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  1. Don't mind him , he's angling for a vacant cc slot.
  2. WATCHED BOTH VIDS and read the devblog and came to the conclusion that it's basically a hidden nerf to secondaries so not impressed, brawls don't usually last long enough to reach the first full buff and will very rarely last long enough to reach the max buff.
  3. bosco1111

    Why are CVs the teams scapegoat?

    FYI that type of hate exists IRL too thats why dedicated sniper teams are even hated by their own side more often than not and are very rarely taken as pows.
  4. bosco1111

    Yukon in the Armory and Premium Shop

    Yeah after what they did to Mouse , well they can shove it you know where i'm just about done with wargaming anyway .
  5. bosco1111

    Premium Ship Review - Yukon

    I do not buy the whole ignorance line . Remember the higher ups are russian with all the baggage that brings. They KNEW what they were doing they just didn't care, hell they were probably laughing about it at their board meeting.
  6. bosco1111

    Mouse's Catalog of Ship Reviews

    With what WeeGee did could you blame her?
  7. bosco1111

    I have lost confidence in Wargaming

    Sad but all to true lately.
  8. bosco1111

    Torps bug

    the hand of stalin guides them
  9. Really? And the fact that WG made CVs a greifer class had nothing to do with it?
  10. bosco1111

    Soo.....damacon defeats pings.......

    Now come on did you really think WeeGee was gonna let subs hurt their lolibote pantysoakers ?
  11. Octoboi says a lot of things but few of those things have any resemblance to the truth though, Unlike you Miss Mouse he sees no benefit in it.
  12. bosco1111

    What are your WoWS goals for 2021?

    Pretty much the same here ,played maybe four ranked battles since the first of march total . Last time i logged AFTER not playing AT ALL DURING MAY the first thing to pop-up was one of their PLEASE BLOW ROSE SCENTED SMOKE UP OUR A$$ES surveys ,made me just say fukit and log right back off. It's sad that after three years of playing nothing but WOWS I no longer see any joy in it.