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  1. I need to do a support ticket for not getting the email for these new birthday gifts. It doesn't fit the existing categories and there doesn't seem to be an "Other" category, or a special issues category. All the other tickets want info not germane to the problem or even available in the way the ticket wants. Suggestions? I'd really like to get a ship . . .
  2. Original_Sean

    Flint v Atlanta

    So what exactly are the differences?
  3. Rather see the 8" guns as secondaries.
  4. Just not true. I've seen many times where a DD without smoke and nowhere near land lights up BBs. And they aren't sitting in someone else's smoke as the battle is moving rapidly.
  5. The inverse isn't true when guns fire. Naval gunnery very precisely pinpoints the location of the firing vessel IRL. I've even seen smokeless DDs that remained invisible while firing in game.
  6. Yes the same stealth that lets a single dd burn down a BB while staying completely invisible to it. Never mind that if a DD has the LOS to aim at a BB, the BB should be able to see it once the guns start firing.
  7. Original_Sean

    Game Mode Ideas

    Ah, man, if you were even a little bit behind the curve getting those things upgraded it became pointless to play that mode
  8. Base captures in this game are expressed as a certain amount of time to capture. So why does the second ship joining in the zone not cut the remaining time in half? I've been in the zone for about 10 seconds, down to around 50 remaining, and a second ship joins but the time remaining only goes down to mid 30 second range.
  9. Original_Sean

    Naval Battles Stop with the bxp

    Yeah, I just don't find it interesting at all, and judging by participation nobody else in my clan does either. No fun in having a pretty glorious outing yet coming up short on that third star just because you got MMed to the worst team ever. I'm guessing other clans have the same issue, as we are still competitive in the bxp even with the low participation.
  10. I don't know about other clans, but in mine there is a marked difference in interest between weeks where the goal is base xp versus ribbons or damage. Those are tangible whereas the bxp scoring system is arcane to the point of sometimes incomprehensibility. And pretty much requires you be on the winning side in random beyond the first level stars.
  11. As if DD stealth doesn't more than make up for the chance of getting killed by 4 hits.
  12. Original_Sean

    Game Voice Chat, Does this Even Work

    You've done better than me, my clan even experimented in the training room to no success. We just use discord now.
  13. Original_Sean

    Teamkill damage change

    Largely agree, what I'm talking about is I've seen course changes that make no sense unless the player is deliberately trying to block torps.
  14. Does it seem to anyone else that the elimination of friendly fire damage has led to some players deliberately cutting off torps?
  15. Unrealistically good torps and DD stealth is the real problem. They have dispersion for the guns but torps always run straight and true without any duds or deflections.