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  1. When your team hasn't a clue

    Another Tier III chat. Myself or another player: "A B. C last". Near all force take the heading for A but one DD went to C alone. Five minutes latter from the DD approaching C with five reds there now. "I need support!"
  2. When your team hasn't a clue

    Tier III chat. Myself: "Protect the base.Dont sail too far". Player x: "Offensive is the best defense". Four DDs were down S and were all destroyed in the 10 next minutes for nothing enchange. End results: full green force destroyed with a result of 12 vs 2 losses(one of me with the old Varyag). Other: Myself: "Dont entry in the middle channel. Only scout the corners". Player x: "%&/"*ç&%" Results: Three DDs destroyed in the middle channel by the first minutes for nothing enchange, team weaked, and defeat.
  3. Yes. And this one arrived frequently.
  4. Exactly. I had see that many times.
  5. Some good ships by Tier VI.
  6. II to V are great. Very happy there.
  7. why does EVERYTHING have Radar?

    Yamato without radar? Guauu incroyable. Al least three type differents were operated by the Yamato and were the better in hands of the IJN by this times. Already were are also visible in the photos.
  8. RIP SeverianSwordmaster

    Condolences to the family and friends.
  9. a-B-c

    Assign the more far cap area as last. If C is the most nearest must be C B. That allowed also the group to fire and [edited] mouvement of the enemy toward B. The problem always is the same: follow the team this established plan or not? Usually one or more ships dont follow the plan, sail to A to be isolated and destroyed by the first minutes.
  10. Speaking of mistakes, IJN crews were alowed to carry personnel effects(strictly forbbiden by the others operations)and many ships were overloaded with supplies. By the Hiryu the rise sacks near jammed the corridors and this sacks were the cause of the multiplication of incontrolable fires and the loss fight with the flames.
  11. Hesitations of Nagumo. IJN carrier system of operations of utilise all the four carriers for strikes at the same time. The catapult problem of the Tone and delayed the recce patern for this floaplane.
  12. Really, need a good amount of luck.
  13. Boring yes but more near of the reality. Very few battles were complete hecatombes with two or three ships a float at the end of the fight. Ok, but that is a game with other considerations.
  14. So how bad were real American warships?

    Until early 1943 things were complicated for the USN. Cruisers were no so good, destroyers quite limited and supered by the IJN types, bad utilisations of the Atlantas, torpedo carrier based aviation disastrous but improving with the new TBF Avenger, battleships little a little improving with the entry in service of new types, very bad torpedos, radar fragile and with a lot of "caprices". From 1943 things improved a lot, Fletchers, Essex, Iowas, better utilisation of the cruisers, Grumman Hellcat and F4U for the USMC, etc.