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  1. How To Get Out Of A Slump?

    Several times is like so, yes. 1, 2, 3, 4 kills but is not enough to compensate the disastrous work of your team and the defeat is there at the end.
  2. British carriers. Night battles (star shells, searchlights). New battle modes.
  3. Tips for the Graf Spee

    With his name of pocket battleship tentation is big to change words with enemy BBs but can be fatal. One salvo of 381 or 406 and the end is there. Short engagement in support with other BB can work but dont become the main adversary. Main battery is fair, resist the tentation of remain broadside for use the six 280.Secondary battery is weak, like the original. Torpedos are good with a good range of 8 km. AA is very good but something handicaped with the limited max speed of 28 knts.
  4. If you can, try morning-midday(European central time). Quality of the teams and players are a lot better.
  5. Atlanta. A lot of noise but few nuts.
  6. Torpedo reloading in 70 seconds(or less). Smoke reserved for DDs and a small number of cruisers. Radar for a limited number of ships.
  7. Potato class battleship. Built by Pringles, Shipyard.
  8. Pissed off player

    First minutes and the choices are fundamental. When you see somebody say"To A and C", and then two DD went to B to be massacred in the first minutes and one destroyer arrived in C alone to enfrent a wave of eight enemies, thing of course went bad. Or 10 of the 12 green ships are far and allround of the map with only two to defend the base and resist a strong wave of reds. When things went in the disaster and impossible to change the results, the only posssible thing is preserved your ship and arrived at the end of the match with the minimal satisfaction of be afloat.
  9. Good idea. Already in theme, the CL52 Juneau was found in march of this year by Paul Allen. Peace at the souls of the five brothers Sullivans lost with the ship, this tragic day of Nov 13, 1942(the USN changed after the rules of assignation of crews after this day).
  10. And torpedos too. Only Roman Empire style catapults allowed.
  11. Looking for tips on the Kirov.

    Stay at medium-long range of the target. The artillery, dispersion and the excelent munition allowed that. Use of torpedos as last resource. Move, move and change always of heading. Dont engage BB alone and became the main target of the enemy. This rules are applicable for all three ships of the family, Kirov, Molotov and Budyonny.
  12. The better weapon of the Scharnhorst is the speed. That saved him in Norway against the Renown or later in convoy attacks after discovering a BB with the escort. The speed saved him by the war to the last battle. Then, with the speed lost in the Cape Nord battle, he was doomed.
  13. Research points help

    Is relative easy to identified bots. All carried names of admirals and other high ranks officers by the Sea War history(all nations).
  14. Played yesterday second time with Budyonny. Better, with five bagged but second objetive failed. If the group went under three ships secondary objetive is considerated as failed with enemy carrier destroyed or not.