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  1. tangofan

    0.10.2 Big Hunt Redux - constructive criticism.

    I tested this a while ago and these ships are indeed generating ECXP from the XP missions. I never had this much ECXP in my life, but then again I only recently started playing more consistently and I never had a 19 pt commander. Overall I share your positive assessment of this event. It was surprisingly fun (my go-to ship also is the Whirlwind) and the rewards were very decent. If I had to critique one thing, is that in the final week it started getting a bit stale, perhaps because the portal opens so late, so you'd have to linger around for a much longer time, if you want the battle points bonus. And by that time, I redeemed all the free goodies from battle points, so I sometimes just suicided my ship, once I knew that I had enough hitpoints to complete the (EC)XP mission. In the end I spent my 11 corporate tokens on two camos and I bought all the various packs that you could buy with battle points. It would have been indeed nice, if it would have been possible to spend corporate tokens and battle points on something else, say on coal. That might have kept the motivation up even longer. But in the end this is only a minor quibble regarding an overall good event. I'm also looking forward to it coming back sometime.
  2. Yes, we are and I've received them in the past when requesting a resource container. It sounds like you might have been a bit unlucky so far.
  3. tangofan

    What do YOU want from a Supercontainer

    I didn't know that the list of ships that can drop from an SC is limited. Is that list spelled out somewhere?
  4. tangofan

    What do YOU want from a Supercontainer

    I've been getting quite a few SCs recently, when I did the Halsey campaign and will get a few more soon from the Yamamoto campaign. I got camos, standard flags and special flags and IIRC 30 day premium time. In the past I've received a few ships from SCs: California, Texas, Siroco. Personally I'd prefer receiving items that can't be purchased for doubloons: Steel, coal, special flags and yes a decent ship would be nice as well. (Krasny Krym need not apply, but Enterprise may. )
  5. tangofan

    I have 1M free exp what to buy ?

    That's what I thought. So unless someone wants the Friesland only for its potential as a captain trainer for the Pan-European tree, the fact that it switches nations shouldn't matter for a purchasing decision.
  6. tangofan

    I have 1M free exp what to buy ?

    But that doesn't necessarily mean that it'll move into the tech tree, just that it changes the flag it's sailing under, doesn't it?
  7. tangofan

    Bonus Code from Naval Legends video...

    I couldn't help, but notice that your IGN is Adûnaic, rather than Quenya. Are you sure that you are on the right side of Númenorean history?...
  8. tangofan

    Big Hunt Camo

    You could always install a mod that doesn't show the camo (for you at least).
  9. tangofan

    WoWS account sale

    You're in luck, because selling an account isn't illegal. That is it doesn't violate any law. However it appears to be violating WoWS Terms of Service.
  10. tangofan

    Difference between Silver and Gold stars

    I am assuming that "silver stars" is the ship XP (specific to each ship) and "gold stars" is Free XP, a global XP pool. The ship XP is shown in port of in the tech tree, when you hover your mouse over a ship. And of course you'll need to look at the XP of the ship that is the predecessor of the ship you want to research.
  11. tangofan

    Big Hunt is stupid

    There are some of reasons to keep on playing: At the end unspent battle points are going to be converted to credits (75 credits per BP). There is an ongoing mission that gives you 7.5k XP (and perhaps more important - since the commander is 21pt - also 7.5k ECXP) every 2.5M hitpoints. That's about 3 games for me.
  12. tangofan

    Best Compliment :D

    I hope you filed a report with support. That kind of attitude and language contaminates the game for everyone else.
  13. Also there's an ongoing mission that'll give you 7.5k XP for every 2.5M damage dealt. And since the commanders are level 21 that means you'll also get 7.5k ECXP at that point. So perhaps not a bad way to get ECXP to level up commanders.
  14. tangofan

    Killing the Aurora Supership

    Are you sure about that? I see a repeatable mission ("Cause Damage") that gives 7500XP for 2.5M damage, but that seems to be normal XP, not ECXP.
  15. The armory offers (under the "Big Hunt" section) various deals to purchase 5k coal + 1 Corporate Token. I took 3 of the 4 offers, but I'm not sure that spending 75k Free XP on 5k coal and that token is really worth it. Thoughts anyone?