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  1. Wobulator

    Italian ships

    Restart the game, then it'll show up
  2. Wobulator

    Public Test - 0.8.7 - Feedback

    I honestly liked the new priority sector a ton. It wasn't a great burden to change it(it takes maybe half a second to swing your camera over and back), it rewarded fast reactions, but it still had value if you were late.
  3. Wobulator

    Can't access the NA premium shop

    Whenever I try to access the NA premium shop, it redirects me to the RU one. I'm logging in on NA, viewing my NA profile, and when I try to go to that specific page, it redirects me. Come on, WG. I'm trying to give you money.
  4. Wobulator

    Can't install CV CBT

    That worked, thanks!
  5. Wobulator

    Can't install CV CBT

    Thanks for passing it on
  6. Wobulator

    Can't install CV CBT

    I got the invite to the CBT, so of course I tried to download it. I open the Wargaming Gaming Center, I click on World of Warships, I click on Settings, I click on Add Additional Game Instance, and nothing happens. Or rather, I get stuck with the message "Waiting for response from the server" until it times out and disappears. My internet is fine(9mb/s), but it's persistently popping this up. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  7. And they used those... only at pearl harbor.
  8. Wobulator

    AP vs. HE Bombs

    I'd just go with AP
  9. Why do IJN carriers get APDBs? It makes no sense through either history of WW2 or the history of the game.
  10. Wobulator

    Ideal loadout on Taiho

    What do you mean that there're too many squadrons to manage? You have the same effective number as Hiryuu 2 fighters(that must be managed separately) 1 torpedo strike 1 DB strike. It doesn't matter that you have 1 more TB, because you fold it into your existing TBs anyways.
  11. Same as any bow-tanking BB- aim for the turrets and get juicy pens there.
  12. Wobulator

    Midway AP or HE Dive Bombers?

    ...no. That is horrifically wrong. If you can land consistent cits on it, you have no excuse for not 1-shotting it. Ibuki is a prime example- it's fairly easy to cit. I'm also... Not quite sure why you're including t5 ships, given that they can't encounter AP bombs. Buffalo gets citted, Cleveland is functionally un-citable, and Donskoi is citable. F. der grobe is very hard to cit.
  13. Wobulator

    Midway AP or HE Dive Bombers?

    AP, definitely. HE bombs are fundamentally only good for taxing battleship DamCon and not much else. If you torp a battleship and get it down to like 30k health and blow their damcon, HE bombs are better than AP. However, that's about the only reason to bring them- and that's a pretty niche reason. AP bombs let you project your presence twice as much. If you're running HE bombs, the enemy CV can just flat-out ignore them and generally be fine. If you send them on their own, they simply don't have the punch to force a fighter presence. AP bombs, on the other hand, demand a fighter presence because of their ability to 1-shot almost any cruiser(except Hindenburg and Minotaur). If the enemy CV doesn't have fighters there, they will lose ships on that side of the map. HE bombs simply don't have that presence. With that added presence, you have so many more options. You can group up your two fighters and bull through a single side, or, (if you're facing a hakuryu), you can force a strike. Their two fighter squads beat one of yours- but on one side of the map, they have to have 1 fighter squad, and you can just lock that in and kill it easily. Also, AP bombs let you threaten DfAA-armed cruisers. If you fly in with either your torps or your DBs, they must blow DfAA or else die- and then you just wait 30s and come in with the other. AP bombs simply give you far more options with your plane spread, much more consistent damage against BBs(due to the drop circle, you can easily get 25k drops without any cits), more than double your power vs. cruisers(because AP bombers are so much faster than TBs, they're easier to strike with), and they enable you to do much better in the AS war. Without AP bombs, hakuryu is undeniably better. With them, midway has far more striking power.
  14. AP bombs can cit all t7- BBs except KGV and Lyon. They can only cit T8,9,10 german BBs They can cit ALL t10 and t9 cruisers. They can cit most t8 cruisers(not edinburgh or chapayev, iirc)
  15. Wobulator

    Independence vs Ryujo AS

    @CaptDavid You absolutely, 100% need air superiourity(the 4-point skill). That extra fighter and DB might not seem like much, but it's easily the most powerful captain skill- I'd say in the entire game. Beyond that... don't fight their fighters. Keep them by your team just to spoil the enemy strikes(for what little they're worth) and use your own strike to actually influence the match.