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  1. Domestic and feral cats kill billions (with a B) of birds in the US alone each year. They're responsible for almost 3 dozen bird species gone extinct. Having said that, I like cats because if their "fork you" attitude. But all of my cats have been indoor.
  2. DouglasMacAwful

    What is this?

    Looks like a diagram of a 1940s-era USB keychain.
  3. DouglasMacAwful

    To Smo or not to Smo

    Doing much less damage and getting less XP on average in Smolensk than in Flint in coop. There are more powerful ships at T10 that will compete with you for damage. Kills happen faster against suiciding bots. Smolemsk is still fun to play, but not the basically-automatic 500xp+ that the Flint is.
  4. DouglasMacAwful

    So Steam players cannot participate in the submarine beta?

    I play PTS's too. I never had to integrate with WTC; the process (when I signed up over a year ago) was simply to give your Steam email address on the PTS registration. If Steam is integrated with WGC, that's new... and a bit odd since WGC has nothing to do with Steam, given the latter has its own seperate update process.
  5. The sub beta news release says WGC must be installed to participate. Does that mean that those that use the Steam client cannot take part?
  6. DouglasMacAwful

    Radio Direction Finder

    RPF points to the center of the map grid square of the closest ship, not the exact location. As the ship moves to the next grid square, it will "jump". So what you're seeing is normal.
  7. DouglasMacAwful

    Could ARP ships re-released as regular ships?

    ARP ships have no bonuses. Basically like running naked without camo.
  8. DouglasMacAwful

    Incomplete Results but FUN.

    One thing to consider, OP, is that after 15k games, your overall WR is all but locked into place. Maybe you just want to win more because you're competitive, but if it's to bring up your WR stats, you'll probably have to re-roll.
  9. The other pictures on the wall are ship diagrams. The one on the lower-left looks like some kind of waveform diagrams. Did they plot those out to this extent back in the 30s/40s? Seems like a reason they would put it in such a prominent placement. Anyone know what that might be?
  10. DouglasMacAwful

    Okay, what is better to get! Dallas or Pensacola?

    One advantage of going down the US CL line is the Helena, one of my favorite ships. Note that starting with the Dallas, you absolutely need IFHE, even before CE.
  11. You only have to complete 7 missions in each directive to get the free ship reward. If you're a "completionist", then yes you'd have to purchase that ship.
  12. It looks great, but honestly the repetitive loop of the sounds of kids playing outside gets annoying.
  13. DouglasMacAwful

    New Sound Effects. Need lots of work

    Love the new port, but the repetitive sound of kids playing outside gets annoying quickly.
  14. DouglasMacAwful

    Odd Research Bureau question

    It's still sitting there on the ship that you sold, just invisible. If you buy that ship back it will have the XP back. It never disappears.
  15. Valentine is ugly, but like the even uglier green french Le Fehrig or whatever, are great for grinding. Still waiting on 50 Asian Lantern drop.