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  1. bosco1111

    Possible improvements to the Carrier Rework

    Nerf AA buff planes Nerf planes buff AA RINSE,REPEAT AD NUSEIUM Just leave it already, balance is like business when both sides are pissed-off then you've got it about right. As far as i'm concerned WG should either just say enough is enough and leave it as is or straight up pull CVs period. I don't care either way. The only thing i have against them really is that they SHOULD NOT be in competitive matches (i.e. ranked and CBs).
  2. bosco1111

    Vlad the (actually) Terrible?

    They actually nerfed RU BBs? hadn't noticed. If they could do something about the MEH factor i'd probably pay more attention lol.
  3. bosco1111

    Shipboard AA

    Wait till the russian CVs come out with their kingfisher anti-ship cruise missles lol
  4. bosco1111

    New Operations & Campaigns

    Take that with a grain of salt lol , they lie to the CCs and outside admins same as all the other players
  5. bosco1111

    New Operations & Campaigns

    Some of the missions in the campaigns need to be updated imo to match the changes from the rebork.
  6. Only prob with that is IFHE doesn't effect 2ndary on BBs just checked it doesn't repeat DOES NOT increase 2ndary shell pen values. So wasted 4 points OPPS MY BAD USED WRONG CAPT. IN TEST TOTALLY DISREGARD (TOTAL BRAINFART)
  7. bosco1111

    You've Been Smolensk'd!

    Yeah u can punch a few holes in a cheese grater and it still cuts the cheese unfortunatly for colbert it is not a russian cheese grater
  8. bosco1111

    LWM Smolensk Review is up.

    Glad to see it wasn't just me that could broadside a smellyfish to no effect lol
  9. Thing is I only click on TYL crates
  10. Yeah it took me a few minutes to figure it out big anchor with slot written under it gotta say beats j.c. flags
  11. Sad to say it took me 52 games to rank out, for the most part it was a pleasant change from the usual salty rant rages. But the most toxic players this season were the CV players except for one enterprise player(boy did he rack up the karma). I mostly played N.C., Vlad( kinda felt like stomping kittens) with a few games each in Cossack, Cleve, Balti, Mogami and 1 in the eddie Oh almost forgot 3in Monarch ( Mostly to see the "WTH is that doing here" remarks in chat lol).
  12. Got two last week in TYL containers
  13. No the guns are very good if u have apr2 they're lethal if aimed correctly seriously it sounds like u need to go back down and learn the mechanics
  14. Same here this hillbilly wanted the WV or the 'spite got the Aigle