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  1. DouglasMacAwful

    Submarines ... Still Unimpressed

    Maybe have the algorithm put CV players in queue to the mode that includes subs 70% of the time, and randoms 30%. Even reduced CV games would be welcomed by the majority that don't want them in the game. This is the kind of compromise that reasonable devs would have, so no expectations that WG would entertain it.
  2. DouglasMacAwful

    Can't play through steam

    WG has no incentive to link standalone clients with Steam, as Steam gets a cut of purchases. Steam has no incentive to link standalone clients with features like steam wallet and DLC sales, because they don't get a cut of that. Best you're going to get is pseudo-integration like what warheart posted, which is more or less just launching your standalone account from the Steam UI.
  3. DouglasMacAwful

    This person appeared in a match in a Lexington...

    Isn't the default view random battles. Wonder if he's a coop main. You have to click the battle mode drop-down to see coop stats.
  4. DouglasMacAwful

    Solo Warrior

    My only one was basically by accident. We were around 30 seconds before we won on points when the reds killed 3 of our remaining low health ships. I was on the other side of the map and didn't even realize I got the solo warrior until I saw the results screen.
  5. DouglasMacAwful

    IFHE, skill is inefficient

    The Henri *was* almost a given. It remains to be seen how many we'll see in the upcoming clan battles given its massive nerf. The IFHE Henri was the counter to the Stalingrads and Moskvas, but also popular because it was nigh impossible to hit. That no longer being the case, I think we'look see a resurgence of Hindys; moreso because Kremlins will be pervasive, and a Hindenburg with IFHE will be able to counter it, as well as the Russian cruisers.
  6. DouglasMacAwful

    enough cv op

  7. DouglasMacAwful

    What's the thinking behind....

    What's the thinking behind... not putting a complete description of your question in a post where the title contains more than enough room to do so?
  8. DouglasMacAwful

    UU Question

    Flamu posted a video a couple days ago addressing this. Gives some context around the options.
  9. DouglasMacAwful

    No XP game.

    You guys fed the troll. Seriously no one noticed this is obviously a training room scrimmage?
  10. DouglasMacAwful

    Smolensk Breaks Game for Me

    I'm in the camp that thinks the Smolensk is not OP - it's just really annoying when you're getting shot up by one of them. But it's hard to "back out of its range" when it can shoot targets 19km away in a full range build. I think if there is a nerf coming it will be range. Maybe 17 or 17.5km with full range build.
  11. DouglasMacAwful

    Do you have a 20pt Captain?

    Troll level: minus 50
  12. DouglasMacAwful

    Considering PT... am I the only one who does this?

    PT only works for main guns. It will not indicate if someone is targeting you with torps. This is actually a good way to guess when an enemy launches torps; if you see a DD, and your PT goes down, then goes back up again shortly after, there's a decent chance that means they launched the torps.
  13. DouglasMacAwful

    When does premium time sale end?

  14. I'm one of those affected by the current unable-to-login problem, or if I can login it disconnects after 30 seconds. I'd like to take advantage of the 1/2 off 1 year premium, but don't want to deal with issues that might crop up if it disconnects in the middle of a transaction. I'm taking my kids to visit the grandparents tomorrow, and my mom has Cox. Hoping the issue doesn't persist there and can purchase it then. When does the sale end?
  15. DouglasMacAwful

    Stuck on Authorization?

    It's not just in California. I'm on spectrum in NC.