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    I am a seeker with no limits on the acquisition of knowledge and wisdom that leads to harmony and peace of mind. I love the ocean, walks on the beach after all the tourists have gone home. I have found a new interest WofWS, finding it very much in line with the ideals I live by, do your very best and accept the outcome. Win of loose, you try again, learning from the last contest.

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  1. Sir,

    Would you please explain how the redistribution of points to finish a commander works?  I have gone through the redistribution of points twice for an 11 point captain at 300 doubloons per redistribution.  How many times do you go through this process until skills have been mastered?  This may be a silly question but I have looked every where for the answer and have spent many, many doubloons trying to complete this task.  I would like your help on this problem.

    Thank you sir, 


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    2. HMCS_Devilfish


      Once a ship Captain is qualifyied he remains so till moved to another ship

      Premium ship Captain can move anywhere same nation without penalty  

    3. wolfchild27


      Thank you sir,

      You are saying that a captain cannot master any skills until he has 19 points, and that I should keep playing the ships until they have 19 points before I redistribute points?


    4. HMCS_Devilfish


      A Captain can master any skill on the ship he begins  in ,so if you have let’s say 3 skill points and  get a skill costing 3 skill points it is fully functional however if you then move this Captain to a new ship this skill will be reduced to 1/2 till you get 50,000 XP then he is considered fully trained or you can pay $ and do it immediately,

      A19 point commander is usually fully trained, I do not change his skills unless I change the way I play ... if you go to the Wows wikeleaks they have a recommendation on what skills work best for each ship

  2. Thank you for the very accurate explanation of the disappearing ships.  I went to WIKI and did a lot of reading on the subject, of which, yours was easer to understand.