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  1. DouglasMacAwful

    What was your favorate event?

    The original space battles from 2018 was pretty fun. The game mode was standard caps, but it definitely was one of the most "profitable". As long as you had at least one T8 ship, they gave you access to a wide range of space-skinned T10s, and each boat came with a temporary 19 point captain. With the generous xp the mode gave, I accumulated quite a bit of elite captain xp before I ever had a 19 point captain. They gave out the pretty decent space camos like candy too. I accumulated hundreds that season.
  2. Didn't the button disappear last time the day earlier than the date listed? I wouldn't wait until the last minute.
  3. DouglasMacAwful

    Stop matching solo players against 3 man premades in Brawl

    It's clan brawls, not random brawls. Of course the majority are going to be divd up and on comms.
  4. DouglasMacAwful

    special gaming keyboard?

    You could have gotten an Optimus Maximus back in the day. Each key was an individual programmable LCD screen.
  5. DouglasMacAwful

    Server ist kaput?

    Some in our clan but not others. About 1/2 were kicked and can't log back in.
  6. DouglasMacAwful

    How to pull up list of captains to cull

    Don't dismiss them unless you absolutely need to, since you can get free captain slots during ship rentals - like the current sub rentals or some clan battle seasons. When the rental period ends the game will automatically move those captains to reserve. If you don't have any open reserve slots the game creates them for you.
  7. DouglasMacAwful

    Weapons Fire/Camping & Hiding

    Bet you're a BB main. (Checks). Lol.
  8. DouglasMacAwful

    Missouri is Coming Back

    Maybe they figure they'll dupe get more sales out of people unaware that the credits have been nerfed.
  9. DouglasMacAwful

    Missouri is Coming Back

    Oops you're right
  10. DouglasMacAwful

    Missouri is Coming Back

    Oh boy. There's going to be a LOT of longtime MO owners rightfully furious - reducing the credit earnings in exchange for another cash grab. So maybe there was something to the recent complaints about reduced credits. The WG staffer denying stealth testing in that thread looks to have egg on her face. Edit - nvm only for new owners.
  11. DouglasMacAwful

    Are you going to be switching your Friesland for Groningen

    FYI De Ruyter with 6pt captain is free right now if you link your amazon prime with your WG account.
  12. DouglasMacAwful

    Hipper or Baltimore?

    Baltimore gets radar, but even with the radar mod you only get 2 shots at DD due to a 10 second reload and 36 second radar duration. If you're really lucky and have your guns aimed perfectly when you pop it, you might get 3 shots off. But that's rare. It's not a great DD hunter, and absent that I'd say the Hipper if you're just comparing the two. Hipper's torps to ward off enemies rushing you, and better hydro, trump Baltimore's situational radar and better penetration angles, IMO. But if your goal is to get the TX in that line, I'd say the Balti. Des Moines is my favorite T10 cruiser, and IMO the best T10 cruiser (well, probably 2nd now against the nonsense that is the Petro). Devastating AP against broadsides, high arcs to spam HE over islands unspotted and annoy everybody. Almost a minute of radar to harass DDs. Much more competitive than the Hindenburg.
  13. DouglasMacAwful


    Limits/bans weren't enacted until the middle of the last CB season. Petro limit for this season wasn't announced until the 3rd night.
  14. DouglasMacAwful

    How to spend elite commander XP without a ship

    Note that there is one somewhat significant change as it relates to captain xp and retraining: In the old system, you could pay 500k silver to cut retraining time in half. If retraining was say 90k after spending the silver, you could play the first 80k with reduced skills and/or premium ship and finish the last 10k with ecxp. That's no longer the case. Though retraining costs were cut in half without having to spend silver in the new system, if you want to use ecxp to finish retraining, the amount you have to spend is fixed. There's no "pro-rating" it like in the old system. If retaining is 90k and you choose not to spend that immediately when you move your captain, and you play 80k on premium ships, the option to finish retraining using ecxp will still be 90k.
  15. DouglasMacAwful

    In Co-Op, am I wrong?

    I've played 10-12 matches the past couple days to knock out all the current missions. Not one bot on any of my teams.