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  1. SirPent13

    Mixed feelings... Battle Pass finished.

    It will become the normal white tech tree
  2. There’s a two second period after shooting from cover or smoke where your detection range will stay at either the max firing range (when shooting from cover) or your smoke fire detection (when shooting from smoke). If you are spotted during this time, normal detection rules apply (20s until detection goes away. So say you are shooting from smoke, and there is no one in your smoke fire detection range (say 10km). You shoot juuuuust before you leave smoke, when that smoke dissipates, your detection range blooms to your max firing range, and you get spotted by a ship 12km away. Same goes for leaving an island. You shoot just before you leave cover, you sail past the island before 2 seconds, and then get spotted.
  3. And its already too late if you are relying on PT to tell you when to do that.
  4. SirPent13

    Honest question...

    If you don't have fun, don't play. Its as simple as that.
  5. SirPent13

    Where Did the Pan-American Tech Line Go?

    Pan-Am ships entered live server testing this patch
  6. SirPent13

    AI rocket planes in co op

    You can dodge the strikes by literally doing ANYTHING other than sailing in a a straight line at a constant speed.
  7. SirPent13

    Journey to the west container

    Journey to the West is not the same as Lunar New Year. The DevBlog stated the changes to the JttW containers would take place when 12.1 releases, which would be next patch. So about a month away.
  8. SirPent13

    Fastest way to accumulate Base XP

    yeah, no. You arnt getting 1700 BXP in coop with 200k youre hardly ever going to break 1000 BXP even in the best games
  9. SirPent13

    10 citadel task help!

    Petro is gonna be your best bet. Pen is insane for caliber combined with short fuze and improved angles. Shell alpha is low enough that you aren't devstriking things with 3 citadels which allows you to rack up cits faster. 360 turrets so much easier to have guns on target. Good reload so can get 2 salvos at least on turning cruisers. Super tanky so you can get yourself stuck in somewhere to make getting cits easier. Many people are saying DM/Salem, which are good choices, but Petro is just superior. DM/Salem have issues hitting cits at mid/long range due to less pen and slow travel time, whereas Petro can hit cits on cruisers at pretty much any range, and has the shell arcs to easily hit. Nevsky is also a good choice.
  10. SirPent13

    Fastest way to accumulate Base XP

    A ship being premium or not has no effect on base XP earnings
  11. "are going to" They already have. There hasnt been a new* (Gron doesn't count IMO since it's not really a "new" ship) FXP ship since Hayate. Boggzy even said as much
  12. SirPent13

    What is the Spotting Distance under Smoke

    Yes, action time is how long your ship will generate smoke puffs, and dispersion time is how long each individual puff will take to dissipate It is displayed in port. You need to hover over "Detectability Range by Sea" and it will show up.
  13. SirPent13

    Ship Restore Tool - Question

    Literally 10s search on google, cmon
  14. SirPent13

    Do Coal Containers drop less coal? pt. 10

    Entered the six crates I had sitting in inventory, so theres your 2333