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  1. KingPin_7ten

    Best Premium T7 or T8 BB

    I picked Lenin because Mass was not on list, Mass is for sure the most fun for t8.
  2. KingPin_7ten

    IFHE is useful on guns 155mm and smaller only

    Actually, Henri 4, is the exception that proves the rule. 203 mm guns do not benefit. (Which is the main gun size on most heavy cruiser at t10)
  3. KingPin_7ten

    IFHE is useful on guns 155mm and smaller only

    Don't tell the Henri 4, that! They will laugh at you.
  4. Last season of ranked was fun!!! We are looking for a couple of new players for next season, send us a message to claim your spot!!!
  5. KingPin_7ten

    Which premium destroyer would you recommend?

    Just got the Black, radar, great aa, great guns, got it for upcoming ranked!
  6. It would be a nice gesture if we could have a sale on AA modules and free dismounting of existing modules after update 8.0 . I know that there will be free respecs on the captains but there is no mention on the upgrades.
  7. KingPin_7ten

    Code for 10 camos + flag - HUMBLEGIVEAWAY

  8. I have both, they are both fun to play. The Kron is the poor mans Stalingrad.
  9. Hey I just joined!!! They are good people and good players!!! Don't miss out, send in your applications.