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  1. Imperial_Hammer

    Scenarios, Economy Nerf Inbound, Voice Your Thoughts!!

    I agree with you completely Admiral. It's disappointing to see the direction that PVE is headed. My clan is all about operations/Co-op stuff. It's unfortunate but some time away from the game for me may be needed. I just don't think it's right to be undervalued as a player.
  2. Imperial_Hammer

    Enterprise still king of t8

    Yes we do.
  3. Imperial_Hammer

    Not seen this one before, glitch.

    That's the new everyone vs everyone death match mode.
  4. Imperial_Hammer

    Asking for Help, Friendship

    Feel free to add me in-game. I'm a Co-op/Operations player. If I'm on, just send me a chat.
  5. Imperial_Hammer

    Your best Co-op Game(s) / Stats

    Brutal match.
  6. Imperial_Hammer

    Who have you seen in game

    Sounds like a well balanced match.
  7. Imperial_Hammer

    Your best Co-op Game(s) / Stats

    I'm always around if you don't want a bot cv on your team AT. Though I have had a couple games in my tenure where you couldn't tell the difference. :P
  8. Imperial_Hammer

    Who is excitied about the new CV coming!?!?

    It's a T-10 Premium CV. We'll finally be able to break even in Co-op matches. :)
  9. Imperial_Hammer

    New Russian CV!

    Found it!
  10. It's a little early in the morning to be hitting the bottle already Franz. You need to pace yourself buddy.
  11. Imperial_Hammer

    Co-op events

    This 100%.
  12. Imperial_Hammer

    Operation Killer Angel!

    Nice job! Well done!
  13. Unfortunately despite what they say, I see Narai going the way of Dynamo and Cherry Blossom. Us PVE folks just aren't appreciated by WG even though we spend just as much (monetary wise) as everyone else. It's a shame, I really liked it, even with it's quirks. Would be nice if they gave Operations their attention for a little bit, instead of just throwing a bunch other stuff at us that aren't really being asked for (looking at you dockyard).
  14. Imperial_Hammer

    Current CV Meta

    Actually, there are a lot of us who enjoy CV's whether piloting them, or playing against them. The majority of us just don't whine about it.
  15. Imperial_Hammer

    What's the point in dd's if there's carriers?

    So what you're saying is...