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  1. RN questions.

    How does this jibe with the new WOWS video showing RN containers earned in 7.10? I swear there was a "Is this the last weekend to earn sovereigns" thread yesterday or saturday that asked about this conflict, but it looks like the thread got deleted. Are we sure you can't earn RN containers in 7.10 given that it shows them in the video?
  2. Arms race credit/xp rewards

    It's a form of random battle, with random rewards. Since there are constant heal buffs you can actually do more damage in arms race vs random. However, since the population in arms race has tanked, even in prime time, it's pretty tough to get even good games these days. Most of my games come out like hushpup's. It's a shame because I like arms race, and it's a great way to grind new T9 ship upgrades. WG please put legendary mod progress in so the population can recover somewhat.

    "Penalty" implies there is some sort of impact on your effectiveness in battle, credits, xp, etc. Turning pink is not a penalty. It's a warning. Don't get why people get worked up over this.
  4. IFHE on Massachussets?

    It's available. It's a just a warning that it's not optimal, since IFHE is primarily a skill for main batteries. You can still select it.
  5. Should I sell tier IX ships?

    Yes. Most people don't have the captains for them anyway. And even if you do have a bunch of spare 12 or 14+ point captains, those are probably better suited to tier 6 - 8 ships which are at least viable in operations.
  6. 1.1mil on a lost game in Montana

    That is correct. Only xp is affected by wining/losing. Credits are not.
  7. Royal Navy Event Bug?

    Does the patch drop Wed or Thurs (i.e. Tuesday is the last full day of 7.10 or is it Wednesday)?
  8. Should I get DM now?

    I free XPd like the last 8k for the DM, but that was during clan battles and it was my first T10. I did free XP the last 20k to the Worcester because I just wasn't enjoying the Seattle. I'd wait until you get closer to fxp the rest.
  9. Does anyone play Arms Race?

    It does indeed count towards the RN missions. Sounds like most people saying it doesn't haven't even played it. I like it. Have mostly been playing it with my 19 point captains. Since ships get buffs giving constant healing, you can farm more damage - and thus elite captain XP - than in a random game. Its also a good mode for grinding upgrades in t9 ships, since arms race does not count towards winrate or other stats. For that same reason it's a fun mode to derp around in when you get frustrated with randoms. Sort if like coop but with real xp and credit rewards.
  10. Can't skill up Capts or use exp?

    And run client integrity check
  11. Arms race is basically like advanced coop. You get full xp rewards, but since it doesn't affect your random win rate or other stats you're free to derp around.
  12. Worcester vs. Des Moines

    Sleeping Giant seems designed for the Worcester, if you spawn on the north side. There's an island just above the B cap that you can hide behind and rain fire on anything that pops up in the C cap. You can usually take out a BB before it can even turn around. It's almost broken because there's no real way to spot a ship in that location unless you swing way east where there's no cover, or north of the A cap up the middle.
  13. Magically Disappearing Doubloons!

    It's actually pretty hard to miss the doubloon icon popping up in the bottom right resupply notifications after a match.
  14. GK is actually not bad

    You don't need to sacrifice SI on a secondary build. BFT may be the min-max skill for secondaories, but given how situational secondaries are anyway it's a huge waste of 3 points that's better put into either SI or BOS.
  15. In game messages

    First post. Necro. Classic. If someone is "bullying" you, submit a ticket. WG has the chat logs.