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  1. SirPent13


    Hah. Petro has nothing on the cancer that is Smolensk.
  2. SirPent13

    Tech trees (Joke thread)

    Dont stop at tech tress, remove all ships except for tier 1's.
  3. SirPent13

    Smoke for Anchorage

    Lol, for one you're reviving a dead thread, and two, the smoke isn't bad. You just don't understand smoke firing penalties. as long as no on is inside said penalty range, then Anchorage is a fairly powerful cruiser.
  4. SirPent13

    Custom armor schematic "Republique". Is this right?

    Good ole trigonometry.
  5. Lol no, 3x2 is the correct layout, so a 1 gun increase.
  6. Guessing its just a coding bug Damage per salvo should go up by 1700, and DPM should go up to 136K from 113k Edit: Found Issue, instead of eliminating the 1x1, it replaces it with the 3x2, without getting rid of the 2x2. So the site thinks that Jutland now has 10 guns, hence all your values doubling ;) A - Hull B - Hull
  7. SirPent13

    so how long

    Op supposedly quit a month or so ago. Guess not
  8. SirPent13

    Siegfried eh?

    Oh I agree, secondary build was very fun, but not having it by no means cripples the ship like some people seem to think. didn't play at all on PTS but just looking at the skill changes nothing really popped out as being a big buff for it. As for the PE, its a very niche ship, so I can see how it doesn't appeal to many people, even DD mains. I've had many games where I've just been shut down because there's no way to get close enough to torp till very late game. But, having the SAP is nice, 4k volleys every 8 ish seconds is pretty nice for taking out mid/low health DD's, and the speed means you are an excellent spotter.
  9. SirPent13

    Siegfried eh?

    1. She burns just as easily as every other tier 9 cruiser, she just burns longer. 2. 23 seconds on 380mm guns with cruiser accuracy. Any lower and it would be too powerful. 3. If you can only consistently get 4 guns to bear then you're doing something wrong. 4. She is tankier than a normal cruiser. She has very excellent belt armor (90mm on the upper belt) that can bounce all AP, and a 30mm deck, which is very nice to have as well. (sadly no icebreaker). 5. Siegfried is still extremely strong without using her secondaries, not as strong as with them, but definitely not useless without them.
  10. SirPent13

    Siegfried eh?

    The Paolo Emilio? That ship's been available for months now in the RB.
  11. SirPent13

    Custom armor schematic "Republique". Is this right?

    There are very few people who know the hidden armor values of ships, and fewer still that know how to find said info. So if you want hidden armor scheme verification, than it may be a bit. If its the normal values that are displayed in-game, well, you know where to find those.
  12. SirPent13

    0.10.0 update

    Respeccing captains will be free, the cost of retraining will be reduced to 50 dubs, so messing with builds is free, but moving captains to different ships will be 50 dubs.
  13. SirPent13

    What T10 BB has the best acceleration?

    You'd probably have to compare that to displacement as well, but I'm not solid on my understanding of ship physics
  14. SirPent13

    7.2km smoke concealment?

    Yes, but then you said that Lert was wrong, when in fact he was correct as well. Leading to the belief that you still didn't understand.
  15. SirPent13

    7.2km smoke concealment?

    I really hope this is the case, since both you and Lert are telling OP the same info, but OP is accepting one and rejecting the other.