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  1. johnpauljones_1958

    5 vs. 5 Brawl With Tier X Cruisers

    I'm really enjoying the five on five tier 10 cruiser brawls, much more than the one on one brawls. To me, it's the perfect balance of ships of the same class/tier.
  2. johnpauljones_1958

    Gallant Nerf

    I like Gallant as well.
  3. johnpauljones_1958

    New World of Warships Merch Store

    I agree with most of the comments above regarding more variety of available merchandise. In particular, I'd like to see some lighter colors shirts, but especially some World of Warships caps, like Firestall1 mentioned above. Thanks!
  4. johnpauljones_1958

    12 vs. 12 Playing Tier VIII Cruisers

    I like the makeup of the recent Brawls: all ships of the same tier and type. It's the great equalizer in my view; the same ships for everyone. I don't mind the 12 x 12 match up, either. More targets and it keeps you on your toes! The only downside with 12 x 12 is teammates running into you if they're not paying attention. That was really interesting in the 12 x 12 Battleship Brawl. The Cruiser Brawls have been my favorite so far. As for the "campers", you get them in Random Battles as well. I also agree with AgentNut. It gives you a chance to play some ships you might not have played in a while.
  5. johnpauljones_1958

    Sound Rework in Update 0.11.7

    The current thumping sound when pressing the "Battle" tab sounds like a punch to the gut. It doesn't feel like it belongs in a naval battle game. I liked the original sound better. The bubbling sound (pebbles?) as the cursor is moved around the perimeter of the Port screen is annoying! It reminds me of the sound the scarab beetles made in "The Mummy" as they were going through someone's body. It seems like the same sound was used for the camo and patch screens. On a positive note, the video DID HOLD MY ATTENTION from beginning to end!