyed. So I leave and go back to fps games and alternate between them. I'd like to see an improvement made towards MM. Less so about tiers, perhaps group the nearest 5% into a game as long as waiting times are reasonable. Just a different format for farming potatoes I guess. Just taking things a little slower now and waiting for this current meta to settle into what we'll be playing for the next few months. Otherwise I'm happy enough to play it.
  15. WeekendLossStreak

    Captain skills

    Better off choosing FP instead. If you have friendlies on your port side, and a DD is somewhere spotting, it's likely on your starboard. DD locations are easy to work out. Wait for PT to change when they're targeting you, change your direction and wait for their torps to come. Or pick Vigilance and Expert loader for 4 points to make quick changes to HE shells if DD fighting is your worry.