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  1. SirPent13

    Smolensk is bad

    Better armor. the reduction in armour made it eat more overpens instead of full pens If everyone else doesn't have these issues but you do, I wonder what the cause is? Aim better? just hit the SS
  2. SirPent13

    Russian CV Squadrons OP

    Quick cycles only happen if you are close. The planes only have rocket boost for ~5s, and after that they are extremely slow. Fighters mean nothing to a competent CV player anyways. Skip bombs are only OP if you give broadside. Even with a direct drop, you're only going to take 1 bomb if you just turn into them. Nakhimov feasts off a ship's inability or unwillingness to attempt mitigation tactics towards its ordnance. Rocket planes have large reticles and long MG time, torps have massive arming distance and are slow, and the skip bombers have a large travel disance. The planes also have the lowest plane HP of the tier 10 CV's, which means AA actually does something if the squad gets caught out. The ship is strong, but you make it seem like there's nothing you can do when in fact there are many ways to mitigate damage. Actually play the ship for yourself, it will help you learn to mitigate it.
  3. SirPent13

    Russian CV Squadrons OP

    You spent one sentence talking about paper ships, and 3 talking about OP Russian ships, so yes, I assumed your point was about ship performance
  4. SirPent13

    Russian CV Squadrons OP

    Your argument is that Russian bias exists because Russian ships were released in a powerful state. My argument is that the majority of those got nerfed to bring them into line, and the fact that a ship is released in a powerful state does not mean there is bias. the list of ships I provided were other examples of ships being released in powerful states, which by your definition would mean X nation bias.
  5. SirPent13

    Russian CV Squadrons OP

    This isnt an IRL sim, WG is going to create content if they have enough to go on. And theyve given those to every other nation, and if every nation has bias, then no nation has bias.
  6. SirPent13

    Russian CV Squadrons OP

    Bias is bias
  7. SirPent13

    Russian CV Squadrons OP

    In that case every nation has bias. Venezia, YueYang, MvR, Kremlin, Alsace, Conqueror, Kleber, were all busted or overtuned on release, so where are your posts complaining about the bias towards those nations? Heck have you SEEN the American premium list? Ohio, Alaska, Benham are all OP and have not received any nerfs whatsoever. If anything, USN bias is the ture bias in the game You can't talk about bias and OP ships and then ignore any balance changes made after the fact.
  8. SirPent13

    Russian CV Squadrons OP

    lmbo, if Russian bias is real, then why do you need to add the "at the time of it's release" note? If there was RU bias, then those ships wouldn't have gotten nerfed. Let's look at these T10 RU ships and see if we can find the "bias". Kremlin - On release, the ship was busted, ill admit. But now, Kremlin is very middle of the pack BB wise due to the series of nerfs Wg applied to it. I'm not seeing the bias. Petro - probably the only one that i would call actually "biased". And thats mainly just because of how it is in comp. In randoms, its low DPM does hold it back, but its still strong. Nevsky - Low DPM for a CL, but very comfortable gun arcs. Plus nevsky can also be punished when broadside, which coupled with its massive turning circle leads to a large weakness. Not seeing the bias. Khaba - lmbo if you try to call Khaba RU bias then IDK what to tell you. i love the ship and think its strong, but nowhere near bias levels. Grozo - More consistent Khaba, but bias? Nah. Nakhimov - VERY VERY strong vs idiots, much less effective vs people who understand how to play. I do think its a bit overturned, but it's still a new line and I can forsee some nerfs coming. Basically this explanation. So please, tell me how every Russian ship is OP and Russian Bias is everywhere. Hint: this isnt WoT.
  9. SirPent13

    Russian CV Squadrons OP

    You do realize this is what Midway's current loadout is? Minus Midways torp bombers. So you are drawing conclusions about something that WG themselves have not even finalized yet...
  10. SirPent13

    mighty mo credits

    Confirmation bias is a helluva drug.
  11. SirPent13

    pan asian cruisers are a dud

    Playerbase: "Reeeee WG stop releasing OP ships and ship lines!" WG: *releases balanced line" Playerbase: " Reeeeee WG this line is boring!" Make up your mind
  12. They never did. A WG employee (who was really only involved with World of Tanks) gave his personal opinion on the possible introduction of subs. Nothing more.
  13. SirPent13


    They never said it would be available immediately on patch day. They most likely are either waiting till Thursday, or they will have some sort of second "release" like other prems where you can buy the ship or some bundles later on in the patch.
  14. SirPent13

    Dear WG. It's January!

    fun secondaries + lots of main guns
  15. SirPent13

    Division Bonus??

    You win more games, assuming your div mates are better than the average player. If you div with two massive potatoes, you are just hurting your chances of winning.