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    [HRDP] Hardpoint Recruitment

    Hello Captains, We are Hardpoint Squadron [HRDP] we are looking for players that want to have fun playing WoWs. We are only a small clan, which would like to one day join the competitive scene and be effective at it. Hardpoint Squadron is a fun group of friends. All new members will have time in a division with senior members of the fleet to help them learn each the class of ships they want to learn, and become better at this could be in the training room or out in co-op. To progress members so they can do random, ranked and clan battles one day with the rest of the fleet. We use discord as our preference of chat. All wishing to join the clan needs to use discord. As children play this game most of the time PG please. We based on the NA server. If you wish to join, please message Commander Defiant_68 or Deputy Commander Wilhelm Callaghan or anyone with [HRDP] in game or the Commander or any deputy commanders on their respective names on discord. There are no real requirements except must have at least Tier 5 ships and 250 battles under your belt These are the only rules now · Respect those in the fleet · Be nice · Have fun Hope to hear from you soon Commander Defiant_68 and Deputy Commander Wilhelm Callagham