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  1. bosco1111

    the US BB line split

    You do realize what you get when you tweak a turd ?
  2. bosco1111

    The Paolo Emilio

    Like they'll even care lol
  3. or bait them into your team, i'm no where near being a DD main and i really don't worry to much about radar , now CV's........
  4. Well all i can say is that i WON'T be grinding this shitburger line(unless they pay me to, and it would have to be a hell of a paycheck lol)
  5. bosco1111

    Canada Day and US Independence

    Yeah Happa same here ,give to some one who doesn't have her
  6. bosco1111

    Graf spee Doubloon value

    Wow just WOW, maybe you should switch to decaf .
  7. bosco1111

    Canada Day and US Independence

    The Moonshine Monitor yeah hillbilly here lol.
  8. That was NOT an opinion on the quality of your clan, i have no knowledge with which to form one, but a comment on the fact that no matter how well you played you lost to the meta. Though i will admit i could of worded it better. As for the other the wolf cares nothing for the opinion of either lion or lamb, to the pack all are prey.
  9. What an utterly stupid thread, you do know what 2nd place is in any type of fight is don't you............it's called LOSER
  10. bosco1111

    USS Monaghan on patrol

    I am the Leezard coo coo kachoo
  11. bosco1111

    Growing Calls for a Clan Battle Boycott

    Thats why i call them kittenstompers lol
  12. bosco1111

    WG doesn't care

    Not really
  13. bosco1111

    WG doesn't care

  14. Not really the kittenstompers are still playing them
  15. bosco1111

    German DD HE penetration buff!

    This is my fav DD