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  1. TheLonelyTurkey

    CV BADLY needs ASW

    Cv severely is lacking any real capability to kill a sub that is actively hunting them. Sub simply submerges and surfaces to dodge all incoming fire and the CV is unable to counter at all if the sub has a decent player in them. Cv should have at least the same ASW consumable as the Battleship so they are not totally over powered and have a decent chance of making the sub wary to approach them.
  2. Thanks. I see you can also purchase the camo seperately too. Guess I need to do my research a bit more next time. I forget the WOWS website even exists sometimes.
  3. i see that once again Transfomrers are back. and one of my favorite characters is FINALLY here. StarScream. Sadly he is locked behind a massive paywall or a crate with less than a 14% chance of getting him. This is a problem for a potential consumer such as myself. I would have gladly picked my digital wallet out and nabbed that sweet jet of a decepticon and all his comical glory if he had been by himself or in a bundle with his camo or even a couple of other oversized space overlords thrown in. This seems to be a recent thing with WG putting things in massive bundles or having to buy large amounts of crates to get certain commanders/camo for ships that you want. I understand it, you put everything in a giant bundle and likely people will buy it, thats fine. But i think WG should offer again its specific (and significantly cheaper) bundles or individual commanders for sale like they used to. Sadly for players like me I'm not pulling out my paypal info for an under 14% chance for just for one dude. nor will I slap down $150 on the digital checkout for the lot. Same with AL. At least I got a couple of commanders with VO so I could listen to a different voice in some of the ships. I've never even watched/played the games but your going to get a commander 100% per crate so i dropped $20 in the WG bucket for kicks and giggles. However the rest of the stuff i was interested in was behind unspeakable horror paywalls. I could open a tree trimming business and landscaping company for these prices when totalled up. But i won't spend for transformers. Too expensive just for one dude. Sorry StarScream your still cool but not THAT cool.