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  1. SpacePirateCaptHarlock

    Unfair tier arrangement

    Dear Developers, Hi. I am writing to you because I find it unfair to put a tier VII or VIII ship to battle a tier X ship. I am suggesting that to make things fair, Random Battles should not put ships one tier higher or one tier lower than the ship you are playing with. For example, if I am playing with a tier VII ship, I should battle ships from not lower than tier VI and not higher than tier VIII. I think this would make the gameplay fairer for everybody because the known advantage a tier X ship will have over a tier VII ship would make it very unfair. I hope you listen to my suggestion and that it will be considered. Thanks. SpacePirateCaptHarlock NA server
  2. SpacePirateCaptHarlock

    Public Test 0.9.10

    So far I liked it. I had a lot of fun with the ships and finally could get them all. I wonder why there isn't a prize or honorific mention when you get all the ships. Is there one? Also, I have a concern that whenever there is a collection on the test, it was so easy to get the rewards, but when we get to the regular game, it is soooo hard to complete each collection. You know, I know things aren't supposed to be easy, but neither bordering on the impossible. The crunch time you want us to submit to get the collections is totally exaggerated. You are not taking into consideration that the majority of your players, I included, do not have the time to crunch for such things. This is one of the reasons you are losing money and players because you are focusing only on those who follow the crunch which I bet is a minority and you are forgetting about the majority who might not be able to do that. Please consider this and as I posted before, also the prices of the ships. I know you want to get paid for your work, but also a great majority cannot afford the prices. I hope you can pay attention to this matter. Thanks.
  3. SpacePirateCaptHarlock

    Ask Hasbro about our upcoming Transformers Collaboration!

    If you know Transformers you know that they are sophisticated war machines with beyond our technical knowledge. My question is: will they have special weapons that will surpass the ones on WoWs, understand missiles, special ray guns, or something like that? I am wondering this because if this happens WoWs will lose it's realistic and accurate rendering of the models we are playing and will become only another video game. I can accept normal weaponry and maybe any kind of special effect to make them more transformer like, but that is all. Also as someone mentioned before, the price tags, I know that you might consider your work and the long hours you spend creating these ships and that is why you might give them the price tags you do, but you are not thinking that the majority of us come from middle-class families and that the price tags you are giving your ships might be way to step for the majority of us. Considering this, you had eliminated ships because they were not great sellers, but have you stop to think that it was maybe because of the price tags? I know and do appreciate the effort and time you put building these beautiful ships, but if you tag them with overwhelming prices, and as we are middle-class working people whose salary is just enough for subsistence, don't you think that your prices might be a little high? I know that you might understand this as most of you guys I think are also middle-class working people so please put yourselves in our shoes when putting price tags to the ships. Give them a real price that will be affordable and consistent with your work. Thanks.