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  1. bosco1111

    German BBs Diasappearing

    it's a reverse aspect bias. from my experience with both german( army ) and russian (red flag) artie ,the germans could drive tacks with theirs while russian artie was just as dangerous to the crews as to whoever they fired it at (1 out of 3 tube failure rate). of course that was over thirty years ago lol
  2. bosco1111

    German BBs Diasappearing

    IDK if i would call it a buff but i would like to see them HONESTLY fix this so-called German dispersion it's total b.s. anyway but then again they're gonna give russian bbs rail guns and then they'll buff those the first time someone crys cause they can't hit clear across the map
  3. What i'm awaiting is the howling that's gonna start when they tweak the RNG in favor the russian BBs when they come out. RNGesus is not random he is a little geek with a keyboard probably still in his PJs still living in his mommas basement lol
  4. 1) IDK 2) No, but go back to manual control of DCP like everybody else 3) go back to like it was before 8.0 , auto but where ship can priority target the planes he see as the biggest threat, like u can still do with secondaries 4) IDK seems like jumping on the nerf/buff rollercoaster to me 5) that's not going to change as long as DMG is the benchmark for accomplishment and WG done said not gonna change the DMG rules meta 6) agree, was in ranked sprints where CVs allowed, everytime that happened game was decided by one of the two ships humping the border where they couldn't be detected let-alone targeted
  5. 1st one i've heard of watched a yuge try to burn one could not start a fire, tried to burn a saipan in my kgv could not start one wound killin it with bfd never once hit it with ap i mean i literally pounded it to death with he. killed a double handful over the last coupla weeks done given up trying to farm them just blap'em with ap now
  6. Question , has anybody managed to burn down or flood out a cv sense 8.0 ? and i think the best balance would be to bring back player control of aa like it was before 8.0 like secondaries still are
  7. LOLjust wait for the CV howl when they tweek the RNG for the russian bb''s
  8. always funny here u troll inenglish lol
  9. bosco1111

    German BBs Diasappearing

    superior to what pray tell
  10. bosco1111

    German BBs Diasappearing

    They're russian the germans are still the boogeyman to them lol.
  11. bosco1111

    The next Ranked Season

    from what i saw the mushie was 1 of the first to fall, when i ran into them in my iowa if they didn't get a dev srrike with their 1st shot i ate them. guns to slow to aim or shoot anybody who plays fast against them gets them into a turning fight can beat them just don't try to bow tank and trade shots with'em
  12. bosco1111

    The next Ranked Season

    everybody talking about how well liked t9 ranked was but not talking about why lol. only reason it was liked so well was NO SKYSCUM CVs that was it's saving grace that overshadowed its flaws.
  13. bosco1111

    Should WG listen to this type of player.

    The day before NEVER LOL
  14. bosco1111

    The next Ranked Season

    Playing with CVs in a battle is like when you're having a friendly fight in a bar and some [edited] sneaks up behind one of you and hits you over the head with a beer bottle.