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  1. tangofan

    Best TIer IX's for coal?

    If it has to be T9, I'd go with the Kearsarge. Maybe consider the Pommern, though in Random matches it gets burned down too easily for my taste. However if I were you, I'd wait, until I was able to get a T10 ship.
  2. tangofan

    What Rewards For Brawl?

    Look at the in-game mission chain.
  3. tangofan

    Ranked Tokens

    I think what you're looking for is in the Armory under Customizations -> Camouflages: https://armory.worldofwarships.com/en/category/customizations/exterior
  4. IIRC on a similar occasion in the past WG actually DID alter a mission. Perhaps the Lunar New Year one or was it one of the Atlantico Dockyard missions? A high ask indeed. And to the best of my knowledge Solo Caps and Cap Assist are generally specified separately, because the ribbons are different. In any case, thanks so much for following up on this, I really appreciate it.
  5. Usually this type of mission allows "Captured" ribbons as well as "Assisted in capture" ribbons, however the latter are not permitted here. So this one is near impossible to finish in co-op, since most caps in co-op happen by multiple ships and thus "only" give Cap Assist ribbons. Pinging @Ahskance to inquire, if the absence of Cap Assist ribbons is an oversight or intentional.
  6. tangofan

    Upcoming update release dates

    That prognosis turned out to be not quite correct. You can't win them all.
  7. tangofan

    Personal Rating

    Please explain to me how this "carrying" is supposed to work over a sufficiently large number of games. If someone had a 55% WR and a low PR, that would seem better to me than someone else with 48% WR and a high PR, the latter seems more focused on farming damage than impacting the outcome of the match, while the former might be overly cautious, but still able to impact the outcome in a positive way.
  8. tangofan

    How to get "Angle Indicator"?

    The image you're quoting literally shows the angle of your own ship at the bottom.
  9. What does this have to do with the matchmaking in brawls and the increasing difficulty of winning them that is the topic of this thread?
  10. This is an awful way to handle matchmaking, because it means that on average games will become more difficult to win as the player collects more wins, even if their win rate is bad. Combined with the main reward (coal) being 100% backloaded, this is a great way to increase player frustration. That certainly explains why I'm going from lots of wins to almost no wins as I progress.
  11. Since the Armory usually updates on Friday, it'll be a bit late for this brawl. In that case they should have released her last Friday.
  12. tangofan

    Next Steel Ship?

    That's a difficult choice. The main question is: What do you want from a steel-ship? Do you want variety in game play or something similar to what you already have and enjoy? Disclaimer: I have none of those ships, but in my own process of making up my mind about how to use my steel I've read the following: Shikishima apparently is essentially a Yamato with different guns. Do you want more Yamato in your life? Are you okay with a BB with fewer guns (which makes you more RNG dependent)? If you can say "yes" to both, then this might be your ship. Mecklenburg: Apparently the only accurate German BB (though with worse firing angles than GK). It seems very close in play style to the Bourgogne though and since I already have the Bourgogne this isn't on my list. But if you're a fan of German ships, this one seems to be sufficiently different from the rest of them to be worth considering. Austin: Looks like an extremely difficult ship to play. You have terrible DPM when your reload booster is on cool down and god-tier DPM, when it is active. However it's definitely a play style that is hard to come by elsewhere. Plymouth: I've heard the most concise comments about this ship from @SeaRaptor who said in a YT video something like: "If you love playing Radar Edinburgh and wish you had smoke, this is the ship for you.". Since I love playing Fiji and Edinburgh, this one is actually one I'm considering for myself. It looks like a difficult ship to play well though, since it is fragile and not very maneuverable. So when your consumables are down, you're a sitting duck, if caught out.
  13. tangofan

    Next Steel Ship?

    I would watch the following YT video by Flamu, at the end of the game he makes some comments comparing it with Bourgogne: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L8iqybC7Kow
  14. Tomorrow (Mon, Jun 20) starts the new 1:1 brawl with T9 ships: https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/general-news/brawls-in-0115-round-1/ I'm thinking of bringing a cruiser with torps or a BB with torps (perhaps Pommern?). Since I haven't played a 1:1 brawl format yet, I'm wondering which ships the folks here are planning to bring (and why).
  15. tangofan

    WHY...ranked games with CV...

    You are stating a subjective experience ("CVs in Ranked are so scarce") as a fact. I see them often enough (perhaps one-third to half of all matches) that they feel an oppressive presence to me.