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  1. Samuel_Stevens_destroyer

    Idea for a British supership CV

    Ok first no it seems just as OP as F.D.R. as in maximum damage and I don't think it should be a super ship it should just stay as a tier ten premium British cv
  2. Samuel_Stevens_destroyer

    Problems I have with WoWs

    I don't get it because unless there are islands in the map and they are big she's toast
  3. Samuel_Stevens_destroyer

    Problems I have with WoWs

    you seem to know a lot about battleships so I have a question for you, would you call Tirpitz special and if she isn't would you just get rid of her because of how bad she is?
  4. Samuel_Stevens_destroyer

    Problems I have with WoWs

    Ok so this is a list of things I don't like about world of warships if you don't like the German ships then stop reading now you have been warned 1. Tirpitz's dispersion is of the chart and I don't like it, Grosser Der Kurfurst has better dispersion than her but not enough to beat Bismarck's dispersion apparently 2. Gneisenau was built with three triple 11 inch turrets so I don't get of why she only has two barrels per turret which I don't like because it isn't historically accurate 3. The German ship in general and what they are unique in but when they nerfed the accuracy of secondaries no one was hit harder than the German ships and it completely ruined their reputation for having really good secondaries and also for their carriers having to use their secondaries but they are pretty terrible, it seams like that Wargaming needs to have a think about what the place for the German ships are in WoWs and if they are even worthy of being in it and if they don't then just get rid of them because nobody will play them
  5. Samuel_Stevens_destroyer

    Carriers have no value

    really what if its a dd and then they slow down oh and on top of that what if they deactivate their AA so when you finally see them they are directly below you and you have to hit them on the second time around.
  6. Samuel_Stevens_destroyer

    Carriers have no value

    Ok so this week I asked my little brother which next aircraft carrier line he would want to do, but his answer sounded to me completely genuine he said "I would want to try out the Japanese carriers but due to the nerf(machine guns) to the rocket aircraft there really is no point in trying to play the carriers." Due to the rocket aircraft nerf and also the secondary battery nerf that made the secondaries less accurate the carriers have less of a value in game and now with all of the fact that playing a carrier is hard is is also more expensive to play so new captains won't play the carriers because of all of this negativity and they won't ever get the chance to have a different play style, we must think for the long term and what these nerfs will bring to the community as consequences the downfall of the carriers and the rise of the destroyers. sincerely: Samuel_Stevens_destroyer an aircraft carrier player
  7. Samuel_Stevens_destroyer

    Mining Operation

    This is a new game mode that happens once every year you will have to use tier eight for this game battle, the map would be titled Sea of Chaos, the size would be 56x56 km, the landscape would look similar the the map Tutorial but with the main island a bit smaller and more small islands, there would be at least four locations to where you can collect any of four resources which are credits/coal/steel and lastly doubloons, you will play with six other players and there can be two carriers in your team. Each location will ships guarding it therefore you will have to battle the opposing ships for entry into the port, the credit location will have mostly dds with some cruisers=50% dds/50% cruisers, coal will have a couple of dds with mostly cruisers and at least three bbs=70% cruisers/15% dds/15% bbs, steel will have mostly bbs and cruisers with one aircraft carrier=49% cruisers/49% bbs/2% carriers, Doubloons will have mostly bbs, two carriers and some cruisers=10% carriers/65% bbs/25% cruisers, Credits maximum team sum will be 175k or 25k credits per person/coal maximum team sum will be 14k or 2k coal per person/steel maximum team sum will be 7900 or 700 steel and doubloons maximum team sum will be 2450 or 350 doubloons per person. This game is supposed to assist the people that can't or are unable to obtain a good amount of rare resources be able to get these resources for certain ships that they wish to have or anything really, also after you are 3/4 of the way to the maximum capacity there will be a tier ten aircraft carriers that will be summoned to find you and sink you he will also have escorts, the more team members in the mining zone there is, the faster the acquisition of the resource that you are gathering is, once the tier ten carrier has summoned you will be attacked immediately by her aircraft and will also have until the rest of the game to get to a designated location to were it is safe for you everyone after the aircraft carrier has been summoned has HAS to make it there once everyone is there the game will end as a victory if you happen to kill the enemy aircraft carrier your entire team sum will be multiplied by 1.5 but be warned killing it head on is suicide you will need to outsmart her escorts Please note this is just a draft NOT the final thing things can be tweaked and changed majorly if necessary.
  8. Samuel_Stevens_destroyer

    Why does wargaming hate Germany?

    ok I'll just say this I completely understand of where the author is going like most people might not even play the German bbs because they aren't really accurate however the current line of them are meant for close range combat or close range brawls. but I do get your point it would be nice to get some more accuracy for the German battleships.
  9. Samuel_Stevens_destroyer

    CV delayed attacks ?why?

    oh thank you for telling me
  10. Samuel_Stevens_destroyer

    CV delayed attacks ?why?

    Ok I know what everything else is but what does the "KM" and the "RN" mean? I would think that the "KM" would mean the kriegsmarine but the "RN" IDK
  11. Samuel_Stevens_destroyer

    Premium Tier 10 Aircraft Carrier IJN Shinano

    fine I get it it might not be as interesting as the other carriers or be as useful but what I am trying to do is get a tier 10 premium Japanese carrier because both Germany and the U.S. have a tier 10 premium, that's what I am trying to say is that it would be nice to see that Japan does have a tier 10 premium carrier like Germany and the U.S.
  12. Ok so the reason why I want this ship in World of Warships is because Germany and the United States both have a tier ten premium aircraft carrier so I thought why not have the IJN Shinano in World of Warships, I also like it when a class of anything is completed in World of Warships like the Bismarck class or the Nagato class, I also believe that adding a ship such as Shinano would be a different experience because she has the hull of a Yamato class with a flight deck. Stats: Speed: Around 25 knots Armor: Kinda around the same as Yamato Hit Points: Around 80 thousand Secondary: 4 x 2- 6 km/2 second reload AA: Similar to Hakaryu except it has the cluster rockets Concealment: 16 km Cost: 15 k in Doubloons
  13. Samuel_Stevens_destroyer

    Japanese Premium Battleship Hyuga

    ok so I read on the website that you posted and I found that the site does say that Hyuga was converted into an aviation battleship at the drydocks from the site you used just an FYI. Hyuga: 1 May 1943: Second Rebuild:Captain Obayashi is promoted to Rear Admiral. HYUGA is attached to the Sasebo Navy Yard and registered as a 4th rank Reserve ship. This date marks the official start of the rebuild. HYUGA is drydocked and begins conversion to a battleship/carrier. Her aft 36-cm. (14-in.) turret No. 6 and its barbette are removed. The plan calls for the converted HYUGA to carry 22 aircraft. A hangar surmounted by a flight deck is added. Nine planes are to be carried inside the hangar, 11 on deck and two on each catapult. The designers realize that a single faulty aircraft engine can ruin the whole concept. To prevent jams, the deck is fitted with 12 turntables, rails, trolleys and tie-downs. The enclosed hangar is 6 meters high, 40 meters long, and tapers from 28 meters wide forward to 11 meters aft. A "T"-shaped 6 metric-ton elevator is fitted in the center of the flight deck. Two sets of rails run around the flight deck for maneuvering the aircraft to the 25-meter Type 1, No. 2, Model 11 catapults that are installed on tall supports on HYUGA's port and starboard sides forward of the flight deck. A collapsible 4-ton derrick crane is fitted port abaft. The new deck is covered with 200-mm. of concrete to compensate for the unbalanced condition created after removal of the aft armament. Steering rooms are protected with a 1-meter thick layer of concrete poured into adjacent compartments and the steering rooms' horizontal armor protection is improved. 1 October 1943:Leaves drydock.
  14. Samuel_Stevens_destroyer

    CV Rocket Planes Useless

    to this person you summed up entirely what probably most likely happened in order to nerf the carriers which are already lacking in damage out put so thank you for posting this comment.
  15. Ok so I have been playing World of Warships for more than a year now and I have noticed that Hyuga isn't a aviation battleship even though she was turned into one due to the loss at midway also the fact that she is a higher tier than her older sister, Ise what is up with that like the Bismarck class is the same tier so why not the other classes. Or does Hyuga have a hull upgrade to have a hull with the planes but if it did have that I would have noticed, so yeah I don't get why they have Hyuga as just a simple battleship even tough in real life she was a aviation battleship and I also don't get the fact that Hyuga is a higher tier than Ise even though they are sisters.