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  1. AceofBlackDirt

    Rewards Issued Screen

    Can you pls tell me how to access the Rewards Issued screen ? I seem to have lost it or can no longer find. Thank you very much
  2. AceofBlackDirt

    Commander Training

    What is the the best and most effective way to accelerate the training of a specific commander ?
  3. AceofBlackDirt

    How do you make a ship elite?

    Ok. So you are saying to buy the next ship in the tier and then the current will become elite? Is that correct?
  4. I have a Germany Battleship called Frederick the Great . Work down the line if Tiered ship to reach it. Can anyone please tell me how designate it as ELITE so that I may use it accumulate FREe XP? I have researched every previous ship in the line , if that is what is required. Thank you.