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  1. Why create a new thread about it? The main thread is one of the most active on the front page.
  2. Well the "will no longer be available" at least settles the decision whether to spend the tokens now or wait hoping they will put the crates back. Would be nice to have a sale for $15 for a Worcester, Des Moines, or Salem permacamo, since that 2nd permacamo is what many people min/maxing this event were shooting for.
  3. Exactly. I have 95 shark tokens and was waiting to spend $15 for a second permacamo. I'm annoyed that I couldn't get the DM permacamo, but not as annoyed as I would be if I spent them all on crates tonight, only to have WG put prmium crates back in the shop tomorrow. As I understand it now, if I don't spend my tokens tonight (Monday) they get converted into credits in the wee hours of Tuesday morning? Or do we have a couple more days to spend them?
  4. I don't think there will be a clarification. It's after 11pm in St Petersburg. If they were going to address this (put containers back/extend them) they would have done so by now. Regardsless, I'm waiting until late this evening just in case, and then just spending the tokens then.
  5. They don't owe me anything. I, like a bunch if people, was prepared to spend MORE money. They extended the date (changed the rules) of the contest by a day, presumably so people min/maxing would be able to get and spend the 95 tokens. It's reasonable to assume, as many like I did, that would mean the premium crates would still be available to get the extra camo. By removing them, yes I don't get that second camo. But they're shooting their nose to spite their face, because they are giving up real money by removing the crates. Do you think I will now buy a DM camo at full price? Hell no.
  6. Jeez, nice screwup WG. I actually waited until today becaise I wanted to make sure nothing go screwed up with my tokens before I bought 3 crates for the 2nd permacamo. Tokens are fine. They just found another way to screw it up. On the one hand, I still don't have a DM permacamo. That sucks. On the other hand, not crazy about the freedom camos anyway, and I now have $15 more in my steam account to spend towards another game.
  7. Ship Comrade Shutting Down!?

    Never really understood the point of it, other than giving you exact ranges of detection and firing range.
  8. sell Coal now for a ship, or wait?

    You can't run premium ships on the PTS. That's why you can't buy ships with coal there. If WG were removing ships from the arsenal, we'd know in advance.
  9. Super commander expee with camo and flags

    I got 61+k in clan battles, which is undoubtedly the best use of dragon flags and highXP camos.
  10. Any Rumors of a Sim counterpart?

    That's a small, small, audience, and a lot of effort. Also not Wargaming's forte... their devs are focused on arcade play. Not sure it would work, either. Silent Hunter was great because the submarine gameplay encouraged slow, methodical planning. Not sure that would translate into surface warfare.
  11. How do I remove the "cartoon" camos?

    Actually, no, turning off the view of a special camo actually demounts the camo. If you switch the view back on you have to go and manually re-mount the camo. You cannot have the view turned off for the camo and also have the benefits of that camo. Filtering out the ARP works the same, but those were not functional camos (they had no bonuses) so disabling them isn't as big a deal.
  12. How do I remove the "cartoon" camos?

    Doing so removes the bonuses for that camo, so it's really no different than actually demounting it.
  13. Can I take the survey again?

    http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Detection A ship, when firing, is detected to it max gun range. If it stops firing, it's detection range goes back to it's base range. What you experienced is a ship that either stopped firing to stop being detected, or it went behind smoke or an island.
  14. Go Navy Was a Mistake

    Can't get two free. Can get one free and the other for $15 if you buy 3 crates from the premium shop. Still a good deal and agree with the rest of your sentiment.
  15. FYI you can get 10-point captains from getting 4 stars in some of the operations (only the first time you complete them). If you get one, I would avoid assigning him to a ship that's not at least tier 5. Tiers 1-4 go so quickly that he'd be constantly be in retraining.