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  1. DouglasMacAwful


  2. DouglasMacAwful

    .0.8.3 Patch - your reactions?

    No mention of fixing the UI so that the Combat Missions object actually points to combat missions tab. Looks like another month of clicking Combat Missions, which takes you to the Events tab, making you click on Combat Missions and sit through a long UI lag. One of the more annoying "improvements" in recent memory.
  3. DouglasMacAwful

    Unique Upgrade or 10-Point Captains?

    You can't put normal captains on space ships.
  4. DouglasMacAwful

    Check Rewards after clicking on the icon

    You can hover your mouse button over the rewards instead if clicking and stare at those 4 flags to your heart's content. Clicking is to get rid of the notification.
  5. DouglasMacAwful

    Alpha and Bravo clans

    It's not the most intuitive process to change rating. You have to right click on the rating and it will allow you to switch between them.
  6. DouglasMacAwful

    What classifies as a potato?

    First post. 2 year old necro. Nice job.
  7. DouglasMacAwful

    Space Battles Is Fantastic

    Worst part of playing a lot of torpedo beats recently is that ships feel SOOOO slow once you go back to normal modes.
  8. DouglasMacAwful

    Question about Unique Captians

    The French captain also has EM buff.
  9. DouglasMacAwful

    So my stats are horrible.

    ~47% isn't "horrible" for a newish player. You have time to bring it up. Do you use the dynamic crosshair, and understand the relationship between shell travel time and the aiming reticule? The default crosshair doesn't scale with zoom, which can be confusing and cause people to aim by "feel". The dynamic crosshair does scale with zoom and, assuming ships are traveling at 30 knots, means if the shell travel time says 8 seconds, you simply put the 8th tickmark in the middle of the ship. It was several hundred battles in before I realized this. Still only an average player, but I was in the low 40s at that point and this allowed me to claw my way back up to average.
  10. There are usually 2 respecs per season. The first is early on and requires you to play a CB in the first 10 days or so. That wasn't a requirement for this season bc of the CV rework free respec at the start of the season. The 2nd one is at the end of the season, and as long as you played a CB at any point you get it.
  11. There will be the usual free commander respec after this clan battles season, assuming you have played at least one clan battle.
  12. DouglasMacAwful

    Clan battles and clans.

    No, broze is squall league as you stated. Everyone starts out at bronze at the beginning of each clan season. Bronze just mean you haven't won enough to get to Gale. Our clan is still in squall after probably 25-30 battles. We have 2 stars left to get to gale. Gale league says Silver but in game and in the forums it actually looks very light green. The clans who don't play clan battles have white clan tags. Here's an example. Everyone on my team is gale except for me. Notice Gale is supposed to be Silver but it's really light green. Contrast that with R-F clan member on the other team, darker green, which is Typhoon. The guy in the KOBK clan doesn't play clan battles, and has a white tag.
  13. DouglasMacAwful

    Clan battles and clans.

    The silver (looks white in-game) are the ones who don't play clan battles. They're actually pretty uncommon. The ones who play CBs far outnumber the ones who don't. Are you sure you're reading the clan color correctly? Edit - or maybe playing lower tiers where players might not have T10 ships or even access to rentals (T8 requirement).
  14. DouglasMacAwful

    Twitch Bits Feedback (Bits N' Ships)

    You have to watch streamers that enable drops. No way of knowing of they enabled it unless it's in the title. Also from what I've read you can't mute the stream. I put the volume almost but not quite all the way down and have never had a problem with drops.