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  1. ModStation works fine in this release. As mentioned several times on the forums, you'll need to uninstall the old version and reinstall the current one. Take note of your selected mods, because you'll have to select them again after reinstallation.
  2. tangofan

    New Code

    Yes, but you can play the old DD line or Premium ships like Ragnar or Smaland.
  3. You can not only switch your captain at will, but also change the loadout of signals and economic boosters immediately after returning to port. So even if I don't play the ship again, I can remove a non-standard signal/booster loadout. Very nice.
  4. tangofan

    [ALL] ModStation

    Read the post above. You need to uninstall your current version of ModStation and reinstall the new one. Take note of your installed mods, since it won't be remembered.
  5. tangofan

    When does Update 12.4 drop?

    These days you can always see how long a patch runs by looking at the battle pass levels. If the top reward is at level 40 it's a 4-week patch, if it is at level 50, it's a 5-week patch, etc.
  6. tangofan

    Jerked by Battle Pass UPDATED

    @Ahskance , post-progression is tracked sufficiently for post-progression rewards to be awarded: As the screenshot above (my battle pass screen from today) shows, I have completed level 60 of the battle pass, so 10 post-progression levels on top of the 50 regular ones this release. If I didn't have the premium battle pass already and were to buy it now, the game would know that it needs to award the premium post-progression rewards 10 times. I consider the fact that it doesn't give those rewards to be a bug, either in the design of in the implementation of this feature and should be fixed.
  7. tangofan

    Inca Trail ? quests

    Can confirm this. I didn't receive a patch for the first "?" originally, but received it, when I logged in today. Thanks, Ahskance, for following up and resolving this.
  8. tangofan

    Who wants defended ribbons?

    No, the capping will progress, but only at half the speed (assuming two ships in the cap zone). In some game modes having more than one ship in the cap zone halves the capping time. In that case having two ships in there with one ship getting reset is a net neutral. More often than not though having a ship that get continually reset in the cap zone is a net negative (e.g. having 3 ships in there, one of which is a BB that gets continually reset).
  9. Did you claim the code AFTER unlocking the mission on Twitch?
  10. Thank you. I finally finished watching the stream and now the validity has indeed changed to 36 days. What a weird glitch...
  11. tangofan

    Inca Trail ? quests

    Same problem here. I didn't get a notification either.
  12. I just unlocked the KOTS Skin Mission Chain using code KOTSXVSKIN However the resulting mission chain is only valid until tomorrow and it looks a little rich to be completed in two days. I this an old code that I just picked up a little late?
  13. tangofan

    255,000 Commander XP; Is This a Typo?

    The numbers look even more intense, when you consider that you need those 255k CXP on two ship types.
  14. I've had this problem a few times. I found that when I hold CTRL and click on the gear icon above the mini-map and then click it again LMB starts working again.
  15. tangofan

    Mecklenburg or Bourgogne for steel?

    I went with the Bourgogne, then with the summer 2022 coupon with the Plymouth and most recently with the Ragnar.